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CoP Master Guide

Started by Kokojo, February 02, 2012, 08:15:17 am


February 02, 2012, 08:15:17 am Last Edit: February 19, 2012, 05:09:03 pm by Kokojo
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February 02, 2012, 08:15:54 am #1 Last Edit: April 04, 2012, 01:19:37 pm by Kokojo
1 - Classes

Those classes are always unlocked to any player.

Squire (Can equip anything, low JP Costs)

    1)      Panic                   Low chance of hasting self.
    2)      Rush                    Uses own body as a weapon.
    3)      Throw stone             Lobs a stone to an enemy.
    4)      Last Hope               Low chance of ressurecting
    5)      Distract                Cancel: Charging   

WARRIOR (Regen Hp passively)
    1)      Blitz                   Weapon damage around self.
    2)      Blitz II                Weapon damage 2 AoE around self.
    3)      Reach                   Weapon damage two tiles away, requires a Sword.
    4)      Reach II                Weapon damage three tiles away, requires a Sword.
    5)      Aim                     Unevadeable weapon damage at weapon range.
    6)      Power Strike            Powerfull, but slow to charge.
    7)      Rend Armor              Breaks an enemy's Armor.
    8)      Rend Shield             Breaks an enemy's Shield.<
    9)      Heartbreaker       Deals % damage and inflicts confusion
ELEMENTALIST (Regens mp passively)
    1)      Inferno                 Minor Fire damage to all enemies.
    2)      Hoarfrost               Ice damage in a large AoE.
    3)      Thunderfall             Thunder damage in a small AoE, hits random tiles.
    4)      Earthquake              Earth damage to all units on the same elevation as the caster.
    5)      Gust                    Heavy Wind damage to units in a tri-shaped formation around the caster.
    6)      Soothing rain           Heals an ally MP, but not self.           
    7)      Pain                    Dark damage in a small AoE.
    8)      Smite                   Heavy Holy damage to a single unit.
THAUMATURGE (Immune to poison, don't act, don't move)
    1)      Shield                  Add: Protect
    2)      Barrier                 Add: Shell
    3)      Regenerate              Add: Regen
    4)      Levitate                Add: Float
    5)      Shade                   Add: Vanish
    6)      Piety                   Faith + 8
    7)      Courage                 Bravery +10
    8)      Swiftness               Add: Haste
MINDMASTER (Cannot be blinded, charmed or confused)
    1)      Hypochondria            Add: Poison
    2)      Paranoia                Add: Confuse
    3)      Terror                  Add: Slow
    4)      Aphony                  Add: Silence
    5)      Despair                 Add: Innocent
    6)      Fear                    Bravery -20
    7)      Loneliness              Cancel: Buffs
    8)      Stasis                  Add: Stop
    9)      Necrophobia             Add: Doom
GOLEM (Half arrows damage)
    1)      Protective Stance       Self: Protect/Defend
    2)      Warding Stance          Self: Shell/Defend
    3)      Regenerative Stance     Self: Regen/Defend
    4)      Deflecting Stance       Self: Reflect/Defend
    5)      Phalanx                 Add: Defend around self, allies only   
    6)      Revigorate              Cancel: Defend, restores 50% HP on an ally
    7)      Grapple                 Add: Don't act, Don't move.
    8)      Infuriate               Add: Berserk on enemies only
    9)      Sentinel                Self: Wall
CLERIC (Tank equips, immune to silence and death)
    1)      Cure                    Restores a moderate amount of HP to a single unit.
    2)      Major Cure              Restores a large amount of HP to a single unit.
    3)      Healing Wind            Restores a small amount of HP in a small AoE.
    4)      Mass Healing            Restores a moderate amount of HP in a small AoE.
    5)      Charge                  Restores MP on another ally.
    6)      Cleanse                 Cancel: Debuffs
    7)      Mass Cleanse            Cancel: Debuffs in a small AoE.
    8)      Raise                   Cancel: Death
    9)      Denial                  Add: Innocent

THIEF (Start Hasted)
    1)      Steal Weapon           
    2)      Steal Shield           
    3)      Steal Helmet           
    4)      Steal Armor           
    5)      Steal Acessory             
    6)      Paralysis Bomb          Adds : Don't act
    7)      Shrapnel                Adds : Don't move
    7)      Chloroform Bomb         Adds : Sleep
    8)      Smoke Screen             Adds : Blind in a AoE

Special Jobs:
Enemies have acess to special jobs or skillsets. Those skills are usually unique and more powerfull, to offer a great challenge.

