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May 03, 2015, 05:05:43 pm
I'm not dead
The Lounge / Sharin da youtube!
February 16, 2013, 02:49:52 pm
Its like two best friends, but with people I know. Go give them love, they actually are pretty good

I was editing ramza's base job, because my friend wanted to be a lamia. I swapped out the sprite, and figured a monster job would be most fitting, so i simply copy pasted malboro ontop of ramza's base squire class in the jobs section of the patcher. after playing for a few hours, there was quite an odd unit in my party. I couldnt figure out what it was, its base job was cleric, and in battle its sprite was spazzing tons. After about 10 minutes of "what?"ing, i found out, RAMZA HAD LAIN AN EGG! AND ITS BASE JOB WAS ALMA! After much giggling at this, i toyed around with it a bit more, and its base job is one of the 3 cleric jobs, have yet to confirm which, and its sprite i have yet to locate. It was very very odd and i can post my save if people like so that they can try and figure it out as well, but overall i just thought i'd report that ramza DOES lay eggs of some sort if a monster, just that one is null and the other is a bit bugger, but as it HAS a base job and such, it must have SOME sort of sprite and the like.
The Lounge / Hi im ashie and im new here.
February 10, 2011, 06:35:02 am
and by new, i mean i've been here for like over a year ^.^ thats new right.....? my mom still calls her car "new" and shes had it like 2 years, so this clearly fits the criteria.

Anywho, my names ashley, im 19 (20 by the end of the month), i'm a girl, and i live in cali. No this isn't omegle, and no im not trolling you, blame odd coincidence, or St. Ajora. I've been playing FFT since i was little, though I'm actually over due for a playthrough. (the deeper into its mechanics and such i go, the less i play the actual game..... go figure). I'm a student....sorta. I've been attending college off and on depending on where my life is at. I *am* interested in school/learning/etc, but i honestly can't live where I'm living anymore, and i need a place of my own. No its not for stupid reasons, and no I'm not going to elaborate. My house just isn't a safe environment for me to live in at the moment for various reasons. I love going to the mall, shopping, watching movies, going out to dinner, long walks on the beach.... wait a second.... i forgot this wasnt an ad in the paper, especially considering im taken ;)

I'm currently starving but its 3am so im not gonna eat anything. no matter how much my stomach disputes it! I'm interested in writing, reading, tampering with fft, doing friend's make up (doing your own isnt that fun), going to clubs,  the occasional video game, talking on the phone, wandering the internet, and plenty of other things. if you want to get to know me better, im usually in the chatroom, and im fairly good about replying to private messages on here as well ^.^

Yours falsely~
Ashley aka ashie aka vampragonlord aka vamp aka CCVamp aka CCV aka CC aka mikuru aka miku aka Mi-Mi-Mikuru beamu aka beeeeeaaaaam aka hey you
The Lounge / The girls of FFH
January 25, 2011, 08:00:00 pm
so i noticed there's more girls here lately, so i figured we should get our own topic going to say hi/post pics/etc.

so anyway, Hi FFH!

Spam / Happy Day of teh cool guy
December 24, 2010, 02:23:59 pm
regretfully, i dont wear the proof of cool guy, though i still thought id wish everyone a merry cool guy day
December 12, 2010, 04:21:31 pm
RP Forum / Dungeons and Hacktics!
November 11, 2010, 06:23:47 am
A few nights ago some of us in the irc discussed starting an FFH dnd game!
The setting is fairly loosely defined, using the 4e engine. Its not set in any particular time line, and there is no "pre-made" lore or such, its all just a freestyle campaign, with the map building as we go.  I'm DMing it, and im allowing all of the 4th edition books, also feel free to ask if certain "homebrew" info is allowed (ill allow it on a case-by-case basis)

Its open entry for all, here is what youll need for it

the map we play on (message me on remobo for the IP)

how to connect to us   (name ~ mikuru)

If you need help setting up your character, feel free to ask me and ill be glad to help ^.^

Character builder for the lazy/new USE 22 POINT BUY  (has all races besides monster manual 2 sorry arch >.<)

22 point buy calc if youre doing your sheet manually (credits to zodiac on the find)

(private message me and ill link you to the book you need, i own all of them)

playable races(google for images):
  Human,        Dragonborn,        Dwarf,        Eladrin,        Elf,        Half-Elf,        Halfling,        Tiefling,    

