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September 21, 2021, 10:33:00 pm


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Hacking/Patching Tools / Re: Error in FFTPatcher
September 04, 2021, 02:49:38 am
Are all the necessary configuration files found in your FFTPatcher folder? Look at the version you're using and redownload it, then compare those files with what you have.

If you've updated FFTPatcher versions (or are using an older version), there may be files that you need that aren't present.

It looks like an error relating to XML, did you customize any of the *.xml file hacks or anything else with that file suffix?

If you did, could you open them in Notepad and count the number of open arrows "<" and close arrows ">"? If they aren't the same, you accidentally deleted or added one. The find or find/replace functionality should list the number of occurances of a search string, if not download notepad2 or notepad++.
Final Fantasy Tactics / Re: Battle Design and Concepts
August 17, 2021, 11:20:59 pm
John Carmack said that "procedural generation is a ... form of compression", so you can use that to create variety around a small core of expected scenarios in an encounter.

You could for instance set a battle to have 2 bosses and 3 goons, and vary the goons between 2 classes and their secondary skillsets plus class unlocks.
Boss A: Position 1, always present.
Boss B: Position 2, always present.
Goon C: Position 3, Class X, randomly present, de/buffing and support.
Goon D: Position 3, Class Y, randomly present, damager.
Goon E: Position 4, Class X, randomly present, generalist.
Goon F: Position 4, Class Y, randomly present, stat/gear breaker and damager.
Goon G: Position 5, Class X, randomly present, healer and minor damager.
Goon H: position 5, Class Y, randomly present, random skillsets.

This creates a number of possible configurations and so long as the player isn't save scumming reduces the severity of the gimmick battle problem.

To achieve synergy between enemy classes, think about your most effective tactics.

I keep my melee characters all within 1 Move and SP of one another, so they can stay together and focus on one or two enemies at a time. So if I was designing a battle around this, I'd want 2 or 3 melee classes with roughly the same Move and SP, and my long range characters need skills with 2 to 3 range for every 1 move and 2 jump that their melee partners have over them. If the mages and ranged attackers are wasting turns trying to keep up with the melee attackers, then you're letting the enemy surround your melee attackers and take them out. By the time your ranged attackers are in range, the enemy is ready to close with them and take them out one by one.

That's not to say that the AI will focus on one threat at time. There are a few threads that pick apart the Ai, and I'm sure someone will come along with a detailed explanation, but I think they just choose what will deal the most damage in range and do some primitive prioritization for healers and a few edge cases.

If you want to avoid gimmick fights, give your enemies plenty of options, or give everyone few ways to negate their options... though that is a general balancing discussion, for which I have a link if you are interested.

Idea: disallow perfect element/debuff protection to improve element/debuff utility.

Quote from: CONMAN on August 16, 2021, 05:40:57 pmAction Economy- This isn't quite a one to one with Tactics from d&d, but still (partially because d&d characters get bonus actions).  Essentially the number of turns and damage potential on each side should be fairly balanced.  Comparatively a normal 5v5 regular enemy battle and 5 vs one boss should require the boss to have 5x hp and deal 5x the damage in a round.  That's like asking the boss to one shot per attack or do something like 1/3 damage to the whole party....it's off.  Having a big bad and a couple minions (or lair actions in d&d) is generally a better solution.  Maybe a really good gimmick.
Due to the 1 hit KO issue you mentioned, it may be best to have a 1x5 boss do something other than deal damage, and have ways to turn the players advantage in damage against them via something like a Reflect Damage reaction skill or passive healing methods.

A creature whose attacks all deal 2 or 3 different debuffs, have AoEs, occur instantly, and have no MP cost would be very hard to deal with.

Alternately, you can have 1 boss that is a sort of extended health bar for it's goons, as it can revive/Haste them by sacrificing some of it's HP, and it can regenerate HP by countering your attacks with a HP absorb skill. Your only option at that point is to kill them faster than it can revive them, and either pin it down out of healing range or prevent it from taking actions long enough for them to die. You could also zombie a character and have them attack it to prevent it's HP absorb healing counter.

