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December 06, 2021, 04:32:41 pm


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Topics - Hyraldelita

I thought this could be a place where even if i post this, you guys wont scold me too badly :D


This is a webtoon im drawing, i hope someone will give it a look and if they like it, they can put like and sub after logging the site.
I know its not FFT related, but i'm putting a lot of effort in this work ^^

Thanks in advance if anyone read it.
AAaand just erase this post if this its against the forum rules :)
Help! / PsxFin problem
March 08, 2017, 08:21:41 am
The only patch i cas play with PxsFin is jot5,
Both stone ripple, and CoP patches doesn't start, CD not usable failed to read .cue file.
Do you guys know how can i fix this, or what can the problem be?

I can't finish CoP chapter 3 cause it always crash on the fight against puppets.
The Lounge / And a happy new yeeear!!
January 01, 2017, 07:14:05 am
Happy new year guys!
I hope for everyone here a nice year, or at least less worse than the previous one! :D

hope to see jot5 finished aswell for this year XD

Thanks to all the genius working on this project !!!
Help! / epsxe Help
August 28, 2016, 04:22:02 pm
guys, this is a first for me, i used this program for many years, and i never had a single problem with it.
But now on this computer i got some months ago, it doesn't matter what i do, the game doesn't start! Does anyone know if there can be a compatibility problem, or the Iso can be at fault?

I downloaded the Iso from 3 or 4 different sites, so it can't be that.. changed all the plug ins, and put the bios i always use... stil nothing
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Can't wait :_:
December 04, 2015, 05:33:45 pm
My gosh i can't wait to play the second part and the first with new changes:_: Delitaaaaaa

I just wanted to make a new thread because i didnt see any activity in the forum ^^

Whoever read this, if you agree with me, just write a comment ahahha

I take the chance to explain why i love Delita char so much.

In all FF untill now, Delita in my favorite character because in my point of view, he is the one that MOST OF ALL have human reaction to what happen around him a real human reaction, plus he NEVER do anything evil in the whole game, i think many people don't really understand Delita reaction position and everything related to that char, when they say Delita become a bad guy.

Ovelia even stab him in the end of the game, Yea Delita kinda used her too, but he never mistreated her never locked her somewhere or any bad thing, if i was Delita i would have done Exactly what he did, you stab me i stab you.

Plus It's true that Ramza is the hero in the shadow since he fight the Lucavi but Politically talking stopping the war and everything has been done by Delita.
So actually Ivalice have peace thanks to him not only thanks to Ramza.
He risk his life more then one time to protect Ovelia, and that bit** stab him because she felt used -.- are you stupid of what? Didn't she used Delita to get free from the people who wanted to kill her? did Delita said something about it?

He just wanted REVENGE over all the people who was responsible for Teta's death.. if while getting revenge he become the king.. why no?

I hope i didnt posted this in the wrong section, i just wanted to liven up the forum xD

Help! / TT arena. another help
July 13, 2015, 10:20:42 am
Hello, how do i make the arena work? i didn't find any guide for it.

I patched a clean is , the game start without problem but after the "Orbonne" event start the screen goes black, but the match start aniway.. i just see black screen with something weird happening on it like units losing brave then die, and after that the game restart from Squaresoft!

What did i do wrong?XD
Help! / Cancelling charging
July 10, 2015, 06:32:47 am
Hello guys, i'm trying to make a skill that cancel the effect charging..  but it look like no matter what i do , the skill does all fine sprite damage and all, but it doesnt cancel the status charging

i tried before with add status, cancel e all the things i wanted to cancel like charging and defending, then i put Cancel and cancel status i tried more or les all the option, and i did skill which add and cancel status already with any problem.

i just can't cancel charging/defending with the new skill i'm creating.

The skill i want to do is like spin fist, but can push back like dash and cancel charging, is it possible to do something like that?
Or is not working cause i changed effect and animation? =/

Nothing i found the answer, this post can be deteled ^^ it can't be done =/
Help! / Vanilla FFT
July 08, 2015, 05:16:21 am
hello.. where i can find the patch? i was looking for it but , i couldn't find it.. 

