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December 05, 2021, 11:59:21 am


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Quote from: Snowmeow on December 03, 2021, 06:45:57 pm-Hi-Phoenix Down: A bigger Phoenix Down that recovers five times more HP than the standard Phoenix Down. In Example, the standard Phoenix Down recovers 11HP, the Hi-Phoenix Down would recover circa 55HP. It avoids the risen character to be KO'ed again by a mere Throw Stone, for example.
I don't know if it ignores the item's Z value, but here's the formula:

A better Phoenix Down seems useful.

You can free up some item slots by putting 2 or 3 debuff removers on each existing debuff remover item, then nixing remedy (if you're okay with not having a universal debuff remover).

Quote from: Snowmeow on December 03, 2021, 06:45:57 pm-Salvage: A Thief skill, that consists in stealing items from dead enemies. Chances of success are 99% for weapons, 80% for hats and shields, 75% for armlets, rings and mantles, 55% for boots and gauntlets, 50% for women accessories (Perfume, Lip Rouge), and 40% for armors and vests. The item to be salvaged from the dead body is random - The CPU decides which item from the dead body will be salvaged.
I remember thinking that I should make steal skills work on dead characters, but looking at the formula there it isn't obvious how to do it. It's buried in one of the subroutines (or their subroutines).


Quote from: Snowmeow on December 03, 2021, 06:45:57 pm-Maintenance more useful: Beyond preventing items from to be broken by Knight's Battle Skill, it cancels also Thief's Steal and wreckage of the katanas when using Samurai's Draw Out (Correct me if it's already on the Vanilla).
It already prevents theft of items. Preventing Draw Out katana breakage is a good idea. I'd expand it to prevent stat breaks too, were that possible.

Quote from: Snowmeow on December 03, 2021, 06:45:57 pm-"Seal Evil" to be a Priest skill: IMHO, to seal evil spirits in stone is more compatible to a Priest than to an Engineer.
Someone made a hack that changes Undead_Hit(SP + X)% to Status_Effect_Hit(SP + X)% recently.

I agree that there should be more anti-undead skills, especially for the priest. One solution (ignoring that you need to make 1 to 3 more spell animations, which isn't trivial) is to make a few more holy elemental attack spells similar to the black mage's fire/ice/bolt spells. This gives the priest affordable general offense options, but then again you may not want the priest to have such options.

If you make the priest a fast mage, it should use the vanilla Undead_Hit(SP + X)% formula just as well as Mustadio.
Thanks for posting your data, I don't have much else to add but you may want to add links to the first post in the thread of all the important posts.
I just want whatever info you have out there in case anyone else wants to work on it. It's okay if you don't have perfect/complete explanations, so long as the location and structure of the data is correct. And if you just want to be done with it, upload what you have after verifying those things with whatever warnings and bugs you can remember.

Every time I've uploaded something after quitting it in disgust someone pops up a few days later that they were working on the same thing in parallel to me, so I just do everything openly now.
Where is the map, event, and text data located, and how is it formatted?
New Project Ideas / Re: Patch Ideas Proposal Thread
November 11, 2021, 05:07:33 am
Quote from: Seta194 on November 11, 2021, 12:05:14 amAnybody interested in making a patch that gives units EXP/JP even when they miss their targets? I always disliked that missing not only means a wasted turn, but also a missed opportunity to level up.
What happens when you blind your entire party, give them mantles, face them off against each other, and have them whiff each other for an hour? Or fight an enemy with optimal evasion and healing but no offense, blind everyone, and set them to auto-battle while you take a nap?

That said; I'm by no means an expert, but I assume you'd start with this routine:

Specifically this line:
0018bf38: 104001ca beq r2,r0,0x0018c664      Branch if Attack Missed

You need to rearrange a lot of stuff here so the experience gain occurs even if attack misses... that assumes this is the only relevant routine, which it probably isn't.
I thought blood suck would be rated worse, since it's harder to cure confusion + berserk, and it's contagious.

