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April 16, 2024, 01:24:32 pm


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Valhalla Editor

Started by Nyzer, April 12, 2020, 03:35:25 pm


Quote from: Mondragon on April 17, 2020, 05:28:57 pmI've finally got everything to work! Here's a quick introduction on how to use all of its functionality based on what was included in the guide and my own research.

Make a copy of your ISO.

Rename your War of The Lions iso copy to fft-wotl and place under the data folder.

Open Valhalla and click setup files, decode text files and decode evt.

Editing Text


You can only edit utt files. Valhalla uses utt files that patch over your unt files. Editing unt files directly will result in an error.

Quick Reference

        line 236 Job Names
        Line 564 Item Names
        Line 1300 Ability Names
        Line 2459 Skill Set Names
        Line 5 Job Descriptions
        Line 625 Item Descriptions
        Line 3194 Ability Description
        Line 5427 Skill Set Description
        Line 5864 Job Requirments

snpl-mes (Audio Novels)
    01-utt Mesa's Musings
    02-utt Nanai's Histories
    03-utt Veil of Wiyu
    04-utt Enavia Chronicles
    05-utt Scriptures of Germonique (null)
    06-utt Test

    0-utt (Spell Quotes)

tuto-mes (Tutorial Dialouge)

Wld-mes (Tavern Dialogue)

When finished click Encode Text Files

WARNING: "Replace spell.mes file", "Replace snplmes.bin file", "Replace wldmes.bin file", "Replace all tutoX.mes files", "Rewrite all quick access text (aka rest-mes)" in "default-text-hacks.asm" must be present when patching (refer to asm hacking)

Event Editor



Valhalla Requires you to edit the unt file for this

When finished click Encode EVT

WARNING: "Replace Test.EVT file" in "default-cust-hacks.asm" must be present when patching (refer to asm hacking)

ASM Hacking


Note: If you only wish to use the ASM patcher you only need to "Set Up Files" but if an asm file alters text then you will need to decode the text files and encode them before patching. The same goes for the EVT.

Individual ASM hacks are stored in the .asm files, you may remove-blacklist-or add ASMs as you please to any main .asm file provided they do not have a "require#" dependency or you change the require dependency to "require#none" This becomes more prevalent under "default-text-hacks.asm" where if you already have a patch/mod but just want to add spell quotes and the audio novels back into the game.

REMEMBER: Never use your original iso, make a copy of it instead! You will not be able to edit the Valhalla patched iso again but you can save the text utt files and reuse them. USE A COPY!

(For users with already modded ISO's wanting to join the ecosystem you will only have to do this once. In my experience, it was less of a hassle to just copy my own edits from the unt file into Valhalla's utt files in order to avoid errors specifically to ability names. Be Advised only Item descriptions and Ability descriptions in your unt file will be kind of messed up but you can copy-paste the edits from tactext, everything else from item names to job requirements will be a single copy-paste each from your unt file.. so if you think about it 7/9 of the job is already done for you!! yay! Make sure to save those utt files when you're done in case something terrible happens and so you can reuse them ultimately adding to them over time! That is why you should keep 2 ISOs. Your original iso you use to make edits on in FFTPatcher-NEVER PUT THIS ONE IN VALHALLA. Then when you're done with your FFTP edits make a copy of that iso and use the copy in Valhalla and plant all your utt files you saved from your last patch after you decode the text files.)

blacklist.asm (Valhalla will ignore ASMs placed here)

    Slowdown fix v2
    Add spellquotes back to the game
    Spell quotes always pop up
    Unlock novels
    Smart Encounters
    Battle Initial Camera v2
    Fix gil amount needed for the lip rouge quest

    Unlocked jobs v2
    Battle jobs list
    Formula 36 is now +PA_(X) and +MA_(Y)
    Mighty sword v2
    Crits always deal 50 percent bonus damage
    Abilities in Arith skillset can be reflected
    Null slps file in fftpack
    Replace TEST.EVT file
    Treasure Hunter 9-bit rare items
    ENTD 9-bit equipment items
    Balthier gets no special ENTD items
    Poach 9-bit items
    Onion items can be equipped if lip rouge flag
    Treasure Hunter rare minimum brave
    Arithmeticks supports up to 20 skillsets
    Party Roster Extension (PRE)
    Switch formation and absorb
    Monster eggs in last roster slot only
    Level cap
    Monster do not count as Casualties nor Injured
    Treasure Hunter is Player only

    Replace all data files

    Test entd 9b items

    Remove dupe font data (rest-mes)
    Replace font file ENG version
    Replace font width file ENG version
    Replace spell.mes file
    Replace snplmes.bin file
    Replace wldmes.bin file
    Replace all tutoX.mes files
    Rewrite all quick access text
    Change tutorial soldier names

9b Items Miniguide

This miniguide will show you the process on how to introduce the 40 overpowered 9-Bit "Multiplayer" Items into the base game plus the additional 20 unused item slots for a grand total of 60 new items that can be added into the base game.

