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July 24, 2021, 04:17:18 am


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FFTA: Minimalist Completionist

Started by Taelia, April 10, 2018, 06:40:35 pm


Thanks to the fantastic tools available on these forums I made some incredibly minor edits to my copy of FFTA.
I do not care for missable items, but I do care for missable abilities and missable characters  :)

With these changes, I can have peace of mind that I won't accidently lock myself out of content.
Just sharing it here for the lonely internet wanderer who happens to think like I do, but doesn't feel like doing the research.

A Dragon's Aid - gives a wyrmstone back as a reward, avoiding a lockout of a semisecret character.
Caravan Guard - gives Elda's Cup back as a reward, avoiding a lockout of a semisecret character.
Mythril Rush - now gives a chance to get the secret character from the mission Missing Prof. It is recurring, avoiding a lockout of a semisecret character.

Clan 19: Tricky Spirits - Replaced slot 2 with a Goblin, avoiding a lockout of the Blue Mage/Morpher abilities
Clan 21: Wild Monsters - Replaced slot 3 with a Thunderdrake, avoiding a lockout of the Blue Mage/Morpher abilities.

Missions 384, 385, 386 and 387 (the missions that will only occur if you recruit and then kick out the secret characters) will now reward Zeus' Mace, Materia Blade, Dark Gear and Genji Armor respectively. These are the only four items that give abilities that you are not guaranteed to have at least 1 copy of after you beat every numbered mission.
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What a great idea! Thanks for making this!
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I need this patch for the EUR ISO... It would be good.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown