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October 16, 2021, 10:39:32 pm


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In vanilla FFT, undead absorb dark and are weak to holy. They are also damaged by most curative skills. The spell that inflicts death is hardcoded to fail against undead; instead it heals them to maximum HP. Phoenix Down and Elixir are hardcoded to automatically kill undead.

Abstracted from the "undead" mechanic, how does this work in your opinion?

I'm trying to figure out how the undead reversal mechanic would work if you applied the same principle behind it to a healing spell with a different element and a character that has some modification to that element. Basically, what is the principle behind undead reversal?

How would the game behave if there were a generalized "elemental reversal" flag and curative spells with elements other than holy?

How would a fire elemental react to a fire element healing spell? What about an ice element healing spell?

My observations are below.

1. Element reversal increases the magnitude of existing elemental relationships.
In this case: whatever your relationship to an element, if you reverse that element then:
  • Healing and absorb becomes maximal healing.
  • Healing and immune heals the normal amount or some multiplier of it.
  • Healing and halve heals the normal amount or some multiplier of it.
  • Healing and normal heals the normal amount.
  • Weakness and healing becomes instant destruction.

So if you undead - you absorb dark and are harmed by holy, then if you are hit by a holy spell it will harm you regardless of it being damaging or healing. If you are hit by a dark element skill, it will heal you if it's innately harmful and if it's helpful.

This seems to best describe the elemental effects present in FFT, and more broadly the FF franchise.

2. Element reversal flips your relationship with that element.
If you absorb holy and you are hit with a holy elemental healing spell, then you will be damaged by that spell.

In this case, curative is a property that inverts the normal elemental effects.

This isn't how the game works, and it also doesn't make sense. Why would a paladin by harmed by a holy element healing spell?

Quote from: DERIDEX120 on Yesterday at 06:48:35 pmCertainly.

Anyone know how non-humanoid spritesheets use animations? Dragon Reis glitches when given Damage Split.
Quote from: Gravrain on Yesterday at 05:21:17 pmCould you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by this? I'm not quite sure I understand.
Currently many mods are slowed down (or just screwed if they don't change them at all) by skill/item/job/etc description editing that reflects their changes. If you had some routine or set of routines that made the descriptions automatically formed from the actual data itself (by a few subroutines that read descriptions and form strings to print), or if the various menus were more informative, that would negate the need for most description editing.

This would broadly improve the quality of most mods that use it, and it would make it easier for everyone to make a more polished mod.

Quote from: Gravrain on Yesterday at 05:21:17 pmThat's an interesting idea, I hadn't considered using icons for elements/statuses. I'd have to find space for the graphics; maybe in FRAME.BIN or something? To be honest, though, the item/ability/etc. descriptions aren't a huge issue in terms of space, so I'm not sure how much would be gained from doing that.
I think Xifanie was working on it years ago, you'd have to check with her if I'm correct.

Quote from: Gravrain on Yesterday at 05:21:17 pmThis is one of the goals for my patch: to have as much information available in-game as possible. I've added equipment information for special character jobs and previously hidden innate abilities, both of which were relatively straightforward, but I was also thinking about adding job stats, damage formulas, poaching probabilities, etc. at some point, which would pose much more of a problem in terms of space.
Already covered this earlier in this reply, but looking at the formation->character menu there's a bit of wasted screen space.


I'm fairly sure that the top left-center part is reused in battle, given that it looks just like the battle character quick display, CT is present, and the HP/MP/CT gauges are present. If it's just graphics or code that's reused is anyone's guess, but the shading seems to be present too.

Actually implementing auto-generated descriptions is probably more important than better menus. Descriptions can fit a lot of esoteric stuff, while menus could only reasonably be improved with elemental info and maybe status effect immunities. You know, the stuff that takes up most of your time in a mod where you have to click on a bunch of job, item, and skill descriptions to figure out what to use on a target.

As for how they would appear, I'm not sure. Maybe a blank elemental icon that you manipulate in various ways to display the elemental affinity.

Halved could have the icon half filled with it's color. Immune could have the color completely blank. Absorb could have an elemental icon full of color with a small heart icon appear above it. Weak could be the same as absorb but have a small minus icon (or a sad face, or a skull) appear in place of the heart.

