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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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News / Help save RHDN and Data Crystal
July 30, 2017, 12:29:38 am
Romhacking.net and its wiki resource, Data Crystal, are in bad financial shape. To keep them going, a Patreon account has been set up and is now accepting pledges. Given that our sites have similar interests (and some degree of community overlap), I felt it worthy of mention here.
News / Final Fantasy Tactics: Kind Of 2.6
October 23, 2016, 12:02:16 pm
It's been three years since the last update, so understandably, the changelog is huge. Loads of changes, fixes, and improvements abound, so give it a look!
10:37:22 pm <&Elric> are those the same guys from Sw1tcher or whatever it is?
10:37:30 pm -!- mode/#ffh [+ao Angel Angel] by ChanServ
10:37:30 pm < Bonesy> yeah
10:37:32 pm <&Angel> context?
10:37:55 pm < Bonesy> i can't remember which two it was between matt pat liam and woolie though
10:37:55 pm <&Elric> I've never heard of it, but someone commented on a Jot5 video a while back saying that someone from Sw1tcher recommended Jot5
10:37:55 pm <&Elric> Angel
10:37:55 pm <&Elric> [19:31] <Bonesy> yeah i watched two best friends play do RE4's HD version but it's been a while by now
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10:38:10 pm -!- Xifanie [Goddess@Love-and-Devotion.ffhacktics.com] has joined #ffh
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10:38:18 pm < Bonesy> i might play some fft tonight but otoh i could play more dissidia
10:38:18 pm <&Elric> Nocturne is longer, but im obsessed with Resident Evil
10:38:23 pm <&Elric> so i will be biased in my opinion
10:38:26 pm < Bonesy> lol
10:38:27 pm < Bonesy> ok
10:38:54 pm <&Angel> Nocturne is a good game with LOTS of replayability, but the US version is hard as fuck
10:38:58 pm <&Elric> Pat was the one who recommended Jot5
10:39:24 pm <&Elric> really? I only ever had trouble on the last Dante fight, but thats cuz i was underleveled
10:39:43 pm <&Angel> yeah, getting Dante is what makes it hard
10:39:54 pm <&Angel> and fuck the hell off if you think I'm not getting Dante

Just getting Dante in Nocturne is a fucking bitch and a half, and playing on anything more than normal difficulty is absolute masochism. Bosses that can take infinite turns on you? Seriously?
I've done a fair bit of testing of ePSXe 2.0, and provided you stick to the packed in plugins (or optionally, GPU BladeSoft), I can't fault it as heavily for the purposes of playing FFT as I used to. The default video plugin is slow, but lovely on capable machines. BladeSoft is also progressing nicely, and brilliant to use if (currently) you like native console display resolution, but better. The hacked Pete's plugin is much faster than the former two, but don't look at me if you have visual issues (I can still make it break in each Final Fantasy).

I haven't tested each and every ASM or patch known as working elsewhere, but ePSXe 2.0 has surprised me in general. It's still very much discouraged for testing ASM, but I won't fault anyone using it for just wanting to play the game or the mods offered here. I've done a lot of testing not just with FFT, but with 200~ other PlayStation games since its release, and I can only recommend Mednafen or PCSX-R over it on the grounds of utmost accuracy at the core; the visual result is currently superior on ePSXe, and I can't break it as easily as I used to. In the realm of ASM, Mednafen still reigns supreme, and PCSX-R still holds a higher seat, but I'm done dissing ePSXe as long as you're on 2.0 or above. It really did improve that much in the last release.

tl;dr - ePSXe is no longer a naughty word here as long as it's version 2.0 or greater.
Spam / Big kitties are still kitties.
September 02, 2015, 10:03:16 pm
Spam / MOVED: Roll to dodge!
September 24, 2014, 10:46:23 pm
Due to administrative decision, this topic has been moved to RP Forum.

