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June 04, 2023, 02:38:15 pm


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Quote from: Elric on May 01, 2020, 02:17:54 amI had thought about Izlude, since he was going to end up being the Holy Archer, but while I was able to write out complete death for Elmdor and Wiegraf, Izlude is quite well dead and bloody. So we opted to create a New Shrine Knight using an unused concept from the FFT files.

I do fancy the idea of using Aerith as a joinable character. I'll see if I can come up with some dialogue to make that work. My only is with the Aerith thing is that in FFT, they never explain why she is there, and who she even is, as she is clearly not the same Aerith. However it's never really explained when it is that Cloud comes to Ivalice either. I like to think, in my head, that it's during the time that he is in the test tube in Nibelheim, but who knows. That would need to be explored a tad further before being added in.

I had considered Elidibs, and he's not completely off the table as of yet. However we did use his WLDFACE/UNIT entry for the Holy Archer, but we shall see.

If i may, i have some ideas for izlude joining, yes he might be bloody and seems dead when ramza found him but wait, even zodiac stone can revive dead malak... And izlude is bearer of zodiac stone. Then he can join as revived character. On miluda battle, if player choose to bring him to battle maybe miluda can have angry comment like heretic ramza desecrate the dead by raise & manipulate izlude or something. That would not make the story deviate too much i think. Like tactic ogre, i do believe some character deserve a second chance, a different fate, as they not inherently evil...
War of the Lions Hacking / Re: Valhalla Editor
September 25, 2022, 05:56:21 am
i just want to ask, when i try mod my WOTL iso, when i try encode text file,
it always says :

CPU cores detected: 4
Encoding: spell-mes
list index out of range

the fftwotl-patched.iso then always freeze on text. can anyone help me perhaps on what did i miss?
hello, first of all thanks for your effort translating the war of the lions spell quotes.
I just wanna make sure, after i look at your translation,
i think you misplace the spell quotes for gafgarion duskblade with malak nether's wrath.
Not sure if i should ask here or in the bug section, but i tried to use TLW 2.021 Resources - FFTText Editor on ms.excel to edit some miss spelled translation on original FFT, which left unchanged on TLW.
After editing some of the text and scan for invalid character, i cant export it to .ffttext file, it always said runtime error 76; path not found.
At first i thought my ms excel 2007 outdated or maybe something wrong so i tried reinstall all the component, but the error persisted.
Last night i tried to export it on my brother laptop, and runtime error 76 also appeared.
Can i ask someone please check on the TLW 2.021 Resources - FFTText Editor please? or perhaps explain to me what mistake i did? all that i change is only few text like despair2 to dispelna. Thanks a lot for replying, and if i put this on wrong section i will remove it.
hello, its been a while since i last log in on FF Hacktics...
anyone can help point me on how to modify things?
since WOTL cant assign different formation sprite to other ID, i changed dead malak event formation sprite to delita sprite,
changed the text on FFtactext, modify the job on FFT patcher, and changed the sprite on shishi editor,
but now i'm kind of stuck on how to add him on my party through event.
i tried to modify the ENTD event after battle of zeltenia castle
where ramza meet delita on chapter 4, i changed the id of delita in that event to the modified malak,
then i put "join after event" option, but the character do not join my party in the end,
is the event simply do not have join party requirement or do i need to do something else to make delita join my party?
please help me, its been a while since i tried to modify FFT, and i kinda lost here...

thank you.
Oh my ! gosh how i never thought about it..
holy dragon = just another dragon with palette change..
my mindset think of her as a special character with special formation sprite..
now i felt ashamed. but thanks a lot Xifanie..
if you were here, i would offer u a cup of french vanilla latte. :p
i learned a lot today..thank you
Help! / PSX reis (holy dragon) formation sprite? anyone?
December 08, 2014, 09:17:59 am
i've searched reis (holy dragon) formation sprite on WOTL unit.bin last year but i found nothing, presuming the fault within WOTL different coding, i gave up.
But just few days ago, i tried editing PSX FFT unit.bin, and yet i still did not found reis (holy dragon) formation sprite..
i've tried searching on the FFHacktics forum about it too.. but still nothing.
so, does anyone know where or how to change FFT PSX version of reis (holy dragon) formation sprite?
or maybe its still in the black box part of the files and there's no one know where it is?
sorry for asking so many questions, but this one really bugs me..
and thanks a lot for listening my grumble. :3
i see.. i guess i'll try it right away..thanks for the guide Elric..
Spriting / Re: Young Shrine Knights
December 08, 2014, 07:53:41 am
Oh my.. Million thanks Kagebunji.. i thought it would be hard to get it back.. you're really help me out !
The Lion War / Re: FFT - The Lion War
December 08, 2014, 07:49:47 am
well, how's its going any new progress Elric..? i can't wait until its done (beaming with hope) :3
and as the new game+, perhaps you could recruit certain long lost friend at chapter 4 as a bonus? ( just a suggestion )
Spriting / Re: Young Shrine Knights
December 08, 2014, 07:39:42 am
anyone kind enough to re upload or have the silver samurai elmdor sprite?
kinda lost it last time i formatted my PC and now i kinda wanna tweak it again..
thanks a lot before.. :3
im trying to make him join by join up screen..just like standard mustadio/ agrias joining.
so would you kind enough to explain, in how can i add event commands to allow it?
can it be done by fftpatcher ENTD, or i need another tool?
or if that too much, perhaps you could direct me to the relevant post on how to set party member joining event?
thanks before..
@ Elric,
sorry if im bothering you, but would you mind to explain what the difference between non battle event join, silent join, and the required event command to add an unit to your party, i trying to add delita to my party member after the zeltennia castle event, but it wont do.. so could you to give me a hand? a hint or anything works.. (btw, im using WOTL iso)
thanks a lot before..
you can try dead malak (id 12) or maybe battle alma (id 13) ?
Help! / a question, can i edit map on WOTL?
July 18, 2013, 08:06:13 am
i mean, we have desert map, volcano map, but we can only found snowy field on few event battle only, so im thinking of adding snow to fovoham plains, but is it possible to do it on WOTL?
if i can, what program should i use?
i've read this.. http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=2479.180 but can it be used to open WOTL map? or there's other program i can use to edit it?