If the goons can break or steal your CT (or otherwise prevent actions), you are in for a very long stun-lock duel. There's a lot you can do with the boss-as-extended-goon-hp-bar - I would create 2 unique goon sprites, and give each 3 different palettes so you can have 6 distinct goon classes for the cost of 2 sprites.

You could make it thematic too, by making the boss a like a Mako fountain that regenerates enemy HP or something, and absorbs your HP when you attack it. Or make it a cursed item that has brought demons/undead into the world, and which supports them.

Other themes are just as intriguing.

Boss as buff stick: periodically buffs it's allies and boosts their stats.

Boss as negative energy field: it damages the player party by some percentage of their HP each turn, while it's goons do their thing. Or they could be free agents, and the boss their artifact or prisoner.

Boss as full battlefield healing: it heals everyone on the battlefield every turn, meaning you must find some other means to defeat them or destroy it.

Multiple bosses-as-XYZ: have 1 on each corner of a battlefield that you must destroy to depower the goons.

Quote from: CONMAN on August 16, 2021, 05:40:57 pmUsing Terrain/Mobility- Not really a principal, but this is a tactics game and making the environment part of the battle is huge.  Choke points, obstacles, height advantages make for interesting planning.  Making the player consider the environment or suffer gives an extra consideration in battle. Balancing a boss with extra movement/flight or speed make for a fun otherwise under-powered unit to kite around and annoy the party.  The opposite can be fun as well- crafting a brute force melee user that is somewhat escapable but punishing in close quarters.
Bolded text is the 80s slasher monster boss. Friday the 13th Tactics.

You can make terrain more important by reducing mobility a bit through various means - minimum of 3/2 Move/Jump, max of 5/4 - or by editing the maps. Former is much simpler, but map editing is a treat.

My plan is to edit the terrain effects table so more terrain and weather effect penalties and bonuses exist, vary terrain types on each battlefield, and subtly tweak terrain features on each battlefield. Things like:
  • 1-way leaps across obstacles
  • Obstacle bypasses accessible only with a spear or direct ranged weapon (crossbow, gun)
  • Bidirectional long-leaps across battlefields for those with high jump
  • Things that complement stepping stone classes like Dragon and Behemoth
  • Multiple conditionally traversable terrain types like lava and water streams.
  • Jump paths through and around trees like those in Araguay woods, perhaps over a swamp with limited traversal options for the non-aquatic.

I guess the way to look at it is to break down every way that you can move across a battlefield into it's constituent parts, and then build those parts into bigger pieces. You can then use those pieces on existing battlefields, or create new battlefields from novel arrangements of the pieces.

If you have multiple deep dungeon style areas on the world map, one could be in Bervenia Volcano. Then you could have the original battlefield with some minor additions, then you could descend into caverns to experience a walkway and platform jump fight over a sea of lava, a hot springs (streams and lava flows terminating into a lake), and a switch battle where you can punch a few switches to trigger a lava or water flow event.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Stat growth usage
August 12, 2021, 11:42:40 am
You have a few options for figuring out how stat growths work.

There's lvlsim, a program that calculates stat growth on level up. I think it's an old VB6 program. Windows only.

RavenOfRazgriz has a spreadsheet that does that and much more. Probably requires Excel.

The old FFT Battle Mechanics Guide (BMG) has a section on stat gains. Ctrl + f "how stats work in fft" to find it in the link below.

I'm sure there's more precise, accurate, and up to date information but this is basically how it works.

When you level up, you get an amount added to your "raw stats" based (probably roughly) on this formula.
added amount = [current raw stat value / (growth + level)]

So the lower the growth, the more raw stats you gain on each level, and the higher your stats will be.

Stat multipliers are just percentage multipliers to your raw stats, from I think 1% to 256%. It probably can't be 0%, but there's probably a check to set it at the appropriate minimum (in vanilla this is 1) for each stat. They don't affect stat gains on level up, but they're obviously very useful.