Spam / Worst RPGs you've played?
August 24, 2014, 09:25:16 pm
Since we've got people thinking about their favorite RPGs recently, I decided to turn that around and head in the opposite direction - what are the worst RPGs you've played? They need not be downright awful (though it will be more interesting if they are), just whatever rubbed you the wrong way.

I haven't played any truly terrible RPGs, myself, which is really what has me curious. My worst experiences are mainly from games that just don't stand the test of time for my tastes. But, to get the ball rolling...

Final Fantasy II (not to be confused with FFIV)
Being an NES RPG, the story was never going to be what really carried this game - because the gameplay is what mattered most at the time - and the gameplay was laughably atrocious. Playing this game is about as fun as beating yourself in the face, which is aptly the best method of leveling your team's stats. It's all just broken and stupid. But I'm sure none of this news to you, so let's move on.

Dragon Quest (you probably remember it as Dragon Warrior)
Another drudgery in the gameplay department, the grandfather of JRPGs has you opening menus to perform any task, even to simply walk up stairs. To call the gameplay 'clunky' would be overly diplomatic, especially when the accuracy of your attacks feels like a game of roulette. Get your eyes checked, dude.

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
There was a time when it was part of gamer culture to hate on this game like it kicked your dog, and I've since seen a fair amount of love for this game from people who genuinely played it when it first came out. Considering I had already played not only FFIV but FFVI before getting to this game, I am most certainly not in the latter camp. I've heard the music be defended as catchy and memorable, but I've played through this miserable thing multiple times and can't recall a single tune. All I ever remember is feeling cheated by a nothing game wearing a pretty title, like that time I brought home Mario is Missing. Only worse.

I'll neglect to mention Quest 64 to any great extent, except to mention that I found it more memorable than Mystic Quest. I mean, I can still hear that wretched little battle theme in my head, at least.
Spam / So, I can take screenshots of PS3 games, now.
March 08, 2014, 04:44:59 pm
Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD:

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Quite a striking difference between what's actually 1080p and what's just upscaled.
Spam / pcsx2 crap
February 09, 2014, 12:04:09 pm
Anisotropic filtering finally supported! Again! Here, have some big and pretty screenshots:

Spam / pcsxr crap
January 19, 2014, 08:49:54 pm
Update: PGXP has desperately obsoleted this compatibility list. So many improvements, it's astonishing. Check it out.

In case anybody happens to care in any capacity, this is my experience in using the 'improved GTE accuracy' checkbox in the OpenGL2 plugin setup.

If 'no improvement' is stated, it doesn't necessarily mean that it behaves exactly the same as with the option turned off, just that the jitter is still everywhere and perceptibly still just as bad as leaving it off.