And what's the difference between FFT and vanilla?
Event Editing / Hello Elric sorry again!
July 04, 2015, 08:58:47 pm
hello again ..

I'll post it here this time ^^

The event start and nothing crash, The Npc are the right one but i can't get why Delita doesn't move which is what i wanted but Teta walk standing which i don't want, plus she doesn't don't follow the walkto commands, pretty sure i messed up, so as you said this can be usefull for other very beginner like me.

Ah another thing Teta do say her first sentence but the dialog doesn't close and Delita doesn't speak, and Teta dialog baloon is a bit maybe 1 tile off Teta head.








//Message x01
{font:00}Brother.. we must go.{end}

//Message x02
{font:00}Yea.. I'ts getting late.{end}

If you can explain in details cause i tried to follow the guide you put on the section, and i tried for 2 or 3 hours but couldn't fix the problem, so try to explain like if im stupid, well maybe i really am but that's another matter..
Spriting / Sprite colors
March 23, 2015, 05:10:35 pm
i'm trying to make my own sprite from another game , into FFT version and it's not a big deal about the sprite but, it looks like i can't find a way make the color match, i mean if for example i extract a bmp of the squire class and modify that, it looks i can only use the squire palette.

SO how do i make a new one? couse when i try to change the option to Rgb and then i revert back to how it was, shishi give me a error and doesn't want to read that file animore.
Help! / I'm lost, in spriting.
March 17, 2015, 08:18:33 pm
hello, guys, i saw many tutorials on how to change sprite portrait etc.. but after 1 hour i gave up at lloking for what i was searching.

so i'm here asking for help.

Once i changed all the sprites on a class , how to i actually put that back in the game?

And how to edit a class skills?

I don't want answers cause i know they're probably somewhere here, i just can't find them, so a link to these answer would be really appreciated^^

I feel a bit stupid sorry but for me is really confusing.

I just want to do the same thing as celdia and the JOT5 , changing a already existing job into another sprite/skill set.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Pray Faith
March 13, 2015, 09:55:07 am
Don't know how to erase the post, but i was mistaken, the duration of Faith as been cut by maybe 3 or 4 time it's normal, i didn't see it was finished the effect XD
It seems you can only hit yourself with that spell , it's a pity cause it look very use full^^

(OT i did some grind to learn skills and now i have less problem with those dread random battles XD)
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / love and complain XD
March 11, 2015, 01:21:41 am

I want to say first, that every thing i will say as " critics " are not negative , it's just some "tips" to make the chapter 2 even better, quality talking  ^^

First things first:

Random battles, usually ok, but some of them are insanely hard, and really i honestly think i'm very very good at this game but 1 hour or more to finish a "random" encounter it's a bit too much i think^^
For my humble opinion some monster are way to OP for the start of the game. specially the monster support unit that can cure ALL status heal them protect shell regen defending ,(all this with VERY LOW MP) and in top of that he's fast does good damage with normal attack and if you happen to find it with white magic well good luck killing him with 2 chocobos or more in the fight, since the choco cure has been changed much.(i like how it has been changed but sometimes, when you do 40 max damage and chocobos heal 120 it's a bit frustrating XD)

chapter 1:

let's say around lvl 15  chocobos have 110-140 Hp , everage damage of my heroes is 20-30 a bit more with the skills, so i can barely kill 1 if i attack with everyone.
I'm counting the fact that i'm playing normally without farming strong class or skill, (off course things change if you farm enough)
I did a fight for 3 times then i gave up couse it was kinda impossible to do...
4 human units on top of 4 chocobos..  it's a random 8 VS 5 fight with most of the enemies that has LOT MORE mobility then you , heal with no Mp cost, plus human units often have items and infinite phoenix down potions.
Plus red chocobo hit 100% with no evade chance from far.. you can barely reach them.

Then the 5 lamia fight with the support monster , protect shell regen reraise to a monster that has MA save, is = Dead 100% after few rounds couse they actually get so much mag atk that they one shot your heroes no problem ^^

I think the story battles are kinda perfect, some very hard but nothing impossible if you know the game, and most of the random battle are ok too, but some i met was actually impossible or very very hard to do.