I would look at the wiki and add more exact details but I'm having trouble typing because I have a just learned I have bone spur in my right shoulder. My right arm is weak and slightly numb from pressure on a nerve and connective tissue due to excessive bench pressing, which unfortunately I can no longer do as per my doctor. For that I apologize.
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: A few FFTA queries
August 08, 2021, 06:13:01 am
Quote from: rrs_kai on August 07, 2021, 08:51:01 pm1. MP Generation
I want to set starting MP to be 25% of max. bcrobert's minor hacks.txt suggests the following but it did not work for meEven the MP Generation hack in the AIO (sets to zero) did not work.
Has anyone been able to get it work?
I don't think there are multiple versions of FFTA, but if there are and your differs you can find out by comparing hashes. Hash your unmodified FFTA rom and post the results. Here are some hashing tools.


If that doesn't work, take a screencap of those addresses open in a hex editor and post it so other can compare it to what they have.

Quote from: rrs_kai on August 07, 2021, 08:51:01 pm2. Status effect double/triple chance?
The AIO allows 3 effects for any given skill. If we put 3 different status effects, they all have an individual chance to happen. If we repeat the same status effect, does it check multiple times thereby doubling/tripling effect chance?

Is there a way to confirm this, or has anyone done so?
You could set up a test scenario where the enemy has no way to harm you and can't run away, then use a skill with one effect on it 10 times. Keep track of how often it connects, then do the test again with two effects, and then three effects.

I think 10 is enough tests to weed out RNG shenanigans.
The Lounge / Re: Map exploration...
August 08, 2021, 06:06:09 am
In b4 the mandatory chastisement for wasting a while kilobyte of database storage.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: AOE damage / AOE Heal?
July 22, 2021, 06:39:32 pm
Seems like a very tall order. Only things that resemble that are Wish and Self Destruct.



If you mean a skill where you select the damage target, and then you select the healing target, then look into the Dual Cast asm hacks somewhere. I don't remember if they were finished.
Help! / Re: Necromancer Job
July 21, 2021, 07:41:08 pm
Quote from: Greybeoluve on July 21, 2021, 06:57:40 pmHow did you get this to work?

I have it saved as an XML patched using FFTOrgASM, however my spell only casts 1 time and has 00% to effect any target.

I've fiddled around with the status it's changing 20 for cancel dead and I've also set it for 33 all or nothing zombie, neither works and nor does fiddling with x and y values

Pictured is my current ability setup trying to get this to work.
Small interjection here, the prtscr (Print Screen) or scrncap (Screen Capture) key on your keyboard takes a picture of your current desktop and puts it in the clipboard. From there you can paste it into Paint, Lazpaint, or an image editor of your choice to get a perfect copy of your screen.
New Project Ideas / Re: Patch Ideas Proposal Thread
July 20, 2021, 10:20:01 pm
Head over to GBAtemp forums and ask around in the PSP boards until you find something that lets you extract files from a PSP disc image similar to CD Mage for the PS1. CD Mage is here on the wiki, I think PS1 games use mode 2, form 1 when opened with CD Mage, I always forget. There are only 4 possible options (mode 1/2 form 1/2) so try everything until it works.

If that works, do as I said in my last post: compare file sizes, compare hashes, find a binary diff program. I think I have one lying around somewhere (unfortunately it was written in Java), so I can post it when you get that far and after I rouse myself to write a good readme for it.

Don't worry about decompressing anything until you get to that point, otherwise you'll be too demoralized to continue. Even if it is compressed, there is almost certainly a tool to decompress it on a romhacking site somewhere, and any headers present in such files should be obvious to anyone who's worked with file headers before.

Once you have a set of sound files and you have a means to split them into parts, you can directly compare them byte per byte or you can look around for documentation on the subject and perhaps even programs to handle them. I remember someone at Qhimm worked on a sound editor for FF8, which was made around the same time as FFT. Probably uses a very similar format.

Here's a tutorial on using the command line.

"Awareness of your ignorance is the first step to becoming wise."
~ Boko


If you can figure out the structure and location of sound files on disc, then you should be able to find them in a save state, and from there RAM. Once you have their location in RAM you can very quickly test out various values to determine what parts of the data do what.