Why did you rate death sentence the same before and after it's fixed?
From 0 to 9, how would you rate these buffs and debuffs?

0: Not an issue
9: Critically serious

0: Wasted turn.
9: Always useful.

Darkness (Rate it twice: as vanilla, and if all classes had better C-Ev that worked partially on the back and sides)
Blood Suck
Oil (Assume it actually worked, and made you weak to fire no matter what)
Berserk (Rate it twice: as vanilla, and if it allowed player control but blocked the use of silence-flagged skills)
Don't Move
Don't Act
Death Sentence (rate it twice: as vanilla, and if death immunity didn't prevent it and it didn't stack with undead)


PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Green mage ideas Help
October 28, 2021, 07:43:58 pm
Quote from: azavier on October 28, 2021, 06:28:25 pmThat does sound interesting.. i'll look into the wand weapon.
I admit that I want a wand that shoots a blast or stars or something, where the blast palette can vary depending on the wand palette perhaps.

Quote from: azavier on October 28, 2021, 06:28:25 pmHow do i do a cap on the sp boost? is it a asm hack of sorts?
Yep. It's very involved if you're only familiar with high level programming languages, even more so (almost impossible) if you're not.

To start, look at these three formulas:

Flip between them using Ctrl + (Shift) Tab in your web browser, and you'll see they're almost identical other than a few things and their addresses/locations. You can think of them as a sort of template for doing a + stat skill.

I'm not an asm hacker, but they don't seem to allow failure. So you need to somehow get the base stat, gear stat bonus, and the current stat from the target's battle stats block:
0x0030 Original PA (will recalculate from this level after something like a level up, does not persist after battle)
0x0031 Original MA (^^)
0x0032 Original SP (^^)
0x0033 PA bonus from equipment
0x0034 MA bonus from equipment
0x0035 SP bonus from equipment
0x0036 Current PA (temporary, reverts upon something like a level up)
0x0037 Current MA (^^)
0x0038 Current SP (^^)

Then add the base stat and stat gear bonus, compare them to the current stat, and branch to to the "miss" code if that's the case (or set the miss rate to 100%). I highly recommend you read the tutorials and get in the discord (preferably AFTER you read the tutorials) if you want to dip your toes.

Quote from: azavier on October 28, 2021, 06:28:25 pmIf you were playing a green mage which skills would you want to see added? I probably can pick between petrify or frog since both basically shut down the person. I also was thinking of adding Allure from the assassins.
Read this thread I made on gamefaqs, titled "How would you rate the seriousness of these debuffs?":

Actually it looks like a ton of posts were deleted, so maybe that's not useful. I may ask that again here. I thought I already made a status effect thread?

Anyways, the worst debuffs are those that turn an ally into an enemy. Next are those that fully disable an ally. After that are those that partially disable an ally. Last are those that force you to waste a turn doing something other than attacking an enemy or otherwise deal damage.

All of those are worse if they are permanent, and easier to deal with if they are temporary. Ditto for hard to remove vs easy to remove.

Something else to consider: are you keeping calculators, and if so how are you limiting their access to other mage's spells? I think they should have access to the low level spells, like the red mage in other games, but if you want a high power game by all means give them access to everything.

My take on green mages is that they are the best and truest examples of magical debuff dealers, and tinged with darkness as a result. Their HP/MP drain spells would be dark elemental, and all of their debuffs would be the 5-tile cross AoE (aka the standard wizard/priest/time-mage/oracle spell). Since their skills don't rely as much on MA as other mages, they are best served with slightly lower MA and higher SP, so they can get more turns. Along with this their spells should be faster and relatively expensive for whatever your MP totals are, and drain/osmose should be cheap and have great hit rates.

