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September 26, 2022, 12:13:44 pm


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The Lion War / Skip Chapter One
Yesterday at 02:44:43 pm
For ArmoredKori's work in progress - Unexplored, based off The Lion War - he was discussing the idea of skipping Chapter 1 entirely, because his additions all take place after Chapter 2 starts. My response was not to do that, but to let it be a player choice.

Then I came up with events that set that up for him, as well as anyone else who would like to use such a feature.

Both events need to be imported into a copy of TLW's TEST.EVT using EVSP, then imported to the ISO via CDMage.
If you apply the Event Instruction Upgrade hack from the TLW Resources, that will fix what Cross Skip broke.
News / The Lion War of the Lions has released!
September 18, 2022, 11:37:21 pm
At long last, the WotL translation is available in the PSX version of FFT! It's part of The Lion War, and comes with all the fun extras that can be found in that mod, such as single-player Rendezvous battles, the Sound Novels, and a New Game Plus feature!

You can find it here.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Tips for the Difficulty
September 16, 2022, 10:40:29 pm
The randoms were not properly balanced, so they swing pretty wildly between being way too hard and fighting a single Beastmaster with no monsters. Spend some time looking around for some randoms which are doable.

Everyone's favorite random battle - not for being piss easy, but for actually being fun - is one at Bariaus Hill in which the player walks in on a conflict between some Knights & Chemists, and a group of Bombs. Some of the human enemies head off to fight the Bombs, while the player has a few that go immediately for their group.

Other than that, the main general tip I'd give would be to get at least half of the Five out of their base jobs ASAP. Ramza, Cloud, and Snake would be the first ones I'd say should move on, because they arguably start with their most vital skills, and the rest of the skills they can learn tend to leave them stuck in their narrow niche for a while. Dante still kind of stays in his niche (if you keep learning Swordmaster skills), but the extra range on his other skills makes them quite worthwhile to learn. Link, meanwhile, has a very varied skillset, and his Songs are amazing.

Character job combinations I recommend for everyone are:
  • Ramza as a Wizard or Dimensionalist, because his high Faith, Female MA, Encourage, and lack of weapon-required skills make him the easiest choice for a mage. His usefulness as a Priest is a bit limited though, since Wish, Cheer Up, and Altima already give him basic healing coverage, overlapping a lot of the use of White Magic.
  • If you want to improve Cloud's offensive capability, make him a Rogue. Rogues can naturally use swords, their skills don't cost MP, and one of his greatest weaknesses is arguably his low Move and generally low attack range with Limit - so a job with one more Move and Move +1 is a great way to shore that up. Alternatively, if you want a tankier Cloud, make him a Priest. Hammers work with Limits, Regenerator is a top tier Reaction, and he can start fights by using Barrier on himself. I don't recommend using Priest Cloud as your main healer, because his low Limit range means he'd have to be casting from the front lines, but there's nothing stopping you from picking up Full-Life and Esuna after getting Barrier just in case.
  • Link, on the other hand, makes a great main healer. If you bring Equip Projectiles to the Priest job, he can use his Arrow skills quite well. Even without it, his Songs are amazing, and he can go between using Saria's Song to restore MP to multiple allies and using White Magic as needed. But if you'd prefer a more offensive Link, Ranger is a solid choice. He can save his Arrows for elemental weaknesses, and rely on Venom Strike as his main attack.
  • Throw Item Snake is incredibly good. Snake's unlearned base skills are not meant to be reliable game-changers, and most of his actual utility comes from being a speedy, high Move unit that can turn invisible and heal himself for free. If you haven't started relying on non-Items for healing and resurrection, it might sound insane to deliberately build a unit to primarily use Items, but once you break into Priest, Knight, and some more of Ramza's support skills, the feeling of never having enough Items goes away real fast. Also, Ethers and Saplings are very underrated here. An alternative support Snake is Monk Snake - his low Br will indeed weaken his punches, but the skillset itself is not affected by Br. You can also build a much tankier Snake by making him a Knight - with Find Cover and Smoke Break, he'll always at least be able to do something even with relatively low Move, never even mind how self-sufficient those skills make him. Or, finally, for a more offensive Snake, make him a Ranger. Venom Strike will very much balance out against Snake's naturally weaker damage.
  • What you do with Dante really depends on the base skillset you want to go with. Swordmaster Dante makes for a great Knight. The range on Stinger and Round Trip easily make up for going with two low-Move jobs, and also allows him to be an emergency healer with Sacrifice or to give himself Reraise with Invigorate. The only real concern to that is that he can't restore his own MP, but between Ethers, Saplings, Regen, Regenerator, Encourage, Cheer Up, and Saria's Song, you should have no shortage of options for someone else to restore it for him. And it's worth it to have him as your primary big damage guy. Trickster Dante loses a lot of attack power as he's stuck with daggers in Chapter 1, but he gains the ability to fly across the battlefield, hit with 100% accuracy from range, sustain his HP & MP with Flipper, and even potentially Paralyze enemies. He works well with either Survival Skills (once again, using Poison to make up for weak damage output) or Item (as an emergency support unit). Gunslinger Dante is another high offense unit - he loses some power to run crossbows and bows, but Charge Shot and Gun Stinger both hit comparably hard to some of his Swordmaster skills, and he'll always be able to do ranged attacks for free, making him a good choice if you don't want to run any mana battery allies. Plus, since he's doing ranged attacks, you can also make up for that damage drop with Venom Strike. Or just make him tankier with Knight skills. Finally, there's the Royalguard. Going that route will tank Dante's attack range - but tank is the operative word here. Ultimate and Dreadnaught are basically alternatives of Snake's Smoke Break and Find Cover respectively, while Just Block and Royal Block allow him to boost his allies' defenses. This one's a bit harder to get a good build for, but Throw Item Royalguard Dante would be a fairly solid all around support unit, while a Royalguard Knight with Move +1 and Regenerator would be better able to keep up with enemies' movement as well as maintain his own MP.
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.03 - DOWNLOAD HERE!!
September 14, 2022, 09:56:30 am
Quote from: lrdtarrask on September 14, 2022, 12:52:34 amHello, im new here.
Theres any link with detailed information about The Lion War 2.03 ?
Like Jobs requeriments, stats growth, etc.

