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FFTA Text offsets

Started by ffta707, December 10, 2010, 11:55:52 pm


Here guys. I took some time to record several vital offsets, so you can edit them at your will.


Editing your generic characters name, and Montblanc is very simple. Monblanc would be in Main Character Names, while generics are in the random name database.

Have Fun!

0049B360 - 0049F490: Store, pub, prison, cards, monster bank quotes


0049F4A0 - 0049F600: After battle failure and secsess messages


0049F610 - 004A0020: Link messages


004A0030 - 004B5A70: encoded area (Snippets like: Roda I#olcanF#)


004B5AF0 - 004B6480: Things like: Thanks, this will help me fund my research.


004B6580 - 004B6830: Choices (Engage, surrender, give snowball)


00526240 - Status


00525FB0 - 00526410: Laws like Dmg to animal, copycat exc.


009C16F0 - End, I believe is the storyline text. Tried editing - too bugggy.


00526420 - 00526640: Map location Names!


00526650 - 00526670: Month's/ Moon Phases? (Look like, S#a#g#e#m#o#o#n#)



00566A00 - 005680D0: Random Names Database


00565880 - 00565CC0: Clan names

00558000 - 0055A310: all Mission names


005541B0 - 00554600: Places like monster bank, selections like "Action" "wait" skill levels "negotiate"


00554600 - 00554990: All skillset names including special jobs, and monsters


00554990 - 00556020: Ability names and combo names


00556330 - 005564D0: no clue, some Weapon types (robe, gauntlet, armor, Spear)


005564D0 - 005566D0: Law fines (No AP reward... HP max -)


005566D0 - 005567E0: Options (i.e.Color mode, Cursor speed )


005512A0 - 005516C0: Main Character names (Marche, Pam Le Fay, even Odd statue XD)


00525580 - 00525FB0: Mission Items


00525580 - 00523960: Item names


00523370 - 00523920: job names! Also, did you know that there is (Ark knight, rune knight, and others?)


Thanks alot, but i wish this thread was "general offsets" so we could include move animations too...

Some hits you, So miss you, the center too, enter you, hits undone, have some fun, I know! misses come, render none, enter some... Always won!!... incomplete I know...


Quote from: "itoikenza"Thanks alot, but i wish this thread was "general offsets" so we could include move animations too...

That certain isn't yet available. I'm going to salvage a few more of these offsets, and see if I can get any data to.


 i want to change my chars names from the list of random names, how to use it? just write i i a
s a code?


Excellent post.

But i may be missing something, can you point me to the tutorial on how to use  this information? I searched but nothing so far.

Best regards.



This tool comes with a table file that will make text visible in a hex editor (windhex is what I use)

The text lies in between each offset.


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