Designing a test scenario where you can debug things as quickly and completely as possible is a very useful skill to have.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
July 20, 2021, 04:48:02 pm
Quote from: JadeKnightblazer on July 09, 2021, 11:19:57 amRequest: Formulas 0F and 10 (AbsMP/AbsHP) allow Status infliction.


Looking at them on the wiki, they share between 1/3 and 1/2 of the same assembly code, and they are sequential (one right after the other). Look at the RAM addresses (the 8 digit hexadecimal numbers before the colons) in the code tags below to see what I mean.

00189084: 27bdffe8 addiu r29,r29,0xffe8         //start of formula 0F
00189088: afbf0010 sw r31,0x0010(r29)
0018908c: 0c06216e jal 0x 001885b8            Magic Evade
00189090: 00000000 nop
00189094: 1440000d bne r2,r0,0x 001890cc
00189098: 00000000 nop
0018909c: 0c062273 jal 0x 001889cc            Calculate_Accuracy_for_Magical_Spells - Calculate (MA + X)*Faith% This is essentially the same routine as 0x188a24 except without elemental boosting.
001890a0: 00000000 nop
001890a4: 14400009 bne r2,r0,0x 001890cc
001890a8: 00000000 nop
001890ac: 0c0619a3 jal 0x 0018668c            MP Damage
001890b0: 00000000 nop
001890b4: 3c038019 lui r3,0x8019
001890b8: 8c632d90 lw r3,0x2d90(r3)
001890bc: 00000000 nop
001890c0: 94620008 lhu r2,0x0008(r3)           r2 = MP Dmg
001890c4: 0c061d1b jal 0x 0018746c            MP_Recovery_Routine
001890c8: a4620004 sh r2,0x0004(r3)            Store r2 as HP Dmg (used in MP recovery routine - HP Dmg set to 0x00 in MP recovery routine)     
001890cc: 8fbf0010 lw r31,0x0010(r29)
001890d0: 27bd 0018 addiu r29,r29,0x 0018
001890d4: 03e00008 jr r31
001890d8: 00000000 nop                         //end of formula 0F

001890dc: 27bdffe8 addiu r29,r29,0xffe8        //start of formula 10... and just after the end of the previous formula.
001890e0: afbf0010 sw r31,0x0010(r29)
001890e4: 0c06216e jal 0x001885b8            Magical_Evade_Calculation
001890e8: 00000000 nop
001890ec: 14400009 bne r2,r0,0x 00189114
001890f0: 00000000 nop
001890f4: 0c062273 jal 0x 001889cc            Calculate Accuracy for Magical Spells
001890f8: 00000000 nop
001890fc: 14400005 bne r2,r0,0x 00189114
00189100: 00000000 nop
00189104: 0c061989 jal 0x 00186624      Calculate HP% damage 
00189108: 00000000 nop
0018910c: 0c061c92 jal 0x 00187248      HP Absorption
00189110: 00000000 nop
00189114: 8fbf0010 lw r31,0x0010(r29)
00189118: 27bd 0018 addiu r29,r29,0x 0018
0018911c: 03e00008 jr r31
00189120: 00000000 nop                          //end of formula 10

You might be able to make them into one formula, with conditional branches (assembly version of if-elseif-else) for the parts that differ. I haven't thought about how you would do that, but it's probably interesting enough that someone will help you on the discord if you put in the effort.

I just now thought about it, and you need to check the formula byte for the skill that used it. I'm sure someone documented where this data is and how to get it.

There is probably a lot of hardcoded stuff that uses the formula IDs, so you'll need to if possible make sure that whatever formula pointer table exists has both formulas point to the same code block. If it won't let you point to the same block of code and each sequential pointer must point to a part of ram that is after the previous pointer's value, then add a nop (00 00 00 00) at the beginning, have formula 0F point to that, then have formula 10 point to the actual start of the code. That's the easiest (read: most half-assed) way to do it until we someday understand all the hardcoding and have a fully commented and assemble-able disassembly.

I think this is the formula pointer table:

No idea what you have to change in that table to get it to behave, probably the starting address (in RAM) of the first line of code in each formula.