or.. perhaps make use of some of the snow event battle map like ziekden fort? (i mean to make it random battle encounter, maybe?)
QuoteMost custom character tutorials I see involve shifting characters like Simon/Balmafula/Dead Malak to the unused Celia and Ledes, then building a new character on the newly freed upSimon, for example.  Why can't I directly build a new job on the unused Celia or Lede?

because most of the non party member sprite like unused celia and lede dont have formation sprite slot linked to them.
hmm.. weird. im on chp4 after defeating elmdore,
got more than 500.00 gil on my pocket
i still got agrias, mustadio, rad, alicia & lavian on my troop
and i tried to land on several cities (lionel, zaland, sal gildhos, even gariland) on cancer1 but somehow it wont trigger.. >.<;
is it because i patch my iso with several tools or maybe because i edit it with lion editor?
let me try it with unpatched iso..
anyways thx for the info Donkeyton..
from my experience (im also patch a WOTL ISO)
1. as Toshiko explained, WOTL is limited to FFTP, shishi, EVGRP, FFT'o Matic and lion Editor ^^;
at the moment WOTL cant use org.ASM (and all its ASM hack),and change sprite type (even though you changed it with shishi). but is still can insert custom sprite and others, just a bit limited.

2. dunno about 16 number but i think i've read here somewhere that WOTL is not limited to just 9 sprites/ battle if im not mistaken.. and also WOTL offer 24 slot on formation screen (more than the original FFT) + all its extra character items & contents (but currently uneditable via EVGRP).
western WOTL got voices on some of its cutscene but lose the original random quotes when u cast spell (how i miss them..)

3. NO, enemy generic and your generic job share same job stat i believe, but you can buff the enemy by setting their abilities (shirahadori, soulbind, HP boost, or Lifefont?), set their level +xx from your current level.
about abilities, like Toshiko said you can edit it on FFTP.

4. yes, consider your modified ramza (or any other event character you edit) flicker back to its original sprite a bit on few frame (but it wont crash the game) and it will still back to your modified sprite.
its just.. you know kinda weird looking it.

5.again, just as Toshiko explained, editing items is lots of pain (trust me, its from my own experience) so many just say easier to overwrite the existing items.
about adding the WOTL multiplayer items you can edit those on FFTP to make them sold on store..

6. i dont know, sorry. though its been tickling me to turn back some of the names like
Messam Elmdore to Mesdoram Elmdore or Milleuda Tengile to Milleuda Tingell (if im not mistaken) or maybe hid Alzalam full name? (on the original FFT you find out Alzalam was Orran descendant on the very end of the ending scene, thus conclude the zodiac brave story) :3
but i found no such text on FFTactext.
also one thing i really want to edit on WOTL texts is to bring back spell quotes T-T;
anyone can confirm that its really gone for good? can't it be copied from the original FFT?
hi, there.. as im still new to changing status effect, i want to ask something.
if i want to change status stone to not to be counted as KO and the stoned unit can still be attacked until their HPs turn to zero what else should i change?
i've unchecked counts as KO and ignore attack, but i dont understand the others option without description
and also if i change the status, if i attack the the stoned unit until its HP reaches zero (on stoned status) will it turn to death animation and died as other normal unit (counts as KO), or it will still be on stoned status (not counted as KO)?
thanks before.. and sorry if my question is too long..
aww.. i guess i gotta replace it with other mp damage formula.. but thanks for replying RavenOfRazgriz