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Asking for TLW 2.021 Resources - FFTText Editor

Started by SilverRegret, January 08, 2022, 09:32:50 am


Not sure if i should ask here or in the bug section, but i tried to use TLW 2.021 Resources - FFTText Editor on ms.excel to edit some miss spelled translation on original FFT, which left unchanged on TLW.
After editing some of the text and scan for invalid character, i cant export it to .ffttext file, it always said runtime error 76; path not found.
At first i thought my ms excel 2007 outdated or maybe something wrong so i tried reinstall all the component, but the error persisted.
Last night i tried to export it on my brother laptop, and runtime error 76 also appeared.
Can i ask someone please check on the TLW 2.021 Resources - FFTText Editor please? or perhaps explain to me what mistake i did? all that i change is only few text like despair2 to dispelna. Thanks a lot for replying, and if i put this on wrong section i will remove it.