As for adding status procs, I think you need to add some routines from formula 08 Dmg_F(MA*Y).

Specifically these:
00188dcc: 0c0621c7 jal 0x 0018871c        ; Elemental Absorb and status roll
00188dd0: 00000000 nop                   
00188dd4: 14400003 bne r2,r0,0x 00188de4 ; Branch if status effect roll fails
00188dd8: 00000000 nop                   
00188ddc: 0c061fad jal 0x 00187eb4        ; Apply status (to action) - (Preserve hit status, evade type, hit %)

Though if you go that far and you have room left, you may as well add full elemental modification to formulas 0F and 10 - elemental strengthen and elemental XA * YA.


On further thought, mixing an absorb formula, undead reversal, and elemental affinities (especially weak, halve, and absorb) will have unforeseen consequences and probably won't work out how you want it to.

I instead recommend you use the status proc code in formula 0A.
New Project Ideas / Re: Patch Ideas Proposal Thread
July 20, 2021, 03:51:16 pm
Quote from: Spooniest on July 19, 2021, 08:04:13 pmI apologize if this has been asked about before.

I estimate that about 1/3 of the sound effects in FFT: WotL are wrong. Has anyone looked into simply replacing them with the PSX Sound Effects? I've checked around on the forum for a bit now, and I don't see anyone talking about it, or ever having talked about it.

Off the top of my head:

- Any kind of bladed weapon strike.
- Any sound effect of a lightning elemental spell.
- Any sound effect of wind or a "whoosh" of a body in motion (think the Dragoon's "Jump" sound).
- All death cries of humans (male/female) and monsters

Basically, anything that uses that noise channel, to make something sound "scratchy" or "breathy" seems to have been redone for WotL, and it does NOT sound good, at all. I can't guess as to why this was done, but it was probably to do with the tiny tiny speakers on the PSP. It isn't 'distortion' in the strict sense of the word. That's a guitar effect, and as a guitar player of 25 years I am familiar with what it sounds like. It seems to me like the sound effects were edited on purpose and that's what they came back like, and they were never fixed.

Is this even possible? One would think that in 14 years (or whatever it's been), someone would have tried to do this...?

Apologies if any of this seems overbearing/idiotic/banal to you, dear readers. I don't believe I've posted in this forum much before, so I am almost entirely unfamiliar with your local culture. How's the food here? Heh.
If the effects are altered, you know what files they are stored in, and you can extract both of those files, then you can just compare them to see if they've changed. Simplest way is to first check if they are different sizes, hash them (using Get-FileHash in PowerShell if you use Windows 10) to see if they are different in some way, and then use some sort of binary diff program to print the differences between the files. I can offer some advice on doing this should you need it.

If the effects are not altered then the next suspect is the sound engine, and I no very little about that. Considering it's compiled code for two different platforms (one of whose instruction set is a superset of the other, and both with different hardware configurations) it's unlikely that the sound engine code would be identical even if you could find and isolate it.

Knowing that the same or similiar code was compiled for two somewhat different platforms could help with docompilation if you can figure out how to use Ghidra or IDA Pro. A 2nd year CS student hacking a different game I also hack has tried to get it to work, with mixed results.

If somehow you rule out both of those, then the last culprit is the hardware itself. There is nothing you can reasonably do about that unless you are an electrical engineer or a masterful hardware hacker.;
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
June 30, 2021, 09:37:13 pm
Hack Idea: Disable crytalization and treasure chest effects, and when a non-essential character's KO countdown expires they instead become unusable for a number of days equal to their character level. Essential characters still produce a game over when they are made unusable.

I think I remember seeing a piece of text for the "unusable" effect - or maybe "unavailable" - similar to the text for characters that are on errands.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Pride's ASM Thread
June 20, 2021, 06:44:17 pm
Quote from: Ansehelm on June 20, 2021, 04:23:49 pmAwesome, this looks great! The original Attribute Rewrite hack is one of the central ASMs in my mod, so I'll have to check this out.  A few questions though:

When you say not to use the attribute page in Patcher, does that mean that all existing attribute values in patcher should be zeroed out, or are they just ignored/overwritten by the spreadsheet data?
When you click "Patch ISO" in FFTPatcher, a dialog box pops up which gives you options on what files and data you want to patch. Ensure that Item attributes isn't checked.
Quote from: Mustardio on June 19, 2021, 06:47:51 pmAnyone have any suggestions on how to flag bombs as items for chemist throw item use?