titleimproved?                    notes
Ace CombatimprovementMinor jitter here and there.
Ace Combat 2improvementMost objects do not jitter.
Ace Combat 3improvementMost objects do not jitter.
Ape Escapesmall improvementcharacters do not jitter, much of the environment does.
Armored CoreimprovementVery little jitter, but the model resolution changes are insurmountable.
Armored Core: Project PhantasmaimprovementJitter is lessened.
Armored Core: Master of ArenaimprovementJitter is lessened, moreso than Phantasma.
Battle Arena ToshindenimprovementEnvironment jitter is nearly completely gone, small jitters on character models.
Battle Arena Toshinden 2improvementJitter is further reduced than BAT1.
Battle Arena Toshinden 3improvementAbout on par with BAT2.
Bloody Roarbig improvementNo jitter, looks like a Dreamcast game.
Bloody Roar IIbig improvementSee above.
Brave Fencer Musashibig improvementAlmost no jitter whatsoever.
Breath of Fire IIIimprovementNo jitter at all, but sprites constantly distort.
Breath of Fire IVimprovementNot much jitter, but a bit of object priority flicker and LOTS of sprite distortions.
Bubsy 3Dbig improvementNo jitter at all, just bad animation.
Bushido BladeimprovementAll objects still jitter, but over much smaller distances.
Bushido Blade 2improvementSee above.
Chrono Crosssmall improvementEnvironments don't jitter, character models do.
Clock Towerno improvement...
Clock Tower IIsmall improvementA little less jitter, but character models still go all over the place.
Cool Boarderssmall improvementSometimes a little jittery, sometimes really jittery.
Cool Boarders 2small improvementA little less jitter, but still lots of distortion and flicker.
Cool Boarders 3improvementCharacter models jitter a bit, environments less so.
Cool Boarders 4improvementSame as CB3.
Cool Boarders 2001improvementSame as CB3, but a little better overall.
Crash Bandicootbig improvementAlmost no jitter whatsoever.
Crash Bandicoot 2big improvementAbout as good as Crash 1, but with a few random jittery objects.
Crash Bandicoot 3improvementNot as good as the first two Crash games, has flicker problems.
CyberSledimprovementJitter is only noticeable on stage previews.
CyberSpeedimprovementSome scenes have no jitter, others have mild jitter.
Dead or Alivebig improvementNo character model jitter, floor looks a little odd.
DestregaimprovementVery little jitter or distortion.
Destruction DerbyimprovementVery little jitter, minor distortion.
Destruction Derby 2improvementVery little jitter, no jitter at all when fish eye lens effect is in use.
Divide: Enemies Withinsmall improvementJitter is lessened on the environment, but not character models.
Dragon Ball GT Final Boutsmall improvementJitter is lessened a bit, but still lots of object priority flicker.
Dragon Ball Z UB22big improvementNo background jitter or distorted sprites on this otherwise terrible game.
Dragon Warrior VIIbig improvementAlmost no jitter, most things look smooth as silk.
DriverimprovementLess jitter, still distortion.
Driver 2small improvementDefinitely not as smooth as the first game.
Dynasty Warriorsbig improvementAlmost no jitter whatsoever.
Ehrgeizbig improvementNo jitter at all, looks like a Dreamcast game.
Einhanderbig improvementAlmost no jitter at all.
Elemental GearboltimprovementMuch less jitter than on console.
Eternal EyesimprovementNo jitter from environment objects, but sprites scale awkwardly.
Fatal Fury: Wild AmbitionimprovementLess jitter on characters, backgrounds distort oddly.
Fighter Makerbig improvementVery little jitter, very little flicker.
Final Fantasy VIIsmall improvementJitter is lessened slightly in some areas, no change on others.
Final Fantasy VIIIsmall improvementJitter is lessened slightly, animation accounts for the worst of it.
Final Fantasy IXsmall improvementJitter is lessened, but still lots of distortion.
Final Fantasy Tacticsno improvement...
G Dariusbig improvementNo jitter except during special animations.
Gran TurismoimprovementJitter is lessened, but not at all times.
Gran Turismo 2improvementPretty much the same as GT1.
Grandiano improvementJitter actually looks -worse-.
Granstream Sagabig improvementalmost no jitter whatsoever.
Hoshigamibig improvementNo jitter apparent anywhere.
Hydro Thundersmall improvementNot much jitter, but models change dynamically, which makes it rather pointless.
I.Q.big improvementOnly jitter is on the too tiny player character.
Jet MotoimprovementLess jitter on 3D objects, more jitter on 2D objects.
Jet Moto 2improvementSee above.
Jet Moto 3improvementNot much jitter left, but the frame rate is so low that it can't be appreciated.
Jumping Flash!improvementNo jitter to be found, but all 2D graphics are warped.
Jumping Flash! 2improvementJitter is reduced, but flicker is worse and distortion is still pretty bad.
Kagerono improvement...
Klonoabig improvement3D objects have almost no jitter, 2D objects can still jitter a bit.
KoudelkaimprovementJitter is reduced greatly, with only a bit of shimmer remaining on character models.
Legend of Dragoonno improvement...
Legend of Legaiabig improvementVery little jittering overall.
LSDsmall improvementNot much jitter, LOTS of distortion.
Mega Man Legendssmall improvementNot much jitter, but lots of distortion.
Mega Man Legends 2small improvementSee above.
Metal Gear Solidno improvement...
Mortal Kombat 4big improvementPractically no jitter anywhere, just not fun to play, personally.
Need for Speedno improvement...
Need for Speed IIsmall improvementJitter is reduced on some objects, but not all.
Need for Speed IIIimprovementMost jitter is greatly reduced, just bad distortion everywhere and more noticeable jitter on car models.
Need for Speed: High StakesimprovementJitter is greatly reduced on nearly all objects.
Need for Speed: Porsche UnleashedimprovementJitter is reduced on most objects, but distortion is very bad.
Need for Speed V-Rallysmall improvementJitter is reduced a bit, but lots of flicker.
Need for Speed V-Rally 2small improvementA bit better than V-Rally, but same issues.
Omega Boostbig improvementJitter greatly reduced everywhere.
Parasite Evesmall improvementJitter is reduced, but still not that great.
Parasite Eve 2doesn't run...
PersonaimprovementJitter isn't apparent, but the low framerate makes it difficult to tell.
Persona 2improvementNo 3D jitter, lots of 2D jitter (both Eternal Punishment and Innocent Sin).
Porsche Challengesmall improvementJitter is reduced a bit, but the camera is too shaky for it to matter.
R4small improvementJitter is reduced on some objects.
Rage RacerimprovementJitter is reduced a fair amount, though some flicker is more obvious than before.
Resident EvilimprovementJitter is reduced a fair amount, but flicker remains.
Resident Evil 2improvementA bit less jitter than RE1, and less flicker, as well.
Resident Evil 3improvementNot quite as good as RE2, but not awful.
Ridge Racersmall improvementJitter is lessened, but only completely absent on the title screen.
Ridge Racer Revolutionno improvementMost of the track disappears, so any improvement is moot.
Ridge Racer Turbo ModeimprovementJitter is lessened overall.
Rival Schoolsbig improvementRemaining jitter is very subtle, only small amounts of flicker.
R-Type Deltabig improvementOnly very subtle jitter, not much distortion.
Samurai Shodown: Warriors RageimprovementJitters randomly.
San Francisco RUSHno improvement...
Silent HillimprovementVery little jitter on most objects, lots on others.
SoulBladeimprovementNot much jitter remians, with a bit of flicker and some distortion.
Spyro the Dragonbig improvementSome environments have no jitter at all, others have very little.
Spyro 2big improvementSee Spyro 1.
Spyro: Year of the Dragonbig improvementSee Spyro 1.
Street Fighter EX Plus Alphasmall improvementJitter distance shortened.
Street Fighter EX2 Plussmall improvementSee above.
Strider 2big improvementJitter spots are few and far between.
Suikodenbig improvementNo jitter apparent at all.
Suikoden IIbig improvementSee above.
Tail of the SunimprovementNo jitter on environment, awkward jitter on characters.
Tekkenbig improvementNo real jitter, still a bit of object priority flicker.
Tekken 2big improvementVery little jitter, very little object priority flicker.
Tekken 3small improvementThe worst of the jitters are gone, but lots of animation jitter and flicker left.
Thousand Armsbig improvementAlmost no jitter, some text distortion.
Threads of FateimprovementAlmost no jitter, but still some flicker and bad texture distortion.
Thunder Force Vbig improvementOnly some animation jitter remains.
Tobal no.1big improvementNo jitter is apparent.
Tobal 2big improvementNo jitter is apparent.
Tokyo Highway Battlesmall improvementNo jitter in menus, bad jitter (and flicker, and distortion) in game.
Tomb Raidersmall improvementJitter is lessened a bit, distortion still very bad.
Tomb Raider 2small improvementSee TR1.
Tomb Raider 3small improvementSlightly better than TR1.
Tomb Raider ChroniclesimprovementJitter is lessened, still some distortion.
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelationsmall improvementNot quite as good as TR Chronicles.
Tomba!big improvementNo real jitter to speak of.
Tomba! 2big improvementMost objects do not jitter, with some minimal flicker.
Toshinden SubaruimprovementJitter distance is reduced.
Twisted Metalsmall improvementOnly the car select screen lacks jitter, but it's a bit improved in-game.
Twisted Metal 2small improvementJitter is lessened on some objects, but not on others.
Vagrant Storysmall improvementMost environment jitter is gone, but character model jitter is completely unchanged, and very bad warping everywhere.
Valkyrie ProfileimprovementEnvironment jitter is all but removed.
Vanguard BanditsimprovementMost environment jitter is gone, and character model jitter is lessened.
Wangan TrialimprovementJitter is lessened quite a bit, though warping is still all over.
Wipeoutbig improvementJitter is nearly gone from all but sprite objects.
Wipeout XLbig improvementSee above.
Wipeout 3big improvementJitter is greatly reduced all around.
XenogearsimprovementJitter is lessened overall, though much moreso on the environment.
From imgur:
Quotesource, http://www.esquire.com/blogs/news/fcc-free-speech-ruling

