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The Lion War / Re: [Spoilers] NG+ Reis
November 21, 2021, 09:46:50 am
Update on this. I just finished the Bremondt battle on my second playthrough now and it fixed the Morph option.

Although the Learn Abilities option was still not there initially, after I morphed her into a dragon, then morphed her back into a human, it appeared.

I guess it was probably just an issue with my save then. I wonder if the Learn Abilities option is initially not there for others though too.
The Lion War / Re: [Spoilers] NG+ Reis
November 17, 2021, 06:51:12 am
I was still on 2.0 until about 2 weeks after 2.021 came out. Something like that.

Do you think maybe it'll resolve after going through it the second time?
The Lion War / Re: [Spoilers] NG+ Reis
November 16, 2021, 10:36:34 pm
If that is the case, here is my save file if that helps. epsxe000.zip

I don't really know how to prove that I did in fact complete the entire quest line, but I can say with 100% confidence that I did (I've easily played this game at least 20 times over in my life)

As for learning abilities in human form, you can see for yourself with that save that the option is not there.

If we need to move this to the bug reports post I could move it over there.

I'd probably reach the Bremondt battles again in this playthrough within the next couple of days, I could post my save right before the last battle if needed. That way someone could just play through that last battle and then try for themselves
The Lion War / Re: [Spoilers] NG+ Reis
November 16, 2021, 10:14:44 pm
Right, sorry about the title.

So, I already completed the entire dragon quest line once (Bremondt fights too), and I still can't morph. I didn't try before doing NG+ though, I only just tried now after doing NG+ (I'm back at chapter 4 at this point in my second playthrough) .

Can I only morph if I complete the quest line in the CURRENT playthrough? The way you worded it says "at least once" so it sounds like I should be able to.

Also, I meant learn abilities in either form, not just dragon form. No plans for either?
The Lion War / [Spoilers] NG+ Reis
November 16, 2021, 09:04:11 am
I noticed when learning new abilities with CP that the Morph option for Reis replaces the usual Learn Abilities option. Is there any way we can let Reis learn new abilities too?

Also, what are the requirements for morphing? When I tried I just got a "Unable to morph right now" message.
The Lion War / Re: Keep Items After NG+?
November 01, 2021, 11:17:50 pm
I apologize I could have swore I was using the latest version. I had two versions on my phone from when I upgraded and I should have went back and deleted the older version. I think I was accidentally playing on the older one. I made sure I was on the latest and went through NG+ again and I still have all my items.

Sorry about that
The Lion War / Keep Items After NG+?
November 01, 2021, 01:06:21 am
I just got to the end of the game and decided to do NG+. After doing so I noticed that all of my items (except ones equipped) were gone.

Luckily I made a save beforehand, so I just loaded it back up and equipped all my rarest items that I could so I could keep them, but of course I had to pick some to leave behind.

I assume this was intentional, but are there any plans to change this so we can keep all of our items?
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.01 - DOWNLOAD HERE!!
September 20, 2021, 03:11:23 pm
Thank you all so much for this! I just started playing WOTL again a few weeks ago. I usually play the version on Android. I wanted to do the same thing with this so I downloaded ePSXe in the Play Store and transferred my patched iso to my phone. All working great so far!
Event Editing / Re: Event Editing Gibberish
March 13, 2020, 06:10:12 am
Quote from: Elric on March 13, 2020, 04:10:57 amGoltana's nothing but idiots!

Haha 😆 alright cool. That makes sense. Safe to remove then.

Thanks all!
Event Editing / Event Editing Gibberish
March 12, 2020, 11:09:34 pm
I'm still trying to figure this one out. Sometimes when I'm event editing I come across messages like this:
//Message x06

Or also messages like this that is cut off in the middle:
//Message x1E
n took precedence{br}
 even when I was attacked on{br}
 the Mandalia Plains!!{end}

And sometimes I see files with a combination of messages of different scenes that are in NO way related and I'm not sure why they're all contained in the same file.

In all of these situations, there seems to never be an associated DisplayMessage instruction for the messages in question.