The icons themselves could be:
  • Fire - A red/orange flame.
  • Ice - A blue/white 6 sided ice crystal.
  • Bolt - A white-yellow gatorade-style lighting bolt
  • Water - A blue water droplet.
  • Earth - A brown or gray rock.
  • Air - some sort of green-white air whisp.
  • Dark - Purple-ish black skull icon, or a grinning demon.
  • Holy - White orb.

This page has the FF12 element icons.

If the sprite based status effect icons are obvious, you won't need to do any menu work. There is a spreadsheet to edit them somewhere I think, I'd ask Raven or post in the discord.
Quote from: DERIDEX120 on October 14, 2021, 11:35:30 pmThis was successful. I did some more digging in the forums and found a byte values list raven had written for someone years ago, also explaining which hex column meant what which was very enlightening. There were several duplicates for the crouching effect, so one of them was bound to work.

Byte 08 worked for me if its helpful to anyone reading in the future.
Thanks, everyone!
Could you post a link to that list?
Help! / Re: Executing ability- change animation?
October 14, 2021, 07:46:20 pm
Well if you use charge with no weapon it defaults to punching, given that charge iirc has weapon strike checked it stands to reason that there's something in the animations tab doing that.

Try different values in the animation tab, the different magic ones especially.
Help! / Re: Executing ability- change animation?
October 14, 2021, 07:05:36 am
Is the weapon strike flag checked? Have you compared it to other skills with the desired animation? What skill was originally in that slot, in case there is hardcoding?
For item/skill/job/etc descriptions, it might save resources (both yours and in the game) to have a routine that prints their stuff to the screen, and then have a string for the fluff. This can save screen real estate if you add color-coded element icons (I know I've seen them somewhere) or develop icons for status effects.

Being able to press select and familiarize yourself with the jobs, skills, and items would make it easier for users to pick up a mod and play without consulting a guide. Especially if class stat growths, innate skills, and so on are legible to players from within the game.

This would be a big undertaking, to say the least.

If you want to go off on your own with the translation, you could name the Teleports lesser and greater, or warp and teleport. The arguments for it are franchise canon and succinctness, and those against are familiarity and presumed legitimacy of author's intent.
Quote from: Elric on October 11, 2021, 08:59:55 pmHonestly if its the same serial, it would more be tracking to make sure you load the right save. This is the reason that we gave TLW2.x its own serial number, but when it comes to PSP Popsloader is unfortunately a finicky bitch :/
Ah, the serial is tied to the memory card saves.
Quote from: Isilud on October 08, 2021, 03:38:31 pmHello all,

I am very new to using these tools and I just have a few questions regarding .fftpatch file created using FFTPatcher. I am modding the War of the Lions version.

1. Is it possible to convert the .fftpatch file created to a .ppf file and if so how?
2. Can I merge .ppf and .fftpatch files together. I want to use a .ppf slowdown removal patch and combine it with my edits in my .fftpatch file.
A FFTPatch is a collection of tables (a bunch of bytes in various files), and I'm pretty sure that whatever values in those tables overwrite existing tables in the game whenever you patch. This occurs whether you change anything or not.

On the other hand, I think a PPF is sort of like a binary diff file. A PPF creator compares the original file and the modified file, notes differences between them, what those differences are, where they are located, and it stores this info in the PPF file.

Then the PPF applier reads the PPF, navigates to the locations where changes are to be made, makes the changes, and that's it.

So while a FFTPatch is more exhaustive where it does patch, it's limited in what it can patch; whereas a PPF has no limits but it only patches what you changed between the original and the modified version, and ignores all other addresses in the file.

If you want to recover your changes from your patch that was garbled, your best bet is to just upload it along with your version of FFTPatcher, and pray that someone can figure out what went wrong with it.

Otherwise you're stuck trying to apply your changes by copying all the table files in the *.fftpatch file to various game files using a hex editor, then importing them back into the game. And that's on the PS1 version, where we have CD Mage and other tools to import/export game files from a disc image. I don't know what you'd use on a PSP rom, maybe you could try CD Mage.

Even if you did, you'd still need to look at the source code of FFTPatcher on github to figure out where in the PSP game files the tables are found. This file seems like it's it, but it would take me a few hours or several cups of coffee and probably 5 minutes of curse words to figure it out.

Given that everyone here has a life, job, and several FFT mods to work on, it's not feasible for us to recover your changes. If we do it once, then we'll have to do it again. Granted, we could make a spreadsheets to recreate FFTPatcher, and python scripts to rip your changes from a *.fftpatch and write them to game files, but I wouldn't hold my breath for someone to do it even though that would automate much of the "you screwed up by not backing up your work, do xyz to recover" heartache fixing.

