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July 28, 2021, 07:08:28 pm


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Looking for help with a Final Fantasy Tactic WoL Modding!

Started by Syrrus, January 24, 2015, 03:45:37 am


I am planning on making a story mod, but I require help with much of the process, as I am a bit of a greenhorn. I can deal with the storyline, and most of the character creation, but I need help with just about everything else.

Here's a brief description:
Nicholai (the protagonist), is the son of an upper-middle class family that was attacked by bandits (he was four when this happened). He is left alone, he stumbles into the nearest town days later, malnourished, exhausted, and covered in his family's blood. He is taken in by a skilled mercenary, Syrrus, who trains him to fight, seeking to aid him in the quest for vengeance that Nicholai desires. When Nicholai turns 16, with a number of completed mercenary contracts under his belt, he sets out to avenge his family. What he doesn't know, is that the group of bandits was a part of something much bigger, a plot that could destroy the seals that protect the world from the return of the archdemons.


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(this should actually be in New Project Ideas until there is something to show)

I can tell you right now, this site does not have very many active members, and of those who are active, only a couple would even have the knowledge to help you.

The main thing is that before ANYONE will help you/join up with you, you will need to make something for them to see, make events or something of the like to show off and you may be able to coax some people into working with you.

99.9999999% of people who start mods never finish (or even really start them) so you need to show people you have what it takes before they put their time into something so big.

Story mods take a LONG time and a LOT of work. I hope you are completely 100% ready for that.
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There's also the matter that using WotL as a base alienates nearly everyone who could help on the project. I'm not proud to say that none of us mod WotL (even though I openly detest the game), but our pro-WotL userbase is sadly limited to those who have no knowledge or drive.

I won't discourage you in any way. I'd REALLY REALLY like to see you succeed, more than you have any idea. I just don't have any kind, supporting words other than that, because you have a very (150% grade, in the snow, without shoes, in Siberia) steep uphill climb when you announce that your mod idea uses WotL as a base. I really and truly and wholly and completely wish for your success, but it is very likely you will go it alone for a considerable period, if not entirely.
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