Here is a good example of a file that contains a mix of all of these scenarios and has NO DisplayMessage instructions:
//Remove the previous line if you wish not to override the offset in CONFIG.INI.
//Remove the previous line if you wish text to compile directly after instructions.


//Message x01
{close}{F7}{close}{D9FF}01W0xL0{DCFF}00{7D}{close}01U0{6F}L0HL0200{F1}10jL0C220{64}L0{E5}40GGHE0L0000{D8FF}{CB}{close}1{E5}10{F1}e0g/X0jX00020{64}X0xX00000{C8}{close}0110{6F}X0xX0{F6}{close}00{87}{close}01{4C}0{6F}X0xX0{DBFF}00I{close}01{80}0{6F}X0HX0200{F1}80HX0{79}20{F1}C0HX0{7A}20{F1}C0h{F1}{96}0HL0{76}20{F1}C0HL0{77}20{F1}C0HL0{78}20{F1}C0GGHF0L0000{D8FF}{C6}{close}1{E5}10{F1}{5A}0HL0{77}20{F1}C0HL0{76}20{F1}C0HL0200HX0200{8C}X0E200{F1}A0{8C}X0C200{F1}{50}0GGHG0L00{EC}{close}{D8FF}{DAFF}2{E5}10{F1}{78}0{63}{CA}P{88}3{84}0{98}2{AE}1{B0}600{Ramza}8{DC00}{F1}o0{60}0{78}{F1}y0!2000{close}{close}{close}{60}0{E5}C0{BE}n0{B0}n020{BE}{6E}0{B0}{6E}0{63}0{BE}{9F}0{B0}{9F}000{BE}{A0}0{B0}{A0}010{BE}{F9}1{B0}{F9}110{BE} 1{B0} 110{BE}{FB}1{B0}{FB}110{BE}I2{B0}I200{BE}{3F}2{B0}{3F}200{BE}{DB02}{B0}{DB02}10{BE}{DC02}{B0}{DC02}10{BE}{unitname}2{B0}{unitname}200{BE}{delay:02}{B0}{delay:02}00{BE}{font:02}{B0}{font:02}00{BE}{E4}2{B0}{E4}200{BE}{47}3{B0}{47}310{85}d{BE}{48}3{B0}{48}310{85}e{BE}{C8}3{B0}{C8}340{BE}{C9}3{B0}{C9}340{BE}{E9}3{B0}{E9}320{BE}{EB}3{B0}{EB}320{BE}{EC}3{B0}{EC}320{E5}40{DBE3}8Priest{br}
{font:00}With the Father's blessing,{br}
you shall return to Earth.   {br}
Guide Alma Beoulve's soul{br}
to Heaven with St. Ajora's{br}
divine protection...Farlem...{end}

//Message x02

//Message x03
{font:00}What a pity.{br}
She was so young.{end}

//Message x04
{font:00}All the siblings gone...{end}

//Message x05
{font:00}The youngest, {Ramza}{br}
won't even be buried. Sad...{end}

//Message x06
{font:00}Beoulve's 300 year history{br}
is over now...{end}

//Message x07
{font:00}I'm sorry I'm late...Alma,{br}
I wanted to come earlier,{br}
but it was too dangerous...{br}
Too risky...{end}

//Message x08
{font:00}Delita married Ovelia.{br}
A commoner brings peace to{br}
a chaotic kingdom, marries{br}
the Princess, becoming King.   {br}
A legend that will be{br}
passed down for centuries.{end}

//Message x09
{font:00}Delita may be a good person{br}
as you said...{br}
He made it look like he{br}
killed her then let her go,{br}
when her identity was clear.   {br}
I guess he identified with{br}
her, having been used by{br}

//Message x0A
{font:00}Did my father die fighting{br}

//Message x0B
{font:00}...I'll come back again.{br}

//Message x0C
{font:00}Are you really dead?{br}
I still can't believe{br}
you're really dead...{br}
I mean...you know...{end}