Remember to back up your work next time, probably at the end of the day and keep 4 to 10 backups that you increment through like auto-saves in Skyrim. Or just zip them up, label them with the date, and delete the oldest one when you do. It's not like terabyte sized hard drives are expensive these days, so you do you.

For now, upload your patch and your version of FFTPatcher and hope for the best. Put them in a folder, right click on that folder, choose to send them to a zip file, give it an appropriate name, and upload it in reply to this post.

Quote from: Isilud on October 08, 2021, 03:38:31 pm3. To use the CWCheats section of FFTPatcher do I need to do any thing special or can I just add in the cheats and all will be applied to my saved .fftpatch file?
These are just the PSP equivalent of gameshark codes. If you want to mess around with gameshark codes for some reason, or you need to debug something (gameshark codes are RAM addresses with some extra stuff tacked on) then they're useful, but they persist only on your system when you enter them in (I hope you aren't entering them manually).

Quote from: Isilud on October 08, 2021, 03:38:31 pmWhat I have been doing so far is applying the .ppf slowdown removal patch to a fresh .iso, then apply my .fftpatch to that .iso and I would like to just add that slowdown patch into my .fftpatch file to kind of streamline my testing a bit more.
FFTPatcher couldn't integrate the slowdown removal fix, since FFTPatcher edits tables for items and skills and whatnot, while the slowdown removal fix is probably code somewhere else.

Actually, shouldn't the slowdown removal fix be a FFTorgASM hack somewhere? Has anyone ported it over there yet? I think I've seen it in there, but there's less activity on modding the PSP version so maybe not.

Anyways, FFTPatcher allows you to open a patched ISO under the PSX and PSP headers, so you could use an ISO to store your changes instead of a *.fftpatch. You should pick one and use the other as a backup method. This is also best for debugging and testing as there are fewer steps.

Moreover, once you apply the slowdown removal ppf to the ISO, and apply your *.fftpatch, and you're finished with your work, then you just make a PPF with your final version against the vanilla rom/iso and you're good to go.

If you haven't already, you should go through all the menu options in the various tools and see what they do. And on our end someone should write a readme for FFTPatcher and her sister tools.

Quote from: Isilud on October 08, 2021, 03:38:31 pmSorry if these questions have been asked elsewhere, but I was unable to find them if so.
That indicates an opportunity to improve our documentation, and I speak for everyone when I say thank you for searching first.
Help! / Re: 1.3 FFT w/ Wotl Translation
October 07, 2021, 11:14:01 pm
You're better off trying to rebuild 1.3 on top of one of the base patches than mixing patches. Or making your own take on it.

Hacking/Patching Tools / Re: Error in FFTPatcher
October 07, 2021, 03:58:05 am
It's not feasible to manually go through all the open and close brackets/arrows/parenthesis in a file with tens of thousands of them unless you have unlimited free time and an obsessive disorder, but the notepad plugin fixes that.

I think you can copy from the command line with ctrl + shift + c, but maybe that's Linux. You can always maximize the window and screencap it, or try highlighting it with a mouse.

You could try to run FFTPatcher from the command line and redirect the output to stdout with the redirection operator, as per:

What version of FFTPatcher are you using? What tools have you used to make edits, both in the FFTPatcher suite and anything else?

Have you tried downloading the latest version of FFTPatcher and using that?

If you need to extract your changes, a *.fftpatch file is literally just a *.zip with the file extension changed. You might be able to rename it to *.zip, extract all the files, make a new dummy patch with the latest version of FFTPatcher, rename the dummy patch to *.zip, and replace the new files with your old ones.

As long as the files you replace are the same size it may not matter. Newer versions may have more files in there.

You should put your FFTPatcher and everything in all of it's folders in a zip file and upload it along with your bug report to here if what I propose doesn't work:

Be sure to include the version you used, and if it persisted with the newest version.
Help! / Re: Patch Merging [Solved]
October 06, 2021, 12:31:34 am
I thought there was an update to TactText recently, but I was mistaken.


Text editing isn't a priority for me but there's apparently a spreadsheet to assist with it. No clue about the workflow for using this with TactText.
Help! / Re: Why do I not get eggs?
October 06, 2021, 12:23:24 am
Do you have any gameshark codes on?
Help! / Re: Patch Merging
October 04, 2021, 08:54:50 pm
Quote from: Isilud on October 04, 2021, 09:26:51 amAh I can't believe I overlooked that!