Today, a federal appeals court handed over control of free speech on the Internet to a handful of companies. This is why it matters.

Say you're an NRA Republican. You're from Tennessee. The websites you go to on a daily basis are Yahoo for your email and news, ESPN for your sports, and TNGunOwners.com, a message board to talk about your day at the range. What if one day your access to your email is fine, your Tim Tebow coverage from ESPN is as loud as ever, and TNGunOwners.com inexplicably took 4-to-6 times longer to load? What if you called your Internet service provider and their answer was, "That's just the way it is now"?

Say you're a Whole Foods-pillagin' Democrat. You're from Portland. You go to GMail for your email, MSNBC for your news, Reddit for your cat videos, and an indie music blog like Said The Gramophone to find your music. One day, your access to Gmail is fine, your Rachel Maddow clips are coming in clear as day, and that YouTube video of a cat taking a bath on Reddit is rolling along smoothly. But it takes so long to load one song from that indie music blog you just turn on the radio.

Say you're entirely apolitical. It doesn't matter where you live. You're struggling with depression because it's hard to cope with your mother's recently diagnosed cancer. You go to cancerforums.net. You go to takethislife.com for help, when you can't read the cancer forum anymore. One day, those sites take ten times longer to load than they did before. What if you called your Internet service provider and their answer was, "Verizon now throttles bandwidth to websites from the non-Premium Tier. Would you like to upgrade?"

A federal appeals court ruled that the FCC can no longer enforce which websites Verizon and all other broadband providers can favor, limit access to, or outright block -- even if it's to prop up a service or website of their own. This is not a binary political issue. It is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is naked corporate greed. It is a bunch of companies who want to control the largest free information platform in the world. There is nothing good that an individual can derive from this decision. Nothing.

Before someone tells you otherwise, Internet service providers' backs were not against the wall in any way. "Bandwidth congestion" is not real. It costs just as much money, if not more money, to cap the data flowing through your broadband connection as it does to serve it to you. Data caps are solely a money-making construct. Average connection speeds in South Korea are twice as fast as those in the United States. That gap will grow even wider now. This ruling is anti-competitive for American business on a global level.

Tech giants Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Yahoo have come out against rulings like this in the past. Instead, the decision favors companies with access to pipelines, like Comcast. It will help them use the Internet as a marketing tool for its other ventures, like NBC Universal.

The very best scenario a consumer can hope for is this: Companies will start offering "unlimited" Internet plans to access the Internet you currently see today. The Web will be partitioned off into sections, like cable tiers, and those ISPs will offer speedier connections to certain kinds of websites if you buy into each tier.

The very worst a consumer can expect is that some information will be deemed too unsavory for public consumption, while select corporate messages can be blasted to your home at lightning speed. This is not a political story. This is corporate greed at its most blatant and obvious.

TL;DR - US ISPs can screw over customers and domains alike however they see fit.