//Message x0D

//Message x0E
{Ramza}! Alma!{end}

//Message x0F
{font:00}...He's alive!{br}

//Message x10
{font:00}...Thank you.{br}

//Message x11
e!   {br}
Hurry! {end}

//Message x12

//Message x13
{font:08}Man's voice{br}
{font:00}Can you hand me the stone?{end}

//Message x14
{font:00}M...Marquis Elmdor.{br}
Why are you here.....?{end}

//Message x15
Give it to me...{end}

//Message x16
{font:00}Rafa! Watch out!!{br}
They are not human!{end}

//Message x17
{font:00}So you're {Ramza},{br}
the heretic?{br}
I never really thanked you{br}
for doing me this favor.{br}
Thank you....{br}
I don't want to have to get{br}
rough like Vormav did.{br}
Please understand.{br}
Now, hand me the stone and{br}
I'll ask Vormav to return{br}
your sister.{end}

//Message x18
{font:00}Where is Alma!?{br}
Bring her back!!{end}

//Message x19
{font:00}Didn't you hear me?{br}
Give me the stone first.{end}

//Message x1A
{font:00}No, I won't.{end}

//Message x1B
{font:00}Are you abandoning her?{br}
I thought you came here to{br}
save her, knowing there'd be{br}

//Message x1C

//Message x1D
{font:00}Very well. I didn't want to{br}
get rough but...{br}
Celia, Lede, go ahead!{br}
That girl has the stone.{br}
Get it back....!{end}

//Message x1E

//Message x1F

//Message x20
{font:00}I see why Queklain and{br}
Velius were beaten.....   {br}
Celia, Lede, retreat!{br}
Listen {Ramza},{br}
If you want our stone,{br}
come to Limberry Castle!   {br}
We'll be waiting...!{end}

//Message x21

//Message x22
exposed. That's all.{end}

//Message x23
{font:00}You can't prove it just with{br}
the Holy Stones.{end}

//Message x24
{font:00}Exactly. But, how about with{br}
the 'Germonik Scriptures'?   {br}
Larg, Goltana, and the senate{br}
ought to be interested...{end}

//Message x25
{font:00}Where is it?{end}

//Message x26
{font:00}I can't tell you.{end}

//Message x27
{font:00}Wiegraf, go after the wizard.{br}
I'll take care of here.{end}

//Message x28
{font:00}Don't do anything funny!{br}
The odds are against you!{end}

//Message x29
What do you think you{br}
weak humans can do?{end}

//Message x2A

//Message x2B
{font:00}Don't underestimate us.{br}
Killing you is easy....{end}

//Message x2C
{font:00}Are you opposing me!?{end}

//Message x2D
{font:00}Want to fight...?{br}
I'll show you the power of{br}
the Holy Stone!{end}

//Message x2E

//Message x2F

//Message x30

//Message x31

//Message x32

//Message x33

//Message x34

//Message x35
V0340061{79}V020fV0jV08000{64}V0{58}1{88}0{E5}q0{59}1{F1}A0GGI40V000000003{E5}10{F1}A0HF0300xF0 {close}00{DAFF}2Ak0{6F}F0HF0.20HV0{58}20{F1}80HF0{60}20HV0{59}20{F1}50Y110HF0{61}20HV0{5A}20{F1}60HF0{62}20HV0{5B}20{F1}80Y1{60}{64}X{53}0HF0{63}20HV0{5C}20{F1}80{F1}e0{F1}{5A}0GG"50F000000{E7}{close}2{E5}10{F1}80GG{92}60V00{br}

//Message x36

//Message x37

//Message x38

//Message x39

//Message x3A

//Message x3B

//Message x3C

//Message x3D

//Message x3E

//Message x3F

//Message x40

//Message x41

//Message x42

//Message x43

//Message x44

//Message x45
 {D402}{D45A}{64}{D402}{8F}{D6C1}{7B}{67}{41}{D1CA}{6C}{D283}{7E}{63}{5D}. {br}

//Message x46

//Message x47

//Message x48

//Message x49

//Message x4A

//Message x4B

//Message x4C

//Message x4D

//Message x4E

//Message x4F

//Message x50

//Message x51

My question is:
What the heck is all of this nonsense, and since it doesn't have any associated DisplayMessage instruction, can I just get rid of them?
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War - FAQs
March 09, 2020, 12:47:29 pm
Quote from: Elric on March 05, 2020, 09:37:24 pmI could be mistaken, but if i recall correctly, the hint was just rolled into the text in the opening event before the bsttle starts. This was to save on event space before we figured out how to remove the setup events

Negative. It's not in there. I even searched all files for "open the floodgate" which should have found the file with that text wherever it is but I got zero results. There should have been a line for "How do I open the floodgate?".

