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there's ASM floating around that turns PA*Y into (PA+Y)*PA, and an MA variant that is also affected by Faith.  By scaling and calculating potential min/max damage outputs, you should be able to rebalance it that way.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Pokemon Tactics?
February 22, 2018, 07:39:59 pm
wouldn't be difficult to do, if you think about it.

Xifanie's "special snowflake" mod to replicate IVs, use the undead humanoids rewritten as monsters for the sprites (and redirect the monsters accordingly), and have pokeballs inflict Vanish + Invite + Petrify (or just write the vanish/petrify code into Invite).  Redirect Trainer to Samurai, and have a fail rate on Pokeballs, and it should work fine enough (you just need 100% break on balls/katanas, and some ASM to give the katana status formula a fail rate).

now the sprites, that's the fun part :P
love these, plus the others in Monster Tactics, and want to use some (many) for my hack.

How would I move Anger Point over to another skill? I need M.Talk for my hack, and I'm not exactly using the math blocking skill you've got there.  I'd love to keep Secret Hunt, too, honestly.

Unless the Talk formula just affects monsters now, in which case, awesome, no worries.  Still like to keep Secret Hunt in, though (but I love that poisontouch skill)

I've editied this like, 4 times.  just gonna work around, still, love these ASMs, and they deserve to be on the front page, at least - since they're not linked to in the big ASMs stickied thread
Spriting / Re: Metal Giant
February 21, 2018, 01:20:15 pm
I'm thinking I might darken the blue one a little, give it a more of a mythril feel, but that green one is relatively accurate to what rusted copper looks like - unnatural or not, oddly enough.

I might make another colour/set, if I can find a solid enough palette starting/ending point that I like.  Honestly, I just wanted the bronze-looking one, and got carried away, since I haven't seen much for WORKER 8 around here.

Maybe some of the metals from Terraria might be a good call - like that lovely pink in Palladium it has...
Spriting / Metal Giant
February 20, 2018, 03:28:27 pm
Now for more things nobody ever asked for; Worker 8 recolours.

Now, on top of classic steel, you can pulverize, destroy, compress and dispose with copper, gold, cobalt, and rusted bronze plating instead of classic steel!

first attempt at recolours, had to do portraits blind, since Shishi wouldn't show me the bloody things.  Kudos to the Chocobo thread ( http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=8321.0 ) where I totally stole palletes from, plus a few extra colours here and there to fill gaps
Necrobumping!  I did this.  Kinda.

in Mime, change the M.Portrait to 84/85, mattering on if you want to use the male or female sprite. M.Graphic to 1 as well.

in ENTD, change the type of the unit to Monster, job unlocked: Base, and anything else that's generally attributed to a monster.  This will prevent it from gaining JP, or giving trickle JP.  Adjust growths as needed.

Finally, to prevent job changing completely, put the minimum required level for all classes to 1, and Mime to 2 or above.

It feels a little sloppy, as your mime will still get a job ring (with a bunch of blanked out jobs that it can't access), but it does the job relatively well.

I know the meaning of life...have for years...and blind worship to a diety that forbids you from doing things for no apparant reason except "because I said so" is no reason for life...
not yet, but I've been chipping at it - I suck at the game and, in over a few months, am just about to get Mustadio :P. the whole nomad thing doesn't help either. I'll keep you updated should I find something else, though.
aye.  W.Mage w/Eq Lance and Jump.  I can get the other abilities too, if you need 'em, but I'm pretty sure they're incidental.
aaand the very first time I actually use the Jump command, it's buggered.  go figure.
nope - it's happened a couple times, but it's occurred on monsters and non-monsters alike.  most recent occurrence I remember was a bomb that had just taken its turn.
a minor issue, but an issue nonetheless, I think...

I made a Priest/Lancer a while back, and have been jumping...with underwhelming results.  the damage prediction says "126", but the actual damage when landing is 88.

did you change the formula for jumping to involve the RNG, or am I just not getting that 3/2 damage for jumping with a lance?
I've been meaning to ask this anyways, and it's technically relevant...

is there anywhere to find a listing of which skill slotshave hardcoding, and what that hardcoding is?  like how the "Steal" slots have the coding of targeting equipment, and how Negotiate redirects to the steal gil formula...
I'm also in Ontario.
I'm a nomad.
I live in a van.
You have no right to complain.  GRAWRG!

