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January 16, 2022, 07:42:31 pm


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ahhahaha what cloud said , it make me laugh like an idiot XD Bad experience with ruby weapon man?XD
aaaaah they will?^^ Ok then , as i said nothing lol
ah ok XD Anyway, i would much appreciated, if we NEVER again write in this post , if it's not you putting a video, or a news of the relase coming out, or chapter 2... you guys don't know how bad i feel, everytime i see NEW MESSAGE in this topic , and then it's never what i hope for XD
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Can't wait :_:
October 28, 2016, 05:43:19 pm
this comment will be useless but... --------------- > ahahhahahahahahahhahahah lol
i didn't found anything wrong about the SN, probably i tried it after him? or i was only utterly useless?XD
Recruitment / Re: Yes! We'd love your help, but...
October 12, 2016, 05:09:44 pm
I'm just another random person who want to Confirm everything that has been told here... i said the magic words "if i can help i'll help with whatever i can" As they said, without ACTUALLY knowing how hard and time consuming is to do this things... i tried, REALLY i tried, to do sprite editing, and a very BASIC and SIMPLE event. and it took days, no, more like 2 or 3 weeks, just to get a DECENT result, not even good.

So what i can say , to anyone interested to help the team of this amazing project is "YOU'LL NEED A LOT OF TIME" XD  First to learn then to actually be able to help them.

If i had a normale and stable life , i really would have focused on learning since FFT is the only game i always put on top of every game i played, and this jot5 it's insanely good, plus the people behind it do it for free, so i really would love to help, but i honestly can't.
It doesn't matter how much you love FFT and how much you are proud of the people working on this project, if you don't have TIME and the will to learn eveyrthing from scrap, then it's better if you only compliment them, and don't waste any of their time ^^
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
September 05, 2016, 08:55:11 pm
Well what i can say, is this "I didn't find any impossible fight.." well off course you didn't otherwise there would be a problem....
Jot5 is hard , and if you say it's "normal" Then you should have made a video of your VER YFIRST run, and show how you deal with the first chapter without ever realoding or quick saving. And show me how some fights aren't very hard.
The 6 turtle at zirekile falls, the many lamia + beast master, Sephiroth it's not easy at all the first time you do it, even if you spam cross slash he can still hit you and pretty hard too.
Even the battle with Alma against undead malboro and werewolves is very nice, you have to play well to end the fight without problem, if you take it lightly you're going to regret it.
I Honestly DOUBT that you went through all jot5 without a single game over.  which mean we veteran FFT player die which mean the patch is hard, and it's perfect like this.

Off course once you know the enemy attack and learn some very OP skills then  the game become easier. but as i said in my comment, easier , but still enjoyable.
It looks like everyone ignored what i wrote, but i did write, that i hope the difficulty will be kept untill the end, because in vanilla, after you get a few key skills, all battle become kinda easy to handle.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
September 04, 2016, 09:55:00 am
i personally found in jot5, that the start is extremely hard, but if you endure the "many" game over at the start XD then you get very strong skills, and it's not that hard anymore, more like enjoyable. It would be impossible to play for people who are completely NEW to FFT , but this mod is definitely not aimed to those people.

Plus, "somenoob" Try to remeber that while doing a mob, or even a videogame from scrap , it will be ALWAYS IMPOSSIBLE to make everyone happy, it doesn't matter how much you work, someone will always have something to say about your work! XD

I just hope they keep up the "hard" part of the game, because i'm afraid that once we get enough skill, "for veterans" the game will be as easy as vanilla. So even if i will be pissed and maybe i will want to give up, i hope the battle will be as stressfull as they were in the first chapter ahhaha.  (and that i will be able to get Delita in my party *-*)
Help! / Re: epsxe Help
August 30, 2016, 03:59:33 pm
hahahahaha OMG i just realized how much of a moron i am ahhahahaha, well... the emulator you told me seems to be lot better then epsxe So , this post was a bit usefull for something XD
Help! / Re: epsxe Help
August 30, 2016, 08:50:04 am
Ok... Nothing happen , i don't understand which can be the problem.. Might be that i'm trying to run Wotl? instead of vanilla Iso?