  Bladeling,       Bugbear,        Changeling,        Deva,        Doppelganger,    
  Drow,        Genasi,        Githyanki,        Githzerai,        Gnoll,    
  Gnome,        Goblin,        Goliath/Half-Giant,       Half-Orc,        Hobgoblin,    
  Kalashtar,        Kobold,        Minotaur,        Mul,       Orc,    
  Shadar-Kai,        Shardmind,        Shifter -- Longtooth,       Shifter -- Razorclaw,      Thri-Kreen,
Kenku,                     BullyWug,                Duergar, Warforged, Wilden

Character list(ill update this as people submit there character info to me:
Magnetman (storm warden ~ warforged)
Requiem (sorcerer/fight hybrid ~ dragonborn)
Rhyhorn (rhyhorn)
Spam / i didnt know gojoe was on tv!
May 29, 2010, 01:58:16 am
May 29, 2010, 01:14:41 am
or is it nosi?
RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE at the ending >.<
The manga itself is great, but the ending just feels so..... gah.

actual spoilers ahead about the ending

HOW COULD YUKI LOSE! im just soooo annoyed by that ending. poor yuki...
Bugs and Suggestions / Coming and going board?
May 14, 2010, 02:04:36 pm
I think it was kage who mentioned this in another topic.
We should make a board specifically designated for the "coming/going" people where people can make topics if they are going to be gone for a while, or to inform of us their return. This would make it easier to know WHO is out and who isnt, instead of having it all in the general where topics may get buried. (topics of "gone for 3 monthes" may get buried, and the current ongoing general topics may get buried)
Spam / The 12 disciples of the complete
May 11, 2010, 04:32:09 pm
i think our practicisims needed a topic for which discuss the practice of completeboy.
all are welcome to the cause of the furthering of the cause that is completete, and we mean to educate all on the honorable singing knight, and the priest who travels with him, and the depth behind these tales.
Spriting / The mighty Gafgafrog!
April 24, 2010, 03:11:56 pm
I've taken care of most of the sprite, but the colors are a bit off. (having trouble keeping the "detail" of the armor while also not damaging the face)

I realize its somewhat sloppy, I really only made it to practice some more and goof off. If someone would "tidy" it up, or even finish it thatd be awesome, if not just throw in the more detailed flaws (i realize its a little "off" in a few places, and that the colors need tweaking, so unless its a specific part, mentioning those things isn't very productive)

To Mari, this war will not end until you surrender, die, or i get bored. You have been warned.

To those wishing to join my cause, i welcome you with open arms. Tell your friends, your family, random strangers, small children, and stoned teens, JUST HOW CREEPY MARI IS!

To those who try to stand in my way.  :ban:

To those who are indifferent, hi.

I am vampragonlord and this has been a public service announcement.
Spam / New question of the day
April 12, 2010, 02:54:19 am
How many wood chucks would chuck norris chuck if chuck norris would chuck wood chucks?
The Lounge / Help me finish.....
March 29, 2010, 02:56:58 am
my game on RPG maker 2, you dont need any actual knowledge of how to do it, just general ideas for an rpg, and we're trying to avoid cliches here people!
Spam / It is with great sorrow that i announce
February 09, 2010, 06:43:48 am
Until we have heard otherwise, saigas was run over by a 30 foot tall tricycle.
That is all
Spam / For zodiac
January 17, 2010, 09:28:15 am
Spam / Ive always wondered...
January 12, 2010, 05:41:33 am
:ban: Its a great emoticon, yes. but why is it not JUNK getting blugeo'ed for hammer?
January 06, 2010, 06:32:10 am
This is a patch have recently started. It (attempts) to take the game in a whole new direction. Namely: Horror.
I have already completed the basic battle system. There is no more "attack" command. You have your equipment menu, (which you can change your current equipment in, this will actually have a more vital role than in normal tactics), and your "Slay" commands. Your basic choices are Purify, Reload, and Normal shot.

Purify will instantly crystalize/treasure any zombie, but takes up 4 charges from your gun. Normal shot will kill a zombie, but zombies infinitely resurrect on their turn(and will from then on die at the end of each of their turns). The catch to normal shot? Zombies have 5 move, while you have 2 move. If you are in range of a zombie when they resurrect, they will blood suck you and you will die, if nothing is in range when they resurrect, they will wander off into a corner and die there. Your gun holds differing charges in based on equipment, and can be reloaded at the cost of simply using the reload command (one action). There are other skills but those are the 3 "core" skills to the mechanic. the other skills are simply built off of these.