I would like random battles to be a good way to farm jp and exp, but meeting those impossible fights really decrease the fun a lot^^

other then that i get some graphic glitch, but it doesn't bother me at all, this mod is totally Awesome, if i knew before that there was people like you guys around, i would have been coming to this forum and support  with all i could.

I LOVE how you mixed the character and how they act, very very similar to theyr personality in the original games^^

I never played Zelda (don't really like that gender) but link is one of the most cool char to play, very versatile, change equipe as base ability is amazing and make him really funny to play

Snake is awesome too, totally not OP but very very usefull in many occasion, and lot of different ways to use him in fight, (there were fight in which i didn't even attacked with him, i was just using him to block monster path or avoid attack from behind and other things^^

Ramza is lovely, a perfect Support leader role , which can be use to attack too. lot better then before, i really REALLY hope you'll take in the option to give him his father class, and make the heavenly knight just for Ramza. I always always wanted that to happen in the game =/

Dante is lol i love all the time he speak , pretty strong char too, but i personally would never use him with 2 hand weapons.. too much defensive , when there are tank support class already, i would have made the 2 hand sword his higher damage skill.
All his other skills are pretty nice, and i really liked the idea to make him that way, so it's not boring to play always with the same pattern.

Cloud....  his sprite from Advent children is lovely , really perfect^^
Only thing is i never liked much the Limit skill they give him, and whoever scripted cloud new skills didn't changed them too much.
And plaese do something about climhazzard... how is someone supposed to use that skill?XD

Let's  analize the potential of the skill:
Hit 1 target, and does half damage of half life the enemy lost...
So, let's say a monster got 999HP  and lose half HP means he got 500 and the skill will do 250 damage.. when you meet monster with 999hp your average normal attack will do maybe even more then 200 or 300, why using a skill that can even miss and take turn to cast?...
Counter Deathblow, i made a post about that skill XD i think it would be lovely.. if just i find a way to understand why it miss 80% of the time! Love the idea of a powerfull counter that uses mp ^^

I completely liked some new sprites, but please do something about the blackmage, is kinda.. hem ugly?XD

The event's are totally epic XD

The story looks interesting.

Over all thanks for this master piece, you don't know how much gratefull i am with you all^^ really looking forward to play chapter 2, and PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!! i beg you XD make Alma and Delita possible to add them in the party;_;

I don't know why people dislike Delita so much, as for me i think he's the best side character ever made, i simply love the way squaresoft did him.
I think most of the people didn't really understand Delita's actions and reasons, and probably they didn't try to think about "if i was in his boots what i would have done"

If in the story he's not going to join the party, please make some kind of post game in which all the side character are recruitable.
(like in cross edge)

Sorry for the long post !^^
The bar background , the recruitment soldier background, and the shop. jeez those things, are better then the original in so many ways, lol you guys should get paid for how good you are =O

The Lounge / Hello and thanks!
March 10, 2015, 05:44:07 pm
Hi all, i'm Andrea an italian guy who love this game the most!!

I never spent so many hours playing a game like i did with FFT.

i played the whole JOT5 straight in some hours, and i enjoyed it A LOT^^

I would express my gratitude to ALL the people that worked on it^^

it was hard, sometimes a bit too much, i find some random battles harder then the story, (even without powerleveling) which is a bit "weird" but nothing to be disappointed of.

I have a lot of suggestion but they're a bit mixed and i really don't want to make 15132332 post for every of them^^

there is one single topic started where i can put what i think about the changes and everything else?

This is a link to some of my drawings, if it can be usefull for someone feel free to contact me, specially if i can help with the game^^ i'm really looking forward for chapter 2 *-*

Help! / Counter deathblow.
March 10, 2015, 05:24:40 pm
Hello guys i'm new here =)

I used search and i wasted some time looking for other post but i didn't find any..

So here is my question...

Is the counter deathblow counter, supposed to miss so much?

I learned the skill the first time , and i didn't know how it was working cause it was missing around 90% of the time..

Is it me or the description is missing something? Don't know maybe it has a very low% to hit? cause it's a very powerfull counter.

but not very usefull if you use 16 mp and miss most of the time specially in the early game!

Thanks for the answer and sorry if the question has already been made!