I have nothing useful to add to this thread.  Welcome, have fun, and there's plenty of people here willing to help you out if you need it - as you've already seen.
Spam / Re: Mortis - a game about the unspeakable.
December 06, 2013, 06:36:23 pm
I love the concept.  I could base it very easily off Nordic Mythology, after all - die in battle, and be sent to Valhalla - definitely a better live living forever there than living forever on Earth.  That way, they don't even have to try and kill the player, just "die valiantly in combat"

I was planning on keeping with the dark, grimness, but it seems to lend itself more towards a story than a game, I'm finding - this'll definitely lend me a more game-friendly environment...especially if they're, say, torturing people, etc. to have the current Death pay them a visit...
Spam / Re: Mortis - a game about the unspeakable.
December 02, 2013, 02:23:44 pm
oh, you're damned straight I am.  You'd be surprised who my main character is going to kill.

Of course, the final boss is the only one not looking to die, or needing to die...hence his reaction - first true kill of self-preservation.

...and that's nothing, considering some of the other people I intend for the hero to kill...
Spam / Re: Mortis - a game about the unspeakable.
December 02, 2013, 01:57:23 pm
Oh, I'm still here - just sporadically.  Nomadicism has its downfalls, namely, inconsistant Internet access.

@ Durbs - Love the ideas.  I completely overlooked things like a disability or your "baby hitler" concept.  A secondary idea I was having for this included the concept of "there's only so many souls in the Universe, so people are being born that lack souls".  An approximation of people being born as Nobodys (a~la Kingdom Hearts), gradually creating an epidemic of serial torturers, mini-Hitlers, and generally horrible people.

(as for why it's a limited number, think about it: when the world population was 2 million, there was the potential for some souls to spend a few milennia out of the loop before being reincarnated...now, there's no such leisure)

As for "why", my alpha plotline basically has the hero stumbling across (but not recognizing) Death, learning about the horrors of immortality, and getting the "gift" handed to him.  The whole concept's pre-alpha right now, and I'm fleshing out a few storyline arcs - namely his mother's terminal illness (which is gradually revealed to the player), and the whole "you're the bad guy" mentality causing a group of heroes rushing forth to slay you.  I've even got the final scenes written out in my head - 2 possible endings completely fleshed out, and 2 more as a "maybe" in the wings.

I was planning on having a hidden "Morality" meter anyways.  Each person you kill will influence your morality either positively or negatively...if someone has a stupid reason to die (see: Autocannibalism), or completely selfish and unrealistic, your morality will decrease and, as such, you'll gravitate towards the bad endings.  If the player sits back and thinks about it, however, they can move towards a good ending.  Conversely, if they deny everyone, they'll also get the bad ending, because some people will deserve/need to be killed.

Also, I have NO intent on making the game too too dark.  my fave numbered FF game is 6 - which was dark and gloomy, but even in the World of Ruin there was time to sit back, laugh, have a few jokes, and the whole Gau's Dad scene was incredibly touching...even if it was sidequest.  I understand all too well about keeping the pressure on and how it ruins a storyline (didn't like 7, leaving it at that).

@ Ryqoshay - alpha stage has it as affecting everything.  I was pondering an early scene involving having a suffering animal needing to be put out of its misery - possibly witnessing a pack of wolves eating a deer alive, or something (can't die, so it'd have to suffer through the whole thing).  That, of course, leaves me to ponder the possibility of technical Necromancy - if you can't die, but your brain and organs have been removed, stripping you down to the bones, are you still alive?  is your heart still beating in someone's stomache?  are you still thinking, wondering as you exist as merely a brain splattered on a wall? if your heart has been ripped form your chest, can you still feel it?

May not have been your intent, but I'm definitely thinking about that stuff now - many thanks!  I'll have a much richer storyline for it, even if I limit it to just humans (which I may well do at this point).  I may well use that question as well - I saw my cousin go through the saddest time of her life when her dog died...I can only imagine if she'd seen it happen 12 more times - making it incredibly viable if it only affects humans.