Here's my plan for them.
* oracle
  * Speed Mage. Uses mage head/body gear, (MA + SP) / 2 * WP weapons.
    * maybe make drain and osmose MA powered: (MA * X)% or (x + MA)%?
    * drain and osmose are dark elemental, seems very easy one liner hack.
      * that only improves hit rate if strengthen is present
      * need to modify and/or reverse damage.
      * else change max hp in "calculate % of damage" to current HP.
      * check if % damage skills have damage reduced by protect/shell/m/def up
    * Alternate idea: Drain_HP(MA * X)%
  * no room for oil.
  * 16 spells: range 4, aoe 2, vertical 0 unless specified. maybe change aoe to 3 to give it a power boost if you keep vanilla hit rates; else boost hit rates.
    * Utility determines MP cost. Maybe determine CT, AoE, MP cost via point-buy system.
    * Speed mage needs fast spells, put most of the cost in MP rather than CT or AoE.
    1  : Drain. CT , MP cost , power , vertical , AoE 1
    2  : Osmose. CT , MP cost , power , vertical , AoE 1
    3  : Blind.
    4  : Undead.
    5  : Silence.
    6  : Berserk.
    7  : Confuse.
    8  : Disable.
    9  : Death. //maybe not. oil instead? Dispel?
    10 : Sleep.
    11 : Petrify.
    12 : Poison.
    13 : Charm.
    14 : Vampire.
    15 : Frog.
    16 : Doom. //death immunity should not prevent doom from working. undead/doom shouldn't stack.

I haven't gotten into specifics yet because CT and MP cost should wait until after you have HP/MP/evasion totals figured out.

RE doubling up debuffs, here's an example skill set so you can free up skills for other things.

* Necromancy: add_random(undead, vampire)
* Pheremone: add_random(oil, charm)
* Yellow Noise: add_random(berserk, silence)
* Blind Frog: add_random(frog, blind)
* Bath Salts: add_random(confuse, poison)
* Soul Bind: add_random(disable, petrify)
* Nightmare: add_random(sleep, death)

I tried to pair them up so you have the least useful with the most, and so you have an anti-mage and anti-warrior option.

Quote from: azavier on October 28, 2021, 06:28:25 pmDrain and osmose has been moved to black mage. which is where poison and frog came from since they barely ever used it. Maybe the green mages will use them as the ultimate status debuffer/buffer. Protect 2 and shell 2 comes from the journey from white mage and a nod because they have these moves in ffta2.
Fair enough, but consider the roles of your classes. While there should be more than one way to skin a cat (er, heal, remove debuffs, buff, and raise your KO'd allies), I don't think that any two classes should have exact same ways of going about it.

Given that the white mage is the archetypal defensive support, if green mage does support maybe it should get buffs not present elsewhere in the mage job branch (at least in the standard spell form), and maybe those supports should be more conditional or circumstantial. Thus the green mage keeps it's offensive support (debuffer) role, and it gains a minor buffer role.

Spells like Berserk could be a circumstantial buff if they allowed player control but prevented the use of any skill except attack, or if they blocked the use of any skill with the "silence-albe" flag (which is mostly spells). I doubt the AI would use it correctly without significant hacking unless someone has a hack that dehardcodes AI status effect behavior to the status effects unused flags.

Invisble/transparent is a buff, though it's mostly useful for keep away. If it faded after the end of the target's next turn or action then that would be more useful. Or if it functioned like blink, as a physical attack evasion boost that works similar to reflect (or - for both reflect and invisble - if it's CT was instead the number of times you can get hit and evade before it fades).

Undead can be a buff if nothing can deal healing damage, there's little risk of KO-ing, you have plenty of dark element stuff for healing, and the enemy uses dark element stuff.

Quote from: azavier on October 28, 2021, 06:28:25 pmMatra magic i put on their to give them some type attack move .. since the rest of the abilities are status effects.
It's as good a place as any for that skill, and they could use more attack options.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Green mage ideas Help
October 28, 2021, 05:13:36 pm
If you have the werewithal to do some image and animation hacking, you could make a new ranged Harry Potter wand type weapon. Someone's doing work on animation reverse engineering on the wiki and I assume the discord.