- So I took a fresh ISO
- Then made my text edits with FFTactText (Wow is that tricky with the WotL Version)
- Applied the Slowdown Removal Patch
- Loaded my custom .ppf into FFT Patcher
- Patched my altered ISO with my .ppf
I'm sure it's possible, but the slowdown was probably caused by code somewhere; the text of the game is data and wouldn't be executed as code. And you could just look at the addresses changed by each (assuming there's a way to see that for FFTactText) and verify that they don't overlap. If nothing is overwriting anything else, you can usually do them in any order.

Quote from: Isilud on October 04, 2021, 09:26:51 am*So I imagine now I can just load up my finished ISO in FFT Patcher and then create a brand new .ppf which will include all of my desired changes.
Yep. Apply all the patches you want, then make a new ppf (which stands for PlayStation Patch Format) of your final version against the vanilla rom.

Quote from: Isilud on October 04, 2021, 09:26:51 amThanks for the help! Sorry I completely missed this and did not think to do it on my own. I will write up some notes and of course give credit to those that paved the way for me.
If you don't mind people stealing building off your work, you could upload your resources (*.fftpatch files, whatever else) in a separate zip file with a list of the other patches you used included. Then if anyone wants to see your changes they can load it up in an editor.

Maybe someone will make a changefile generator that reads the data in the base rom and the final version and creates a changelist and a listing of all the different data, in GameFAQs guide format.

Quote from: Isilud on October 04, 2021, 09:26:51 amOut of curiosity, where is the best place to upload a patch for others here?
If this is an alpha or beta, Works in Progress board under the Projects section. Once you're done, make a new thread or have your old one moved to Completed Mods.

Quote from: Isilud on October 04, 2021, 09:26:51 amOtherwise this can be closed out if the mods want to clear it out.
Usually best to keep things like this in place so people can find it with a quick search. This is also why descriptive titles and keywords are very important. Puttting a [Solved] In the front of your thread title is always a good idea though, provided of course you posted your solution somewhere in that thread.
My PSP seems to dedicate an entire virtual memory card to each game, how would that work with mods of the same game? Save in different slots and don't get confused (unless you want to have an impromptu randomization session)?
Do other eboots you've made - vanilla and mods both - work?

If the problem isn't on your end, then that mod may not work on that hardware platform yet.

Also what version of TLW did you use?
Help! / Re: Patch Merging
October 03, 2021, 09:05:13 pm
If you're talking about distribution, it's best to patch your rom with someone else's patch first, then build your stuff on that. When you want to distribute your mod, make a patch from your final version against the 100% unpatched vanilla version.

For bug reporting, make sure you credit other people whose patches you used, and if possible the version of their patch you used. It's also a very good idea to include hashes of your vanilla rom, your final patched rom, and all the patches you used.

HxD hex editor lets you make hashes of files.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
October 03, 2021, 01:06:12 am
Quote from: stuminator on October 02, 2021, 07:01:33 pmActually, this wasn't anywhere near as tough as I thought it would be.  I came up with a monster type check routine that utilizes the element flags and the Y field of an ability to let you mix and match all 16 monster classes so the ability can only target any combination you want.  Only 1 of the existing vanilla Dragon formulas actually uses the X and Y values anyway, 5C, and I was able to create a workaround here by moving the Y value to the status effect field (not a problem since this particular formula doesn't have status effects anyway.)

It uses 32 lines of code so I'd just need some free space to put this.  From looking at the Allocated Space on the wiki, it appears that maybe this could go at 0x000F929C, just after Pride's last formula.  Is this OK, or is there somewhere else this should go?
That should be fine. Ask on the discord if there's a hack conflict checker or some other means of checking.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
October 01, 2021, 05:41:51 pm
I'm not sure if it's up to date, but here's the allocated space listing.

This seems related.

After thinking about it, I'm not sure if dehardcoding the dragon formulas is worth your time. There's only a few of them and they have very niche and OP effects. A more flexible and useful feature would be a flag somewhere that dictates to the formula set-up and AI routines that this skill is monster specific, and have it grab the monster portrait or portraits from an unused byte or two provided by the modder.

That would be more useful for a Monster Hunter class or something similar.

Unfortunately it's beyond the scope of a single person's efforts, though I do remember someone is working on a formula rewrite around here.

I apologize if I made an inadvertent request.