Gospel, Lysay and Ecclesius will have unique jobs instead of modified ones
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February 02, 2012, 08:16:00 am #2 Last Edit: February 12, 2012, 06:03:59 pm by Kokojo

Here is a list of the new CoP items. They are subject to change withouth much mention, but will be updated before CoP 2.100 gets out. Suggestions are welcome in the appropriate topic.

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February 02, 2012, 08:16:06 am #3 Last Edit: August 20, 2012, 09:29:41 pm by Kokojo
3 - Custom Maps

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February 02, 2012, 08:16:13 am #4 Last Edit: February 02, 2012, 08:55:51 am by Kokojo
4 - Tips

- Move-Find Items can be really helpful, look for them.
- Everyone gets 25JP per action. Using spillover JP, you can master classes very quickly.
- Gospel having Tactics + Synergy can be a BEAST. Equip robes on him too.
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February 02, 2012, 08:16:19 am #5 Last Edit: February 06, 2012, 12:06:33 am by Kokojo
5 - ASM

CoP has quite the number of ASM work implemented, including a ton of custom ones, made by lovely asmers.

Most important are :
Every complex calculus (*, /) in formulas are now simplier (+ or -). This means a lot to CoP as it keeps it low damage.

Weak to elemental damage is now 3/2.
-Permanent brave and faith changes removed.
-Generics can be guest and loaded from the roster nomber.
-Generic skillset fix
-All actions give 25jp.
-Global C-ev
-Multiple formula changes (unfortunately, I din't note them all).
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February 02, 2012, 08:16:26 am #6 Last Edit: July 11, 2012, 09:12:19 pm by Kokojo

6 - Battle Guide(Including spoilers)

Mini Legend :
Red  = Target
Green = Strategic area
White = Noteworthy
Blue = Trouble spot

Don't forget there is SPOILERS.


So, it is your first battle in CoP. Welcome! Immediately notice this is not classic FFT, and you will not faceroll most battles. The main difference is the way lower hp and comparativly high damage, the elimination of many cheap combos, and the rework of all classes, items, story, sprites... pretty much everything?

You are facing 3 squires, one cleric and one warrior. The focus of this battle is to kill the Cleric. This battle is not supposed to be a challenge, especially since Schaefer, the warrior on your side but that you can't control (Guest) comes equipped with a powerfull sword and a grudge againts the main target - He will kill it before he goes down.

Your elementalist and squire should retreat, with or withouth Gospel, to the rooftop. Squire John has a crossbow with a high range, and your elementalist can probably spam her spells for nice damage.
Aternatively, you could rush to the warrior and bring him down in one or two turn, and then get the Cleric. This will allow you to stack the enemy and build up a flesh wall, if you need it.

Getting in the blue zone, especially with Gospel, is a deadly error.

Your biggest asset in this battle is Gospel's Tactics. A 10hp-3aoe heal is incredible, especially since your units die very fast when surrounded. This is a life-saver in chapter 1 : Never forget to use it.

After the battle, change the Squire to something else, and remember that Cleric is indeed the most important job to have in CoP.


*Note, the Golem here is now a Warrior*
Hope you equiped right.

This is a easy battle, exept for the fact the Warrior will ram Gospel with his sword, constantly. So you have to be extra carefull and stick togheter. Bring down the warrior first and don't forget to heal gospel or you're in big trouble. The tactical area is great for that. Note the special white circle : If you get a thief with a bow there, you can get great damage in!

The enemies are not much of a treath, but the chocobos have great mobility and can take the fight into the trouble areas that are not to your advantage. Never forget they can escape really far, but they will come back. Taking down the warrior should be your top prority. Don't forget to get the crystals if you can!