I was messing around with FFTPatcher and can't seem to get it to work.

I've tried

Abilities -> 0189 Bomb -> Item
Items -> 7D/7E/7F Flameburst / Snowmelt / Spark Bombs -> Item Type -> None or Bomb
Skill Sets -> 06 Items -> 0189 Bomb in one of the empty slots
Jobs -> 4B Chemist -> Innate -> 0189 Bomb

I'm beginning to think its not possible.
Items and Throw are hardcoded to use their respective items and item types (or perhaps item ID ranges). You need to find where they're hardcoded. If anyone knows it will be on the wiki, search "item hardcoding" and "throw hardcoding".

I do know that in the lower portion of the ability tab in FFTPatcher, every ability from 0x170 Potion on down is part of the same table. You can see this by editing Phoenix Down "Item Use" and Shuriken "Throwing" in the Abilities tab of FFTPatcher, then looking at the gameshark code tab. The addresses of the gameshark codes (which are just RAM addresses with a prefix) are almost right next to each other... almost, because there are two unused entries in that table for Items 0xFE and 0xFF.

While every item from 0x170 Potion on down is part of the same table, the number of bits per entry and of course the programmed context of each entry varies. You need to find the code that determines the context and modify it

QuoteAlternatively does anyone know how I can convert one of the lesser used items into a bomb-like item and keep remedies as all-purposes status cure.
You could try giving items different formulas and see what happens with different Z values. If that doesn't work, then you can change items to inflict statuses rather than cure them in the Items tab, then change the animation effect in the Abilities tab. Mosfungus bomb inflicts poison and so on.

If you do this, let us know what works and what doesn't.
Tutorials and Learning / Re: Command Prompt FAQ
June 14, 2021, 11:09:39 pm
I had it lying around for my other projects requiring the command prompt, figured I'd post it here too.

Feel free to steal it.
Tutorials and Learning / Command Prompt FAQ
June 14, 2021, 09:16:16 pm
1. What is the command prompt?

Command prompt is a program included with all versions of Windows which allows you to execute scripts (small programs) using a purely text-based interface.
Contrast this with the graphical user interface (buttons, mouse interactions) found in most programs you've previously used.

The command prompt reacts only to text based commands, and to some degree to mouse clicks. If you want something to work, you need to type it in and hit enter.

2. How do I access the command prompt?

You can access the command prompt (another term for command line) by navigating the Windows Start menu. It's usually under System or System Tools. You could also use the Run or Search menus to look for cmd.exe, which is the name of the actual command prompt program.

Access the Run menu with the Windows Key and the r key, then type cmd.exe and hit enter to bring up the command prompt.

If you want a version of the command prompt with a few more features, then you can use Powershell instead. It's found in it's own menu in the Windows 10 Start Menu.

3. How do I use the command prompt once I have it open?

As I said above, you type things into it (commands) and hit enter to execute those things.

Two useful commands that you should know are cd (change directory), and dir (view directory contents). If you're not familiar with the term, directory means essentially the same thing as folder in the context of Windows.

Type cd followed by the name of the folder you want to navigate to, then hit enter. For example:
cd Users

If you want to view the contents of a folder, type dir followed by the name of the folder you want to inspect and then hit enter. For example:
dir Users

If you don't want to type the full name, or are unsure of what constitutes a legal folder name, then type the command, and then hit tab to cycle through all legal inputs for that command in the current working folder.

Tab will autofill stuff like the folder names, required prefixes, and the backslash that indicates the end of a folder.

You can navigate through more than one folder at a time, by separating each folder in the path you want to navigate through with a backslash. For example:
cd Users\Nitwit

dir Users\Nitwit

Usually, cd and dir operate assuming that you're navigating from the folder you are currently in, which is found just before the part of the command prompt in which your typing appears. This is the full path to the current folder, starting from the name of the hard drive where you started. For example:

This is called the absolute path. At any time and in any location, you can navigate to an absolute path by typing it in full, starting with the name of the hard drive where it is found and going sequentially from there through each folder.
cd D:\Backups\Mods\FFT\

dir E:\

The command prompt always starts in the named drive where Windows operating system is installed, in this case:

If you want to navigate up a folder, enter .. after the command. For example:
cd ..

You can navigate up multiple folders by separating each .. with a backslash. For example:
cd ..\..

You can navigate both up and down multiple folders by combining .. and folder names. For example:
cd ..\..\FFT\editors\

You can send the text output of a command (what it prints in the command prompt) to a text file with the redirection operator, which is the > character. For example:
dir C:\Users\Nitwit\Mods\FFT\gamefiles > fft_files_listing.txt

You can switch between any commands you've previously entered with the up and down arrows.

It is impossible to break anything with cd and dir, feel free to explore.

4. Why should I learn how to use the command prompt?

There are several reasons you should learn this.
  • A lot of tools lack the graphical user interface (GUI) found in things like FFTPatcher, and can only be used with either the command prompt or through a batch file: a sort of script that can be made to run a command by clicking on it, among other things. Most coders don't make batch files. Many of these tools are very useful, and few people want to make a version with a GUI.
  • Tools that can be run through the command prompt can be run through scripts in other programming languages, enhancing their usefulness and automating drudgery. For instance, CD Mage lacks the ability to import multiple files at once, so I wrote a python script that calls Cebix's psxinject program to import hundreds of modified files into a disc image.
  • Knowing how to use the command line makes it easier to learn how to do other coding and administration tasks, from file hashing to using a compiler. It's one of the first tasks that every novice programmer and hacker should learn how to do.
  • Some tools with a GUI only produce error messages when called from the command line. Without an error message, you have fewer leads as to why a tool isn't working.
  • If for some godforsaken reason you use Linux, you have no option but to use command line tools, scripts, and spreadsheets to make game editors.
  • The command line accepts wildcards (also known as regular expressions if you want a deep dive on the subject), which can be a simple and easy to way automate boring tasks.
Spriting / Re: Spriter Workflow Poll
June 10, 2021, 03:01:43 am
Quote from: RetroTypes on June 10, 2021, 12:22:32 amNot a spriter besides some palette editing lol, but I saved the two templates I've found over the years, and always recommend GraphicsGale for most spriting stuff. Hope this helps!
Yep, that seems to be it. I did a search for "template" on the spriting board, the only results I got were the same or previous versions of those.

MON sprite template results (unsure who to credit):

Human sprite template result (credit to Xifanie):

It doesn't look like there are any redundancies in the sprite sheets so it wouldn't be possible to make a tool that fleshes out pieces of a sheet that shares the same parts.
Spriting / Spriter Workflow Poll
June 09, 2021, 03:26:16 am
1. What image editors do you use?
2. What is your workflow like?
3. How much time is spent spriting compared to housekeeping tasks like previewing sprites, copying and pasting body parts, and aligning pieces together on the spritesheet?
4. What tools and resources do you use to shorten and ease your workflow? I assume you use position template spritesheets, preview generators, collections of sprite parts you've disassembled for franken-spriting.
5. What parts of your job, if any, could be automated and how?

Also please post any template spritesheets - position or otherwise - you have so a guide on FFT-specific spriting can be made later.
Event Editing / Re: Pre-Battle Menu
June 04, 2021, 05:33:42 am
Quote from: Nyzer on June 03, 2021, 09:27:03 amI either wasn't aware of or don't remember this, but I'd expect it's related to early ASM issues that should be fixed in the rerelease, since Jot5 should be playable on modded PSX consoles in the future.
Looking forward to playing it when you rerelease it!