As for your green mage in particular, it really depends what you're doing with the other classes, and whether or not you have a cap on SP boosting built into your SP boost formula.

If your other classes are moderately vanilla-ish but with a few things from other classes mixed in - which is what it seems like you're doing - then this seems reasonable. Actually seems like a FF12 green mage TBH.

By "cap on SP boosting" I mean a check in your SP boost formula that makes it fail if the target's current SP > base SP + gear SP bonus + some number. A reasonable cap depends on your SP ranges and your preferences.

This seems like an anti-mage build of a green mage. If you have all skills require MP, and classes have more MP because of that, it could be more useful against other classes.

Things you should consider:
* Putting multiple debuffs on a skill to make that skill more useful.
* Using all-or-nothing to inflict all of them, random to do one of them, or separate to do at least one and possibly more.
* Balancing debuff pairings for usefulness and severity. If you have something that's always great, then why use anything else?
* Do you want to pair up anti-warrior debuffs on the same skill, anti-mage on another, and ditto for those pertaining to mobility and reaction negation? It may get more mileage out of less used debuffs.
* Interactions between status effects that cancel each other.
* Canceling actions by canceling performing, charging, and defending, if that's possible.
* Do you want to do damage with debuffs, and if so how much?
* Where are you putting drain and osmose, how are they modified, how are you nerfing their anti-zodiac/tank utility (they work on a % of max HP), and are you giving them elements?
Quote from: RetroTypes on October 27, 2021, 06:29:08 pmWhat is the difference between 0: Normal and 4: 1/1 Damage Increase here? Assuming there isn't one, you could shift 5-7 down and make an 8/4 Damage Increase value (double damage), which would be ideal to have anyway. Or are you saying 4 *IS* the double damage increase, and 5-7 are even further increased values?
Bolded portion: Yes, that's what I'm going for.

To clarify:
15: 2 and 3/4 times base damage
14: 2 and 2/4 times base damage
13: 2 and 1/4 times base damage
12: 2 times base damage
11: 1 and 3/4 times base damage
10: 1 and 2/4 times base damage
9:  1 and 1/4 times base damage
8:  normal damage
7:  3/4 times base damage
6:  2/4 times base damage
5:  1/4 times base damage
4:  no damage
3:  1/4 times base damage as absorb
2:  2/4 times base damage as absorb
1:  3/4 times base damage as absorb
0:  4/4 times base damage as absorb

No idea why I thought it had to be signed earlier.

This is a sort of standardization of defensive elemental attributes across everything that implements them, which should make it easier to make other things implement them and to standardize their behavior across implementations. Making healing + weak = even weaker is just addition, as is whatever other system you choose to implement.
Quote from: Orkney on October 25, 2021, 02:48:16 pmHi,

It's something i was thinking about too.

I went to something slightly different :
- Healing + absorb --> the Heal is boosted
- Healing + cancel --> No Heal (taking it as an immunity to that element)
- Healing + Weak --> Half the heal (like if the target is uncompatible to that element)
- Healing + Half --> Normal amount : it's a heal, there's nothing to resist at. it could be think as an affinity to the element too (with a slight boost).
The issue there is that stacking benefits helps a lot in one case, not at all in another, and gives reduced benefit in another. Plus you didn't mention what Healing + Normal would be - in vanilla it's your Healing + Half. I see elemental resistances as a range of values, whereas your perspective is more a set of attributes that don't continuously flow from one to another.

What I want to do is replace each of the 4 defensive element affinity bytes with 8 nybbles, with one nybble per element. Do this everywhere there's an elemental affinity - gear and jobs IIRC. Then sum up the values and assign a defensive elemental characteristic based on the result.