Honestly, this concept has a lot of influences: On a Pale Horse by Piers Anthony, the morality options are influenced by Katherine, the "bad guy" doing good has a touch of FFT in it, there's even a hint of Dexter in it...and a lot of it is just my warped way of thinking.

A lot of the base concept of it, honestly, came form Hitler.  He did horrible things, in our eyes, but in his own, he saw himself as "doing the right thing".  Essentially, I want the player to see that what they're doing is the right way, but feel persecuted and shunned for their ethics.  I want the player to sit back and wonder "does he deserve to die?"

Essentially, this game is an experiment for me.  I don't want to walk the player through a story - that's boring, and it's been done do death. It's every RPG around these days.  I don't want him to be patted on the back for every accomplishment, and told that he's doing the right thing.  I want this to be an experience.  I want the player to be sucked in, and experience the despair and horrors that I have planned.  I want them to be worried, disgusted, charmed, and elated about my trio and thier (mis)adventures.

And I want my hero to die a slow, agonizing death, and make the player cry.

Partway through the game, the hero's best friends learn that it's him.  They band together to put a stop to it because it's their duty to the world, and to him.  After all - they know him best, and it would be better to die at the hands of friends than a cold, senseless killing by strangers, right?

Final bossfight is the hero's oldest and dearest friends.  Rigged to be nigh-impossible.  Lose, and you get the good ending - the PoV switches to the "heroes" triumphant return, and the best friend's sorrow about having to kill an old, dear friend.

Bad ending? if you somehow manage to win? your main character, unable to cope with having killed his monther and best friend, lashes out and kills his cohorts, quickly becoming a madman akin to Luca Blight (Suikoden2)

because I'm an asshole.
Taillow Line: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barn_swallow

Pidgey Line: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cedar_Waxwing

no...just no.  thusfar, I don't think there are that many duplicates of real-world Pokémon.  Especially not in birds, which there are a lot of variances to.  I'm not saying there aren't, but they're few and far between.

@Dome:  look up Inkay.  It literally evolves by turning upsidedown.   Seriously.  You need to turn the goddamn DS upsidedown while it's levelling up.  my wife was SO pissed at this because we were trying SO hard to not look anything up...

also, on-topic, Eternal? if Smeargle sucks shit so badly, look for double battles.  Have your 2nd Pokémon use a move you want Smeargle to know, (and be faster than Smeargle), then have Smeargle use Sketch on its partner to learn the move.

Also: Shiny Trapinch?  what nature?  if you're willing to trade it, my wife bred up a shitton of Dream World Eevees (and non-DW) with Wish - if you're looking for a particular nature, I might be able to get it for you...
good and bad, Kage.
1-3, I'll admit, was amazing...but as a competitive player, I'd like to note a few things.

Gen4 intriduced the Physical/Special split.  This allowed some Pokemon to become more useful.  Case-in-point, Hitmonchan.  Prior to Gen 4, Ice Punch was unusable because, well, it was special, and Hitmonchan's special attack is pitiful.  Add the split in, and suddenly it's physical (because it's a punch), and Hitmonchan's suddenly...not complete crap...

better example? Gyarados.  Waterfall becoming physical was an amazing help to his playability.

Gen 5, I'll admit, was a complete flop.  Some new items, however, like Eviolite, created a lot of interesting ideas for NFE Pokémon to be used (Chansey, for example, is bulkier then Blissey now...but loses Leftovers recovery).  Dream World was a cute concept, but horribly executed.

Gen 6 seems to be a bit back on the ball, but I'll admit, the 3d crap was unnessecary.  I get a headache anytime I go into Lumoise City, in all honesty...and "hit left to go left, except when the camera angle is this way, in which case it turns you" is retarded, pure and simple.

Also, which designs make no sense?  Please tell me you're not ragging on Vanillish like everyone else does...or Trubbish...because Exeggcute and Grimer will want words with you...
The Lounge / Re: BATTLE OF THE VGM 3.0
November 04, 2013, 04:38:14 pm
I STILL sya best in series.

also, I LOVE creepy music.