Once again, don't forget to equip your stuff.

This map is harsh, because you have to defend Arale (in the red circle!). She's a kid a thus very stupid. She often won't attack or do anything to help you. She'll get in your way.

There is two strategical points, one is the top of the dead tree- that gives you near immunity to the goblins and the tree, so you're VERY safe over there (But Arale will never go there). The other is the strong point where you can cover up one of your unit there behind another unit.

Noteworthy, the tree. It can revive it's comrades from afar and it has a lot of HP, so taking it out should be top priority - but the black goblin should aim for Arale first, so, be carefull!

Another noteworthy, Lysay. She's strong, and she'll keep at least 2 goblins on her until she falls down. The goblins do high damage, but are slow and disposable in two rounds usually.


This map is usally easy but can hit you hard if your units are low hp.
The target here is Seth the archivist, master of death sentence. He has high speed and MP, never running out. His spells are as follow : High single damage, death-sentencing spell, low damage big aoe spell, and major debuff spell.

The strategical point is a point where once you reach there, Seth should not flee as much as usual. It is the best point for your units to stand near, for some reason. He has higher jump that normal units and the mini-boss spells have high vertical, so going downstairs is never a good idea. He's not immune to slow, like most bosses, so abuse that. Also, attacking him with golems can be a very good idea.


Ah, the prison. Don't forget that if you have a unit that can equip books, you just got the epic book of fate!

There is no target, but the far-away cleric is not really a cleric. He's much more stronger and can use some unique, binding abilities, and he's very high level, so he hurts. Bring blunt items to get his armor destroyed quickly.

It is strategic to block the bridge in order to lessen the oportunities of the super-cleric. Take down the lesser units first. You don't usually have to worry about the prisonners, but they can be killed and turn into crystals. In front of the gate is a very stupid spot to be, as the enemies usually avoid going downstairs.

Noteworthy, the gates and the squire downstairs. The gates (that you can barely see from this angle) are very resistant, and you need to bring them down to win. Once they are done, the prisonners can be freed and help you in battle. Yes, you don't control the prisonners and they are cowards, exept two of them with knifes. All of them are slowed by their cloths.


You are facing mindmasters, Schaefer(!) and some female clerics (Isin't that a lot of clerics?)

The mindmasters are extremely anoying with their debuffs, and the cleric are healing them. The usual way to go is to focus units one by one. This battle may be one of the first causing you to be angry at the enemy. Once they run out of mana, they are no big deal though. Focusing is really the way to go.

Strategic and trouble spots are directly oposed, as you can see. Getting on one side of the screen gives you a big advantage, as book range is not better than bows and/or magic.  Mindmasters of the enemy team are pretty much stupid too, as they telelport in your team. Otherwise, rushing too far into their defense will likely kill you in a turn or two.

Noteworthy is Schaefer. Why? Well he's your enemy and comes equiped with what you gave him (so if it's your second time/knew it... you can make it easier). He also turns into a crystal when he dies, for your pleasure.


You will hate this battle if unprepared. Give your units +Move items and skills, and you should be set. Manikins and their master are invincible and quite deadly. They have regen, never need mana, do high damage, and even if killed in one hit, return next turn. They can inflict DM, and that's the main problem.

The target is to reach the door way up there.

There is NO strategic spots in this place, you will get attacked every turn at every angle, and the enemies follow you. The trouble spots, however, are trouble. You will think that you can jump up there... well you can't, not withouth theives or some +jump gear. Be really carefull.

Noteworthy, the puppeter. She's strong, untargettable by most spells, immune to most status and quite deadly with high damage. It is not recommanded to hit her, as she is the only unit in the game with counter: Flood, and she has 100 brave. You can turn her into a chicken, but I doupt you will suceed.


Ah, this battle will annoy you and it's quite losable. Do keep in mind you lose Ilya right before the battle, so it is a good idea not to get too attached and give her the best equipement. You also get +20 brave on all units, a very nice boost.

