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December 06, 2021, 10:27:35 pm


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PSX FFT Hacking / Blade Grasp mod
May 21, 2013, 09:58:02 am
Hi there,

I played this game like 15 years ago, and somehow wanted to give it another try. It's such a great game that put to shame most of the today's video-game production!
I stumble on the active modding/hacking community around this game that have supported and improved this game during all this year. Thanks you for doing that!
For the moment I'm planning on running the game with the "rebirth" mod (1.3 "easy"mode scared me a little bit atm. Maybe later).

I do have one question though. I read that someone wanted to fix blade graps skill by making it only trigger on blade attack (and also reducing evasion to 2/3 of Brave).  I think this is a great idea, but his mod was cancelled later on.

The mod FFT Kind Of was supposed to also try to fix blade grasp, but in the end it appears that the skill was just be removed. FFT 1.3 did the same: Is that so because there is no way to fix (read: nerf) that skill properly ? Because if there is a solution, I really wanted to give it a try. Or maybe rebirth already include such a change ? (I wasn't able to find a full changelog about this mod, so I'm not sure...).

Anyway, again kudos to every one involved in the community here, this game just deserve it!