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January 19, 2022, 12:25:17 pm


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FFTA2 change player race

Started by ArcticPrism, February 13, 2014, 02:03:24 pm


Is it possible to change the race of the player to another like Moogle as well as the sprite? I want to play as another race and I don't like the way the main character looks.

Also, as a side note, why doesn't FFTA2 have its own forum?
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Kerafyrm Six

I'm not a pro or anything but that wouldnt be a good idea i mean like

Luso can change to a different race with AR codes but humes don't have like a trust animation for spears and rapiers i think so it would freeze trying to completely the attack. thinking about it now id have to see if im right.

But, hes sprite would stay the same. sense i am not a pro once again its just my guess but, Luso's sprite is used in the overworld and might have more sprites then the normal soldier or whitemage so when time comes for that sprite to show itself it may freeze or just whatever sprite that was in the place

Anyone is free to tell me im wrong if they know better, you learn from mistakes ^_^

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Hm. Yeah. I guess for event purposes it'd probably be a problem. I don't thinking changing his race would cause a problem, but the sprite for events and overworld probably would. I'd settle for even just his battle sprites being changed.
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Kerafyrm Six

As far as i see the other problems you'd have with race change would be rapier swords and spears and maybe cannon because i don't think humes have those animations. so if you race change weapons would most likely be your worst problem but the sprite probably be too complicated. i mean some events lead straight into battle.

Someone would have to replace all of Luso's sprites lol big pain. But i too get tired of the same sprite everytime :p