Looks like the vanilla work just fine, but it's my impression, or there isn't a Wotl iso working? O_o
Help! / Re: epsxe Help
August 30, 2016, 08:33:58 am
thanks a bunch, i'm trying it now, hope it work XD

Ok... Nothing happen , i don't understand which can be the problem.. Might be that i'm trying to run Wotl? instead of vanilla Iso?
Help! / Re: epsxe Help
August 29, 2016, 03:48:20 pm
i'm telling you!! I always used this programs, for years, and this never happpened, i tried 1.6 , 1.7 , 2.0 , changed bios, plug in and all, but always black screen
Help! / epsxe Help
August 28, 2016, 04:22:02 pm
guys, this is a first for me, i used this program for many years, and i never had a single problem with it.
But now on this computer i got some months ago, it doesn't matter what i do, the game doesn't start! Does anyone know if there can be a compatibility problem, or the Iso can be at fault?

I downloaded the Iso from 3 or 4 different sites, so it can't be that.. changed all the plug ins, and put the bios i always use... stil nothing
it's about opinions, i see mustadio more like that, since to resque his father it's not like he build a gundam , but get helped from Ramza, in my opinion he is actually the guy who perfectly fit an event like that.  The fact that you took part at something cool and big doesn't change your personality once you come back to "peace" you'll go back as your usual self.
But off course it's about everyone personal point of view at the end.

The fact that it isn't a mark, is because it's not a job given buy some npc or the bar? I just like the idea and put it here ^^ Not too hard to take the idea and make it into a mark mission.
But i do see your point.
I know all marks have been filled but i still want to try and give an idea. ^^
It might be possible that if you guys like it, you might replace one that has already been placed, if it's not too much work off course, and all the scripts are already done!!

Mustadio Birthday:

When you go to goug machine city on Mustadio Birthday and enter the Bar the event will start.

Ramza walk in the bar and find Mustadio sitting on a table talking to himself about the fact , no one ever remmber his birthday. In fact, Ramza just walk inside the bar says "Hello" to mustadio, get something to drink and then walk away. After that link and Dante does exactly the same.
Dante line might be whatever.
Mustadio keep talking with himself as his birthday get ignored like every years, after Snake come inside the bar and does the same thing as everyone , Mustadio decide to leave, but just before leaving, he bump into someone, falling on the ground a couple of cells, and Agrias make her entrance.

Agrias line:  Morning... what are you thinking about? No even watching where you walk?
Mustadio remain sit on the ground and just sigh between himself.  "Sorry Agrias, is just...  Oh well, nothing."

Then Agrias take out of her poket a little package (which might look like a gift if there is a sprite for that)
Agrias Line: This is for you, i wanted to thank you back , for the lovely lipstick you gifted me on our jurney. I hope i get the right day. i'm not very good with these things.."

Mustadio stand up speechless, and as soon as he make on step toward Agrias, a guy dressed as thief or anything that look like it , steal the gift from Agrias, and run away!!

Mustadio with 0.0001 time reaction , follow the thief outside, and a battle start with a lot of thieves in goug city.

When you finish the battle, you get the gift back which should be a Parfum that only man can use.
i don't mind about that the item give as bonus stats, i would just love to see an event like this XD

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Suggestions
July 22, 2016, 09:01:16 pm
I can't say i dislike  FFTA/2 simply because just the idea of that game, made my completely uninterested.... I mean FFT is the game i love most because of how serious it is..
And i heard somethings about FFTA that weren't not even close to be serious like FFT was.. plus i saw the graphic and it seemed a  bit different from FFT , reason why i never even tried to play it.. and i think i will keep on like this xD
no one talk about the events, because it's so ovbious that it would be like saying "we need to breath to live, or drink" XD I mean, who could not love the way events have been made please tell me  XD
Loved Xifanie post, i was 100% that there was no chance to know it, and it's good like that, but so funny clicking all the spoilers ahhaha, Yea... i'm one of the people who click and read everything a game(post) has to offer XD
Please don't XD i want to find it in the game while playing, and have the WTF expression on my face ^^
Ah ok , phew ^^ i thought i did lost something on the way xD , but yea it look awesome, i really wanna see how it look in game !!