Found the reason for the Seth battle going off the rails. For now, don't take any blessings into that fight, or it won't be beatable.
Specifically, if you missed what Akashachi said, there's a setting to automatically switch to analog inputs or something that needs to be disabled. Hopefully that narrows it down, but if not, hopefully he can reply soon enough.
On the ninth of September, Kokojo released the first chapter of the Call of Power remake, which adds new and never-before-seen features such as a world map! Kokojo's been hard at work using all the latest upgrades to the tools to show off a lot of what can be done with modding nowadays, so if you're interested in seeing just how far FFT modding can go, and checking out a totally unique story in the FFT engine, head on over!

You can also go check out the new 2.03 update to The Lion War for something a lot closer to the vanilla experience. The Lion War brings as much WotL content to the PSX version as possible, with some liberties taken to enhance that content where possible (such as replacing Luso, a blatant Ramza clone, with Ashley Riot, or replacing the bland loot system from the WotL Rendezvous with the more robust Treasure Wheel, or replacing the option to continue on the world map after beating Altima with an entire New Game Plus set of bonuses and options). 2.03 comes with a bunch of bug fixes as well as our third unique new Rendezvous battle, Be a Beta, which sends you to Bethla Sluice to beat up our beta testers.
Seems like some conditionals didn't get loaded properly.
Help! / Re: PSP Translation Patch for The Lion Wars?
September 07, 2022, 11:51:43 pm
If you hang around the site or Discord, you'll almost certainly hear about when TLWotL (the name of the translation mod) releases.
Help! / Re: PSP Translation Patch for The Lion Wars?
September 07, 2022, 03:00:27 pm
Not yet, but it is planned and with a lot of the work already done.
Help! / Re: New characters for PSP version
September 07, 2022, 02:12:37 am
Your information is somewhat outdated. Shishi and FFTPatcher snapped the lid off on this sort of thing a ways back, and at a glance, it looks like you can make use of that in WotL, as well.

Open FFTPatcher and look at the first x49 Jobs. If you look at the ones with known UNIT/WLDFACE, you'll see that they all have two matching Formation Sprite entries. Go to the Other Images in Shishi, and you can see the corresponding UNIT/WLDFACE. You should be able to set any of those first x49 sprites to match any of the various WLDFACE at will using those entries on FFTP.
New Project Ideas / Re: Delita's Story
September 03, 2022, 12:06:46 pm
There were concepts made up for a patch called "King of Ivalice", but it never went beyond the planning stages, as folks' worsening health and increasing IRL responsibilities pulled them away from being able to work on it while still contributing to projects like TLW and Jot5.