 7: 7/4 Damage Increase
 6: 3/2 Damage Increase
 5: 5/4 Damage Increase
 4: 1/1 Damage Increase
 3: 3/4 Damage Increase
 2: 1/2 Damage Increase
 1: 1/4 Damage Increase
 0: Normal
-1: 1/4 Damage Reduction
-2: 1/2 Damage Reduction
-3: 3/4 Damage Reduction
-4: 1/1 Damage Reduction
-5: 1/4 Damage Absorb
-6: 1/2 Damage Absorb
-7: 3/4 Damage Absorb
-8: 1/1 Damage Absorb

Note that I had to do things backwards to get 100% absorb in there, so people would assign a value of 0xf to a nybble to grant absorb. You'd need to account for over and underflow too, and given that there's no built-in operations for nybble addition, subtraction, and signedness you'd need to implement that too.

8 nybbles is 4 bytes, which is the amount of data that can be read at once, so depending on where it's placed that can be very convenient. This isn't much of a consolation given what you'd need to implement.

The selling points of this system are:
1. You can mix elemental affinities on gear and jobs, and the results will mesh with each other in a predictable way that create opportunities for creative builds.
2. Implementing something like the FFTA Geomancy support skill (hopefully with a caveat that it only affects enemies) or other things that mess with elemental affinities is much easier.

FFTA Geomancy is interesting. So is a defensive support that makes all of your defensive elemental affinities move down by 2 or 3 would be well worth a valuable support slot, as would one that does the same for allied targets of your skills (turn a black mage into a healer if your allies already have a decent elemental affinity).
Help! / Re: Mods not working on Mac emulators
October 25, 2021, 03:35:20 pm
I can verify that Jot5 doesn't work on a PSP, unfortunately. Monster Tactics does, though that's not what you asked.

I recommend that you slide into the Duckstation discord and ask them if anyone has a Mac build. I don't see one on the assets page of their github, but maybe you'll have better luck.

Quote from: Glain on October 19, 2021, 09:41:06 pmEdit:  As for not gaining EXP or JP, the action probably isn't flagged as doing anything (HP/MP damage, healing, or status infliction) and so the game doesn't see the action as anything that had an effect.
Flagged as in the skill flags, or flagged as in the "save as pseudo status effect" stuff you see in Golem, Quick, and Marlboro Spore?
In vanilla FFT, undead absorb dark and are weak to holy. They are also damaged by most curative skills. The spell that inflicts death is hardcoded to fail against undead; instead it heals them to maximum HP. Phoenix Down and Elixir are hardcoded to automatically kill undead.

Abstracted from the "undead" mechanic, how does this work in your opinion?

I'm trying to figure out how the undead reversal mechanic would work if you applied the same principle behind it to a healing spell with a different element and a character that has some modification to that element. Basically, what is the principle behind undead reversal?

How would the game behave if there were a generalized "elemental reversal" flag and curative spells with elements other than holy?

How would a fire elemental react to a fire element healing spell? What about an ice element healing spell?

My observations are below.

1. Element reversal increases the magnitude of existing elemental relationships.
In this case: whatever your relationship to an element, if you reverse that element then:
  • Healing and absorb becomes maximal healing.
  • Healing and immune heals the normal amount or some multiplier of it.
  • Healing and halve heals the normal amount or some multiplier of it.
  • Healing and normal heals the normal amount.
  • Weakness and healing becomes instant destruction.

So if you undead - you absorb dark and are harmed by holy, then if you are hit by a holy spell it will harm you regardless of it being damaging or healing. If you are hit by a dark element skill, it will heal you if it's innately harmful and if it's helpful.

This seems to best describe the elemental effects present in FFT, and more broadly the FF franchise.

2. Element reversal flips your relationship with that element.
If you absorb holy and you are hit with a holy elemental healing spell, then you will be damaged by that spell.

In this case, curative is a property that inverts the normal elemental effects.

This isn't how the game works, and it also doesn't make sense. Why would a paladin by harmed by a holy element healing spell?

