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Modifying .ffttext files outside of FFTacttext

Started by soltaker21, November 28, 2021, 11:16:53 pm


Currently I am looking for how to modify .ffttext files using python so they can be loaded up in FFTactext and then applied to an iso.
The files generated by FFTactext appear to be using UTF-8-BOM encryption when I attempt to open them with Notepad++ and can even be opened and edited in python using the same encryption. However any edits made in Notepad++ or via Python don't seem to actually appear when the file is loaded back into FFTactext. Instead the original unedited text is there.
Opening the file in HxD shows the edits I had made to the file without issue. I attempted to edit the file directly using HxD and save but the modifications made still appear to not be reflected in FFTactext.

Would it be possible to provide more information on the .ffttext format or how FFTactext read/writes these files?

The reason I am looking to generate and edit these files via python is so that I can use it in conjunction with with a modified version of fftrctcr (the randomizer created by abyssonym) to genearte a .fftext file that can then be opened in FFTactext and patch text into the help section on items, classes, abilities, etc.
This way the help sections will reflect the changes made by the randomizer. Like clothes providing Always: Haste, dagger using formula 2 to cast a spell and what spell, cure having 7 range, etc. for quality of life while playing.
I'm aware I could modify the randomizer to write this information to a text file or a excel sheet but I'd like to see if I can get it in game so that it can be played without having to have extra documents open on the side.

I checked through the wiki but couldn't seem to find information on how text editing is directly handled outside of using FFTactext. I did attempt to go to Gomtuu's page that is mentioned in FFTactext's about section to see if that could provide some information I could use but it results in a 403 forbidden when trying to access it.

Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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I have never heard of this issue. Are you sure you aren't accidentally loading the text from the ISO?
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After opening up FFTactext v.494 I am hitting file > Open .ffttext text. I have also tried patching over an ISO just to be sure it wasn't some kind of odd visual bug but it patched exactly what FFTactext showed not the attempted edits that are made outside of FFTactext. (in example screenshot it would replace Samurai to "TestSamurai" but Lancer would remain "Lancer")

I attached a screenshot to show an example of what I'm talking about. The same file is open in both notepad++ (shown left) and FFTactext (shown right). The TestSamurai Line was modified in FFTactext saved and then the FFTactext was closed. You can see that changed entry is consistent.
But changing the Lancer Job Name to TestLancer in Notepad++ then saving the file and next opening FFTactext up and opening the .ffttext file the Lancer entry is still listed as "Lancer" istead of the changed to "TestLancer"
If the file is opened in HxD it will show "TestLancer" for that entry on the file as well.

I also tried opening this in FFTactext v0.492 since I had it and the behavior is the same.
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Oh.  Some text sections are in multiple places on the disc, and are listed in multiple sections within the .ffttext.  Job names should actually be in there in 6 different spots.  If you want to change them, they need to be changed in each section.
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Ah, that explains my method not working perfectly! Just edited the file via notepad++ in the 6 locations of lancer for the job names listing and the job name change was reflected in FFTactext.
I'll just have to keep an eye out for duplicate entries when I'm writing the script to make sure it gets changed in each spot.

Thanks so much for the help!
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