The target is obviously Lesial here. He has very very high hp, infinite mp, a nice block rate, some low damage spells, a lifeleach spell and fly. The lifeleach spell inflicts stop, and his other myriad of attack (most taken straight from the Elementalist skillset) can be sure to wear you down at a steady rate. Lesial, like most bosses, is immune to a lot of things, but not chicken, slow, sleep and don't move. Getting HP is always a good idea here.

Lesial will always cower back into the green corner at the start of the battle. If you take care of his 3 move range, you can limit him to 2 move per turn. The table, on the other hand, cannot be passed and will severely hinder you in the battle if you let Lesial take advantage of it.

Noteworthy is Lysay. She is very strong in this battle, as she get new equips. Her breaking skills are of importance, as she will likely remove Lesial's armor and hat. They are nothing special, but the gun is a unique item. Also notice you will not be able to teleport outside the office, even if it seems possible, it is not.


A funny battle that you can lose easely, but should't. You have a thief with a bow and another with a sword. Lysay starts on the ground but should have no trouble literraly owning the enemies with her high damage.

Use the mountain as an advantage (It's incredible how long the bow range is!) and a strategic point. Getting pinned down in the even ground is the worst thing, since enemies can freely hit you and Sir Bastak is riding a chocobo.

Speaking of chocobos, the chocobo carriage can be jumped on for a neat advantage : The golem can't hit you there. Last, remember to keep your guys alive. Killing the red chocobo is also necessary to win, but he will be stopped the whole battle due to poison.


The best battle that can be! Beating up ents!
The main point to remember here is that you don't need to kill the ents, only get them under 25% hp each in order to win.

Your target are of course the ents. They do little damage but their AOE can be very annoying, as well as their binding vines that can inflict Don't act and Don't move. Ganking them is recommended, but don't expect to kill them in a turn. Also important, remember that 2 of these can ressurect the others. Plan the battle well.

It's very important to avoid your units have the same elevation, because the boss of this place can really hurt with his forest fire ability, and his other charms and very annoying stuff.

Shallah is your ally and he is noteworthy because he's a heavy-duty healer. You should not have trouble keeping him alive, but the rest of your troops is another problem. He's really good on survival and he's made to last. Unless he gets uber-targeted by the tree.

Marcus the tree is your biggest concern. He starts out slow (So you get about 2 full rounds before he starts playing) but when he does, your time is going down FAST. He has a bunch of status abilities, quite a ton of damage and he can't be killed/hit/statused. He's very adaptable. Be carefull.


In this battle, you are pitted againts two teams that will beat eachother up. They have very potent firepower and should not be underestimated at all. Don't take them head on.

Instead, use the highlighted safer area and hide there with your troops. It will be good for you, since they will run into eachother trying to fight for you. It's quite a sight, really. As you can deduce from this, jumping in their way WILL result in a defeat, unless Shallah gets intelligent enought to revive you.

Both team leaders are noteworthy, since they will am for eachother until they die. Use this to your advantage.
Furthermore, the red knight in the enemy team has some pretty rare equip you should steal, if you can.


First of the battle versus some monsters. First, the behemoth. He's a powerhouse and he's not ashamed to show it. 2-3 hits and you're down. Meanwhile, the Malboro plays the role of the black mage and annoying tank. It heals pretty fast and deals  some status effects, including slow and don't move. This makes it easy for the behemoth to strike.

The best strategy is to use your movement. With it, you can keep far from the monsters and shoot them/use your abilities to kill them pretty sufficiently. You should focus on the behemoth there.

In case you have mindmasters, you can abuse the terrain by teleporting BEHIND the gates.

It's not advised to back up in a corner, since...it hurts.

Notheworthy is Lesial, your ally(!) in this battle. He shoots with a crossbow that can slow. He's usually a victim, but don't bother about that. You get the Xbow as loot.


Here you fight more monsters! First, the noteworthy tonberry. He's very fast, gets faster, and can insta-ko your guys. He will usually go for Martigan right at the start, so be carefull. He moves slow enought for you to use ranged attacks.  The bombs are your usual FFT monsters, and they can, of course, self-destruct for massive damage. The minotaur is just a strong tank, best killed by ranged attacks too.