Possibly a more important question: what should #1 be called, as it's clearly not reversing anything?
Hacking/Patching Tools / Re: Online Event Debugger
October 16, 2021, 01:11:01 pm

Quote from: DERIDEX120 on October 15, 2021, 06:48:35 pmCertainly.

Anyone know how non-humanoid spritesheets use animations? Dragon Reis glitches when given Damage Split.
Quote from: Gravrain on October 15, 2021, 05:21:17 pmCould you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by this? I'm not quite sure I understand.
Currently many mods are slowed down (or just screwed if they don't change them at all) by skill/item/job/etc description editing that reflects their changes. If you had some routine or set of routines that made the descriptions automatically formed from the actual data itself (by a few subroutines that read descriptions and form strings to print), or if the various menus were more informative, that would negate the need for most description editing.

This would broadly improve the quality of most mods that use it, and it would make it easier for everyone to make a more polished mod.

Quote from: Gravrain on October 15, 2021, 05:21:17 pmThat's an interesting idea, I hadn't considered using icons for elements/statuses. I'd have to find space for the graphics; maybe in FRAME.BIN or something? To be honest, though, the item/ability/etc. descriptions aren't a huge issue in terms of space, so I'm not sure how much would be gained from doing that.
I think Xifanie was working on it years ago, you'd have to check with her if I'm correct.

Quote from: Gravrain on October 15, 2021, 05:21:17 pmThis is one of the goals for my patch: to have as much information available in-game as possible. I've added equipment information for special character jobs and previously hidden innate abilities, both of which were relatively straightforward, but I was also thinking about adding job stats, damage formulas, poaching probabilities, etc. at some point, which would pose much more of a problem in terms of space.
Already covered this earlier in this reply, but looking at the formation->character menu there's a bit of wasted screen space.


I'm fairly sure that the top left-center part is reused in battle, given that it looks just like the battle character quick display, CT is present, and the HP/MP/CT gauges are present. If it's just graphics or code that's reused is anyone's guess, but the shading seems to be present too.

Actually implementing auto-generated descriptions is probably more important than better menus. Descriptions can fit a lot of esoteric stuff, while menus could only reasonably be improved with elemental info and maybe status effect immunities. You know, the stuff that takes up most of your time in a mod where you have to click on a bunch of job, item, and skill descriptions to figure out what to use on a target.

As for how they would appear, I'm not sure. Maybe a blank elemental icon that you manipulate in various ways to display the elemental affinity.

Halved could have the icon half filled with it's color. Immune could have the color completely blank. Absorb could have an elemental icon full of color with a small heart icon appear above it. Weak could be the same as absorb but have a small minus icon (or a sad face, or a skull) appear in place of the heart.

The icons themselves could be:
  • Fire - A red/orange flame.
  • Ice - A blue/white 6 sided ice crystal.
  • Bolt - A white-yellow gatorade-style lighting bolt
  • Water - A blue water droplet.
  • Earth - A brown or gray rock.
  • Air - some sort of green-white air whisp.
  • Dark - Purple-ish black skull icon, or a grinning demon.
  • Holy - White orb.

This page has the FF12 element icons.

If the sprite based status effect icons are obvious, you won't need to do any menu work. There is a spreadsheet to edit them somewhere I think, I'd ask Raven or post in the discord.
Quote from: DERIDEX120 on October 14, 2021, 11:35:30 pmThis was successful. I did some more digging in the forums and found a byte values list raven had written for someone years ago, also explaining which hex column meant what which was very enlightening. There were several duplicates for the crouching effect, so one of them was bound to work.

Byte 08 worked for me if its helpful to anyone reading in the future.
Thanks, everyone!
Could you post a link to that list?
Help! / Re: Executing ability- change animation?
October 14, 2021, 07:46:20 pm
Well if you use charge with no weapon it defaults to punching, given that charge iirc has weapon strike checked it stands to reason that there's something in the animations tab doing that.

Try different values in the animation tab, the different magic ones especially.