Also, Dycedarg's Elder Brother is a bit of a lol meme concept that almost certainly stems from a mistranslation of Dycedarg-onii-san or something. I'm sure it was supposed to be along the lines of "The Elder Brother, Dycedarg" and someone thought it was "The Elder Brother of Dycedarg", and never actually double-checked that.
The Lion War / Re: The Treasure Wheel
September 03, 2022, 04:25:02 am
Since this comes up a lot, I figured I'd make a post here with the treasure list for TLW.

Two things to know before reading the list: Rares (which, starting in Chapter 4, you can spend gil to get better odds at) will scale up to the start of Chapter 4. Additionally, doing older Rendezvous battles will cause Consumable chests to only award Elixirs as common loot. So if you're in Chapter 3 and do the Chicken Race battle, you'll always get Elixirs from those chests, unless they have rare loot inside. (The rare loot can also be Elixirs.)

Quote from: Seirno on August 28, 2022, 04:12:21 amAshley's abilities seem to do pitiful damage.  I tried all of his abilities and they all did somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-20 damage.  Is that normal?

Depends on the emulator you're using.
Kokojo learned that any Loot Wheel chests that spawn with Float-bestowing equipment would float during the Wheel event. This can be fixed by deliberately activating the Zalera bug (set units to both Always and Randomly present) and adding in twelve Draw commands to deal with the fact that the chests now spawn pre-Erased.

And so, the event script has been updated.
That tutorial is twelve years old and wasn't even complete at the time. (Also took goddamn forever to find so I could even reference it.) This is very likely why it never got added to the Tutorial Link Index.

QuickEdit is an addition to TacText that came some time after that tutorial and should actually edit every entry there, not just one of them. There are a lot of duplicate TacText entries in the game that get used at different points, as you've noticed with it blanking out on you there.

When it comes to the sprite work, follow Celdia's tutorial, as it was actually recently updated to better cover what can be done with the updates to tools that have arrived since then.
This would be better served on a forum or chat server that has anything to do with FFXIV. I know some folks here play or have played it, but asking here is kind of like trying to catch fish in a swimming pool.
Spriting / Re: Jenna Golden Sun
August 10, 2022, 12:52:51 pm
Quote from: nitwit on August 10, 2022, 12:50:53 amIt doesn't seem possible to create a Deep Dungeon style menu for various areas if I want a quick and easy way to fight on specific battlefields.

No, I don't think that's doable. I think the DD menu is kind of a unique case? But I really haven't messed around with WORLD.BIN stuff, so I can't be sure. There are menus on places like Lionel Castle as well IIRC, but I just honestly don't know the first thing about what makes them tick.

If you sacrificed an existing world map path and used the unused Murond Death City dot, you could probably set up an isolated world map location that triggered an event which gave you the menus and such needed to set up the battle you wanted. And at the start of that event, you could alter the Current World Map Location variable so the player was no longer on that location, meaning that once the player returned to the world map, they could walk away from the location without triggering the event again, without the need to set up some kind of conditional that prevented the player from leaving but also allowed the event to be repeatable.
Spriting / Re: Jenna Golden Sun
August 02, 2022, 12:29:34 am
Quote from: nitwit on August 01, 2022, 07:39:29 pmcan you make conditional repeating encounters on blue dots?

You can, yes.

However, the criteria doesn't include anything to do with a unit's current job. Looking at the World Conditional commands in the Conditionals spreadsheet, it can check variables for values, check whether you have a certain special unit (according to spritesheet, I'd assume), the amount of gil you have, what date it is, how many casualties you have, Ramza's Br or Fa, something about choices, and something about "DDEntry".

The closest you'd get to that would probably be to trigger events in certain cities on certain months, and include variable edits in those battles that would make a note of which enemy guild you've just encountered to prevent you from fighting them again until after fighting a different group. (With nothing to disable the trigger, you wouldn't be able to leave the town at all until the month had passed.) Using LoadAddress, it's possible to check Ramza's current job in the event, and show a brief clip of him walking through town as a few [Insert Job Here] units watch him and go "I like the cut of that guy's jib" if he matches, or "We don't like yer type around here, son" if he doesn't, with the latter triggering the battle.