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March 22, 2023, 09:44:52 am


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New damage system + Info

Started by Kokojo, January 22, 2012, 12:00:27 am


January 22, 2012, 12:00:27 am Last Edit: January 22, 2012, 12:13:43 am by Kokojo

New damage system

Thanks to FDC and Raven, I was able to change most formulas from multiplicating to adding, so this makes CoP way more playable, with it's low numbers. With the new jobs, this is a complete overhaul of CoP. It will sadly stop me from eventing for a bit (since I need to test all of it and balance the shit out of it!) and thus make CoP not come out as soon as I wanted to, but It will make the experience a thousand times better (I already enjoy the first battle more!)

This also MAYBE include the implementations of new types of damages. The different types of damage would be used for different things. Keep in mind the technique used would be to use ''half'' in the FFTpatcher, but bring that -1/2 to -1/3.
Water is currently the healing element
Dark is currently the imunity element (For techniques not to use on bosses)

And I would suggest :
Blunt,  (Cloths take extra damage)
Slicing (Robes receive extra damage)
Piercing (Armors receive extra damage)
Magical (Certain items augment/lessen this)

Classing this Bicth
Also, I've been lacking in cleaning this section and instead made a lot of useless topics, including this one. Il keep myself to a new, more organised place, and Dome will be in charge of putting it togheter. You may lose info/things you posted, so if you want, Copy paste. This won't be for at least a week. I plan on reducing the number of topics, keeping myself to :

-Download and version history
-Update log
-ect... I don't know yet :P
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Make Earth the boss-immunity Element.  Gives Float the added benefit of giving a unit boss immunities, since you're not having a proper element wheel anymore from the looks of it.

Dark, Holy, Wind, Water should be the Elements you use for Blunt/Slicing/Piercing/Magical, because they receive no Weather augments.  Use Ice for the Healing Element since it's not got a weather augment except in heavy snowstorms, which you can work around with ease.  Let Fire and Lightning Elements rot because of their heavy and common weather augments.  Though remember, if you use a Healing Element - Protect, Shell, Defense UP, Magic DefendUP will reduce the healing given by those skills.  The tradeoff is obviously being able to make gear that increases your susceptibility to healing, though.

Pickle Girl Fanboy

^Remove weather effects.  This includes both the reduction in accuracy for bows and crossbows at night and during bad weather, and the elemental effects.  I don't know if it includes the terrain + weather effects that affect movement.

Pickle Girl Fanboy

QuoteThe damage routine for weather affects on elements is at 0x00186ed0; specifically 0x00186f00 is the branch for fire reduction, 0x00186f04 is the branch for the lightning damage increase and 0x00186f84 is the branch for ice damage increase.

I assume that you can enter a nop (0x00000000)at each of the branches to nullify weather-related elemental modifications.  Or you could enter it at the start of the routine, which is the first address listed in the above quote.

It's literally as easy as scrolling to that address in BATTLE.BIN or the SCUS, entering 00000000, saving, and then testing.


Still, not needing to hex edit and test > hex editing and testing, unless you actually /need/ more than 6 "Elements" for a system like this.  It's... kind of simple really.  Why hack to do something you can do without hacking?  The simple answer is you don't hack in that case because it's dumb to.


I keep leaving, I keep coming back. Boomerang boy.