The main point should be to run away from the trap where Martigan and Xapan start, in order to run to the sides, that are more safe, thanks to the low jump of the monsters.

You also get 3 new units. 2 healers and a tank. The tank has extremely low faith, so he's not that usefull to try to buff.

Hit and run usually does it here.


More monsters! The process is reapeated with a tank and 3 annoying lesser monsters. The lesser monsters deal low damage, the tank is really a force to be reconned with. You have about 2 turns until things get hard, because you get cramped on the bridge, and the monsters really start to hurt. It's better to get back from there and hide in the back of the map.

If you reach the special white circled area...you get a massive advantage.


Ohhh! The epic battle of nice proporsion! You're in a very tight spot, and there is nowhere to run. Ecclesius and Shallah are two especially strong caracthers that you won't like to face.

Shallah will stay in place and use very very strong healing. Meanwhile, Ecclesius will charge and deal massive damage to you. Ecclesius regens HP, while shallah uses spells to give HP. Both are very hard to drop, so be ready to whack at them. As soon as you get them in critical, the battle stops. Do mind that they have excellent stuff on them.

First off, you start in a bad and good position. Standing your ground is a better idea than moving, but both can be benificial, depending on your team. Getting the knights down is priority number one, as Ecclesius and Shallah often hide behind them. This is one of the map with the most variable style of fighthing.


Holy shit, a boss! A nice one at that. He's got a lot of special abilities. The battle is based on it's skills. Just know that you can pin him down in the Noteworthy area, but your unit is sure to get killed in some turns. Also, avoid corners.

Importantly, the boss has a limited number of mana and uses it quickly. He recharges enought to use abou 6 spells, then one spell every 2 turns.

Pheromones : 1 AoE charm. Very deadly if your units are close togheter.
Die for me: 5-ranged instant 90% damage to charmed units. This makes you really eager to avoid getting charmed, as the charmed unit often does not survive.

NeuroCrush: 1AoE damage, may inflict confuse. This is the monster main attack, and he will not hesitate to spam it if you are too far.

Demise: 5-ranged, deals a high percentage (28%) of total hp in damage. Stacking health is not so wise while facing this boss.

Restore: The boss will attempt to restore 25% of his hp. He has about a 50% chance to do so. The casting time is long, so attempt to get a few more damage while he's charging.

Crowd Control: 2aoe, inflicting don't move. It's not wise to swarm this guy too much. Avoid this.
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February 02, 2012, 08:16:32 am #7 Last Edit: February 19, 2012, 05:28:15 pm by Kokojo
7- Battle system

CoP uses a battle system consisting of low hp, low damage, and straight-foward abilities.

Battle damage:
Some weapon have power boost while attacking certain armor types.

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Updated ASM section a bit.

Sorry to be a slow worker :P
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Joseph Strife

your pic at the battle system post is broken, at least i can't see it.
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Quote from: Joseph Strife on February 06, 2012, 07:34:38 am
your pic at the battle system post is broken, at least i can't see it.


"Be wise today so you don't cry tomorrow"


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"Be wise today so you don't cry tomorrow"


RE: Battle System. 

Blunt -> Strong v Cloth -> Weak v Armor
Slicing -> Strong v Robe -> Weak v Cloth
Piercing -> Strong v Armor -> Weak v Robe
Magic -> Neutral v All.

This makes it a proper damage wheel, and makes the "Magic" property's unique element being its ability to affect all armor types evenly, since magic gives no fucks about your armor.

Also, I would recommend removing Global C-EV.  Global C-EV reduces the need for good positioning at no gameplay benefit.


Looks like the Fire Emblem Sword->Axe->Lance system
I like this

"Be wise today so you don't cry tomorrow"


Added some images for the Items (Weapons, Shield, Armors, Acessories)

Tell me if you can see them well, and if not, suggest a better image uploader.
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Replaced ''Changes'' with battle guide. Starting to write on it right now.
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Updated the maps with a new version of the last one.
Added a bit to the battle guide.
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Finished battle guide. Finnaly.
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Added plain plains to the new maps.
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