Treasure Hunter 9-bit rare items

In FFTPatcher open the Move-Find Item Tab
Check the unnamed box under the No Activation box and on top of the Always Trap box.
Item 00 <nothing> is now Item 100 Chaosbringer, therefore Item 01 Dagger now equals Item 101 Deathbringer and so on.

ENTD 9-bit equipment items

This one is a bit more tricky and dependent on which gear slot you want as a 9b item. I currently do not believe it is possible to have a single unit have more than 1 9b item, if someone does figure it out I will update it here for the lurkers of the future :)

Head to the ENTD, select the unit, then edit the palette of the unit to 80 for Right Hand, 40 for Left Hand, 20 for Head, 10 for Body, or 8 For Accessory.

For this example, we will change the Right-Hand weapon to 9b.
Change the Palette value of the unit to 80.
Edit Right Hand under Equipment.
Item 00 <nothing> is now Item 100 Chaosbringer, therefore Item 01 Dagger now equals Item 101 Deathbringer and so on.

Poach 9-bit items

Open default-cust-hacks.asm under the patches folder with notepad++ or whatever text editing software you use.
Go down to #Name#Poach 9-bit items
Focus on the table filled with 0's under #Location#boot.bin#ram#088b6358: next to the line telling you to write your bits.

The first top 6 lines of 0's represent Common Item (90%) in FFTPatcher under the Poaching tab.
The bottom last 6 lines of 0's represent Uncommon Item (10%) in FFTPatcher under the Poaching tab.

The lines are read from left to right, the very first 0 on the first line is common chocobo. The next 0 is common Black Chocobo and so on. Then once you reach the 7th line the first 0 = Uncommon chocobo. The next equals uncommon Black Chocobo ect.

Change the 0 to a 1 on the poach you wish to be a 9b item.
Item 00 <nothing> is now Item 100 Chaosbringer, therefore Item 01 Dagger now equals Item 101 Deathbringer and so on.

Make sure to save a copy of this file just like your utt text files so you can use it again on your next patch cycle.


Apply patch! :O
If at any point something does go wrong, Valhalla will let you know at what file and line it occurred at! Also, this is the only reason why I could figure out what I was doing and led to this guide so thank you Valhalla :)

P.S. WOTL players rise up because we have more ram and multiplayer.. in time we can hope to bring down PS1... after we get our sound fix idk..  :mrgreen:  :cool:

Update 1: I think I'm getting really close to being able to convert psx ASMs to psp. I will make another update if my lead goes anywhere.

Update 2 5/26/2020: I got semi-close with the whole conversion thing but hit a roadblock with my understanding of Valhalla's MIPS instructions and PSX's Little Endian. Will provide more info and how others can help if they wish to at a future time. Meanwhile, I added the 9-bit item guide since I personally sought it a bit confusing myself and thought others might find it too.

I also made it more clear on how you can reuse your Valhalla edits since I have seen there was some confusion on how to do it. To Reiterate, have a base that you do your FFTPatcher edits on and make copies off of it which you then use for Valhalla. Text edits can be done in utt files that can always be backed up, edited, and reused at any point for any instance of Valhalla with any copy of an iso. The same goes for ASM files.

What should I do if I only want to add multiplayer-only items to poaching? I have been following that part of the guide and the items in Poacher's Den still only sell what I set in FFTPatcher. Idk if I missed something or the program just doesn't apply the patch.
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August 28, 2023, 08:42:04 pm #21 Last Edit: August 28, 2023, 09:28:56 pm by darkskyx
Quote from: zkl on December 10, 2022, 05:59:45 pmWhat should I do if I only want to add multiplayer-only items to poaching? I have been following that part of the guide and the items in Poacher's Den still only sell what I set in FFTPatcher. Idk if I missed something or the program just doesn't apply the patch.

This is a hackrom with a lot of ASM hacks for the PSP made by Tzepish                                                             
https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/916/  or https://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=12993.0

You should use it if you want ASM hacks for the PSP version, even if it has other balance changes. I'd just re-apply vanilla version with FFTPatcher if you want only ASM hacks, but what are you asking I think it is just a balance change. If you only want that, the best advice I could say it is: Use that hackrom with FFTPatcher and create it yourself from a vanilla ISO looking to both at the same time while you create the new changes.

But you may also want to try this PSX hackmod that adds content of WoTL https://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=12767.0
  • Modding version: WotL

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