Edit: Have a petition.
Spam / Topic #9999 GET
September 16, 2013, 09:07:08 pm
( >'.')>
This is something that really deserves attention, and not just from our usual forum goers.

You can find lirmont's topic here and the Kickstarter page here. Give these links out like candy!
News / A new tournament patch emerges!
August 06, 2013, 01:38:45 am
Zareb's Tournament Patch has been released, as a full version 1.0. It's a complete overhaul of... well, everything, really. There's an awful lot of work that has gone into this project, and is definitely worth a look. Just don't be too intimidated by the very thorough master guide!

Edit: since the content was all deleted, there isn't much point to link to a board that doesn't exist anymore. >>;
News / Our own IRC server? Finally!
July 14, 2013, 10:17:35 pm
After being frustrated with the horrible netsplits, humongous lag, and routing issues with Esper, we decided it was time to just get our own IRC server. So do please join us at irc.ffhacktics.com - still on #ffh as always. All of the chat links on the home page as well as the top of the forums now redirect to this new server.

Staff will remain on Esper until everyone has migrated, so no worries.
New Project Ideas / Castlevania Tactics
December 07, 2011, 08:37:58 pm
Edit: This will pretty much never get done while working within the means of FFT. Closing.

Celdie and Eternal have known about my ambitions for this project for quite a while, and more recently, I've started bouncing ideas around IRC now that I actually have the means to get something done on it. Right now, I'm keeping things relatively simple. Not much in the way of event editing, as I'm more focused on ground work. Story and events can come about much later. Particularly since I have only a loose grasp on what the story could be if I ever got around to it.

First order of business: sprites and classes. After inquiring a bit, fdc has helped some with establishing the feasibility of some of my loftier goals for mechanics. All sprites will be monster types, simply for the sake of having greater control over the visual style I'm going for. And it's Castlevania - nobody needs to enter water anyway.

Current roster of player characters: Simon, Trevor, Grant, Sypha, Alucard, Richter, Maria, Nathan, Juste, Sonia, Soma, Yoko, Jonathan, Charlotte, Shanoa, aaaand Albus. However, I've been informed that I would be foolish to neglect the great Julius Belmont. My issue with including Julius is that... well, look at all the whip-bearers on that roster already. As things are right now, Simon and Trevor have a sort of Ryu and Ken thing going on where they have similar abilities with a few differences here and there. Richter is all item crush, so he'll hit very hard a couple times per battle and be all out of MP hearts. Nathan will have his full card system (with a few tweaks here and there simply for the sake of sanity), while Juste has his own unique items and abilities. Sonia will be a little bit more magic-focused, with her whip really just being there for backup. Jonathan will hit harder than any of the Belmonts, but each swing of his whip will cost him some of his own HP. Not really much I can do with Julius to set him apart, but I would like some input.

As far as player characters are concerned, is there anybody you'd really like to see that I'm cold-heartedly neglecting? Anybody you would outright veto?

I thought that in going with the Ryu/Ken analogy, Julius could follow that right along as Akuma, but that's more or less already filled by Richter. Eternal suggested I run with the martial arts thing he had going in CVHD. I considered just making him a periodic guest. Really, I'd just like to gauge how much people would hate me for not including him over someone above. And yes, I realize Albus is an awkward choice, but I have my reasons.

I've been drawing the portraits vaguely similar to Ayumi Kojima's art from the series, though I'm trying to make characters look a bit more distinguished from one another than she tends to. Sprites have a long way to go.

Once the player character data is usable enough, I'll do just enough event/map editing to make the game playable. Someday, I would like to physically alter the maps and give it a unique story and progression, but I do realize the likelihood of my falling away long before such a task would be completed. I don't think I'm being unrealistic with my goals for the player characters, though.

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Twin for being awesome. He not only helped me recover my Etna avatar, but made it far prettier than I ever did.
That's right, I said it.

Not totally thrilled with it, but improvements are being made.