So just seems to be straight up missing. Could definitely roll the text into that event like you said though and just add:
//Message x02
How do I open the floodgate?{br}
Probably by pulling{br}
the levers on both sides!{br}
I think I see them...but first{br}
I have to get there...{end}

I don't know enough about the actual Event Instructions you'd have to add in the file though.
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War - FAQs
March 05, 2020, 06:36:43 am
I was working with events in ATTACK.OUT, TEST.EVT, Battle Conditions, etc.. and I noticed the event for Bethla Sluice (Hint) was just completely removed. Was there a reason for this or just something that was missed? I've been trying to add it back in myself but I don't have the knowledge. Seems to be something I'm missing in ATTACK.OUT or the conditions
Help! / FFTastic Won't Read Save File
March 03, 2020, 06:03:23 pm
I'm trying to use FFTastic to edit my game save but can't seem to get it to work. At first I noticed that it requires a .gme file. I use the ePSXe emulator which I had configured to use a .mcr memcard. I went ahead and downloaded MemcardRex to convert it to a .gme. My ePSXe is now configured to use it instead of the .mcr and works fine (I can save/load my game when I run my ISO).

But whenever I try to open it with FFTastic I just keep getting these two errors. "No FFT save's found" and "No FFT save slots found in memory save". Yet, when I open it up in MemcardRex I can see my two saves, so I don't understand why FFTastic can't read it.

I've been trying to find answers online and am getting no luck.

I think I found a slight issue with the Ashley Riot opening for ENTD 1E2. When it gets to Ramza's message the DisplayMessage location is a bit off. I will show with this picture.

My guess is in the TEST.EVT when DisplayMessage is used it is using the wrong Unit ID, which is currently x02, but not sure what the correct Unit ID would be.

Is this just me?

Edit: I'm sorry I just realized this is the wrong place and should be in the Bug Reports thread
Event Editing / Re: Testing Late Game TEST.EVT Changes
February 29, 2020, 05:23:39 pm
Quote from: Nyzer on February 29, 2020, 05:05:02 pmChange ATTACK.OUT to jump to that scenario from the very first scene.

Sweet, I just tried it and that worked. I only started modding like a month ago and haven't needed to change the ATTACK.OUT file yet. But seemed pretty simple. Thank you!
Event Editing / Testing Late Game TEST.EVT Changes
February 29, 2020, 03:57:21 pm
So I've started working on editing some dialogue text for some events using EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.1. I can successfully compile to a TEST.EVT file, patch it, run the game and my changes are taking effect. Perfect! But I was just editing some of the first few battles to test.

What if I want to change an event far into the story? I'm wanting to change one in Ch.3 but I'm starting from a fresh save and don't really want to go through the hassle of beating all of the previous levels before I get to this event so I can test my changes.

Is there a way I can jump from the beginning of the game to a particular ENTD so I can test my changes? I've been trying to find an answer for hours but nothing is clear on how to do it or even IF i can do it.

In particular, I'm editing some events in The Lion War patch and want to trigger ENTD 1E2 Ashley Riot Battle
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War - FAQs
February 25, 2020, 11:58:33 pm
Sorry if this already been answered elsewhere but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for in this post or any others.

Does this include fixing some of the bugs that exist in PSX version? Like item duplication glitch, JP scroll glitch, and whatever other ones there may be. I know there are ASMs to fix these issues, so if they're not included in this, I assume I can just apply my own patch as described in the The Lion War Base Patch Resources topic and just include those ASMs as well?