Quote from: Nyzer on June 03, 2021, 09:27:03 amThat's a really interesting idea. I don't know if there's any way to have an always-displayed sprite of some kind on the map - it might be doable with ghostunits, but I haven't checked, though I will once I get around to this feature - but it's theoretically possible to alter the traps and items due to this. I think there are multiple sets of data for the locations, though, so they'd most likely all have to be changed together, and it's certainly not something that would be included with this set of commands (unless someone else did it).

Folks could certainly do something interesting/trollish by using maps for specific fights and just moving all four locations to a vital chokepoint, then setting them all to empty with always activating traps.
Now that I think about it, simply highlighting the tile similarly to attack targeting or movement - but with a different color when in x squares of a treasure/trap - is a better idea.


I thought you were mistaken, but it looks like there are either multiple copies of the move-find item data or it's temporarily stored in various places.

There are also the found item flags for each battlefield, which must be part of save data since they can't be found again. Randomizing move-find item data and and renewing them after each battle frees up that space. Something to consider if a hack needs a few hundred extra bytes in save data and you have the means to use those bytes.

While I'm only interested in randomizing them and their traps and maybe getting a support skill that lets players see them (or an option for this hypothetical hack which ensures only player characters can find items), manipulating battlefield traps, weather, and lighting makes for a more flavorful geomancer.

Again, it's not a big deal as I can currently change their coordinates, alter traps, and rebalance items so it doesn't matter if enemies get them on my own. Don't consider this a request, just a possible solution that may fit your needs in the future.
Event Editing / Re: Pre-Battle Menu
June 03, 2021, 02:28:38 am
Quote from: Nyzer on June 02, 2021, 12:22:18 amSo here's a feature that'll be added in to the View Map option later, thanks to discussion on Discord: the ability to see the spots where Move-Find Items are.


800f5ba8 - current loaded map (set at f385c)

800f5e74 - Move-Find Item Data (and Traps)
 0x00 - X/Y Coordinate (Y + X * 16, up to 15 each)
              Upper Nibble - 0x?X - X Coordinate
              Lower Nibble - 0xX? - Y Coordinate
 0x01 - Trap
 0x80 - No Activation
 0x40 - Unknown
 0x20 - Always Trap
 0x10 - Disable Trap
 0x08 - Steel Needle
 0x04 - Sleeping Gas
 0x02 - Deathtrap
 0x01 - Degenerator
 0x02 - Rare Item ID
 0x03 - Common Item ID

 0x04-0x0f - same as above, but for locations 2-4

80059414 -  Move-Find item items found flags (4 bits each, 0x40 bytes total)
 - http://ffhacktics.com/wiki/Variables#Propositions_.2F_Jobs
0xF0 - ??
0x0F - At the main gate of igros

The short version is, I can check the current map, use that to determine which map we're on, pull all the X/Y data for each individual Move-Find Item, and even check to see which items have and haven't already been found.

But this is definitely a "coming later" feature, since I've still got Jot5 work to do.
I don't want to distract you from this or Jot5 (did you ever figure out why it doesn't work as an eboot on the PSP?), or go way off topic, but this is great especially if a hack alters item locations.

Only way it would be better is with a hack that randomizes treasures and traps so they appear on any tile you can legally move on at random in each new battle in the same location, and perhaps have a sparkle in the air above them or something. Maybe the sparkle could be tied to a 3 or 4 AoE passive effect on thieves or Move Find-Item. Beneficial traps would be very nice too, as would flagging certain rare item traps so they only give items to the player. Though you could just make it obvious where items are by making the traps always trigger. Just my 2 cents, don't consider it a request or anything.

Feel free to move this to your hacking thread if you feel it's too off topic.
Quote from: Dokurider on May 31, 2021, 01:28:45 pmI'm gonna post this here so Glain doesn't forget again.
In Ability Flags 1, 0x80/0x40 are actually Target All Allies and Target All Enemies respectively...but both are bugged. Actually they're disabled on purpose and you can reenable both of them with a single line edit. I made a video showing off what it was supposed to do.

And here's the hack if you need to test it.
Isn't that just... maximum range, and the flags for only target allies and self-target allowed? Perhaps they disabled it because it's redundant (while also ignoring all the other redundancies and hard-coded behaviors)? Am I mistaken?

It's still cool though.