Those currently working on this project:
Vampragonlord (Me, head of this project) Job:Pretty much everything

What i need to accomplish before this is 100%(will update regularly)
Change all battles (3 so far)
Change events/text (3 so far)
Create/obtain sprites:Still need a good zombie, enjoy shooting algus zombies til i get one. Got just about everything else i need, though if you'd like to throw more sprites my way i won't complain.
abilities(pretty much done)
Battle System, balanced (just about, could use some testers)

IF anyone would like to assist me just let me know, i could always use another hand(mainly cause i only have 2, and this is gonna take a good amount of work.)
any comments, praises, hatemails, confessions of love, spam emails, or the like are more than welcome.
The Lounge / tradin pokeymans!
December 25, 2009, 03:50:14 am
anyone wanna do some tradins?
Spam / I hereby label Zalge a bag of dicks.
December 21, 2009, 03:50:29 am
His attempt to "lol bigger e-penis" flirt with me has failed and... to put it simply he's a nosy bastard and I believe that he doesn't very well deserve to try to destroy the dreams of a croc wrestler.

He's probably either a troll or a janitor. Bitch obviously doesn't have croc wrestlin' skills, or at least he doesn't aspire to them, because he fears that if he does, He'll fall in the water and become a wet guy or something =P.

Let me compare this to climbing a mountain.
Zalge believes that staying at the bottom is the best way to wrestle a croc, and to see it tamed. I on the other hand believe that if you don't climb the mountain, you'll never tame the Christmas Croc at the summit. As I begin to climb, he advises that if I make one wrong move, I'll fall in the water, and that there is no chance that I'll NOT make a wrong move. He basically is assuring me that I'll fail. Claiming that he is lol bigger e-penis. But what does he know of croc wrestling, if he does not put his hand on the face of the lumbering rock (to reach the summit and, effectively, wrestle the Christmas Croc)?

In essence, he is telling me, "You gunna fail no matter what." Sadly, I believe that is a load, as he has never tried from what he's told me. How would he know? He doesn't. Maybe his 'realist' outlook forces him to give up when he maybe wants to try something new. Or maybe he's just a bag of dicks who can't wrestle crocs.

To wrap this up, Zalge is now a heretic to the FFH society, so declares me. All who would second this, please say lolwut?

And here is my song about Christmas Croc:

"Along the Serengeti, I'm a-huntin' for some prey,
Here comes gazelle, I hope he wants to play
Merry Christmas to you!"
Spam / HALP! i keep getting a game over in 1.3
December 12, 2009, 02:03:00 am
Whenever i click the "download" button for 1.3, i always get a game over. I just can't get past this part of the game. You made 1.3 way too hard archy!
Spriting / Vamp's spriting attempt take 2
December 09, 2009, 04:59:44 am
I've just been generally fooling around with sprite editing and experimenting, general recolors to see how shading works, etc.
This is my latest creation and one i would like to finish off.

normal size


Its an OC ive been thinking up. Was hoping to get some opinions/comments/suggestions/etc
The Lounge / streaming games for people.
November 24, 2009, 04:26:01 am
One of my friends wanted me to stream ff9 and someone on here wanted secret of mana, so i figured i might as well just take requests from everyone. i will be streaming ff9 the whole way through the entire time i play it. if you wish to watch it feel free http://www.justin.tv/ccvamp/old youre also free to vote on my party members.
*there will be obvious ff9 spoilers in the playing of ff9*

on a /note, i will also still stream sword of mana, i have most of this week off and will have some nice free time. then winter break in a few more weeks so i need to play some games. (wont be a constant feed obviously, but when i have the chance to play, itll almost always be online.)
Help! / Game crashes after importing sprites
November 21, 2009, 06:12:26 am
I am at the first (real) battle of chapter one, Magic city, and my game crashes every time i enter the battle, but only after i add a new sprite, then even if i change it back to its base, it still crashes at the same point.

if i dont change any of the data, it plays normally. its only after i change the spr in some way (Even just changing ramza and delita's sprites with eachother) it closes. has anyone had this problem/does anyone know how to fix it?

readfile: buf=030f8c30 len=96 err=30 [reached end of file]
etc etc same thing but the last few numbers of buf change, rest is the same.
Spriting / Card Captor Sakura!
November 20, 2009, 11:08:54 pm
i am going to attempt to make a Card Captor Sakura sprite/portrait and will be posting my progress here :D
The Lounge / Hello all im new :D
November 19, 2009, 10:36:32 pm
some/most of you probably know me, just thought id officially say hi. :P