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April 19, 2021, 09:30:55 am


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FFTA Eclipse v0.3

Started by Linkuser, August 10, 2020, 08:18:35 pm


August 10, 2020, 08:18:35 pm Last Edit: August 13, 2020, 06:42:08 pm by Linkuser
Hey everyone! Wow it's been a while. Despite not posting any updates on my FFTA+ mod, I'm here to tell you that I have been working on
it and am ready to release the new version with a new name! I've been able to do a lot more this time around and hope you all are able
to enjoy it while I continue to playtest everything.

I had a few goals for my mod that I'll continue to work on as I test FFTA Eclipse. One of the biggest falling points of this game (In
my opinion) is the lack of difficulty and balance. The overall goal of this mod is to make encounters more difficult while creating a
much more balanced set of classes. Most of the classes in the game are reworked, but I still have a few that I'll be fixing in the
future. (for example, Illusionist, Gadgeteer)

Another goal of mine is for the player to be put into an difficult situation that the game could have created. You should feel like an
outlaw, with limited resources as the government and other clans turn against you. Hence, gil and rewards in missions have been
greatly reduced, while store prices have been increased all around. It will be harder to find and buy equipment, so managing your
money will be important. Enemies will often outnumber and outgun you, so it will be important to utilize proper strategy instead of
running into the fray and one shotting everything with a dual wielding paladin.

Various Changes:

Manual Sorting Enabled
JP system for abilities rather than AP. (You gain JP from missions and from actions.)
Quickstart Enabled (You can skip the opening cutscene!)
Shoes are Stealable
MP Regens by 10% of max per turn
All Missions will have enemies scale to your highest clan member level. In addition, enemies can also be higher level than you. This
will occur quite often as the game progresses.
Starting Gil increased to 20,000 gil.
Shop Tiers are accessed based on story progression, not number of battles.
Most items will eventually be available in stores. Many encounters also feature enemies with high level equipment.

Class Changes:

Stats have been tweaked for most classes. The goal was to have all classes have equal/useful stat growth or to fit some type of
archetype. Check the Spreadsheet for details. (Class Stats)
Most classes have had their evasion raised slightly. Most classes have had their status dodge raised.
HP growth in general has been increased while MP growth in general has been reduced.
Most classes can equip more weapons or armor than before. (Class Stats)
Double sword is availbe for Bangaa, Viera and Moogles. (Class Stats)
Some reaction/support abilities have been changed or removed for players. Check the spreadsheet for details. (Class Stats)
Abilities have been rebalanced. Many of them have been buffed, a few have been nerfed. Check the Spreadsheet for details.(Class Stats)
All abilities now use MP. MP pools in the early game are small and grow slowly. Managing your MP is now very important. Leveling as a
magic class can help offset this.

Monsters and Totema have had their stats increased to increase difficulty. (Monster Stats)
Many monsters have had their resistances changed. (Monster Stats)
Monster and Totema abilities have been tweaked. (Monster Abilities)
Monsters and Totema now can equip items much like a player can. (Monster Stats)

Equipment Changes:

An issue in FFTA was the strength of weapons vs armor and accessories. Despite wearing the best armor in the game it seemed to do
little as the game progressed. I aimed to change that by doing the following:

Most armor/headwear/accessories/shields have been buffed. Single handed weapons have been nerfed, while two handed weapons have been
buffed. (Weapons and Armor Tabs)
Most weapons have a small bonus that they give the players. (Knives give spd + eva, Swords give RES, etc.)
Two handed weapons are much stronger than single handed weapons. (2-H Max = 80, 1-H Max = 50)
Rods and Staffs give Magic Power instead of Weapon ATT.
No armor or weapon gives full immunity to an element. At most you will get a piece of equipment that grants half damage.

Passive Changes:

Rebalanced some solid numbers for s ablities or status effects. (Concentrate +20 to hit/+10 status hit, Turbo MP +20 to hit, Attacker
is Blind -20 to hit)

Mission Changes:

Mission Rewards have been changed significantly. No mission gives less than 50 AP, Missions in general give less gil and items. I also
based the mission items off of rrs_kai's item fix patch to make it so you can't miss any missions.
Due to the increased JP rewards, JP costs for abilities has not been changed.
Random Rewards for missions have been changed. The quality of equipment has been lowered.
Treasure hunt rewards have been changed. You won't see any mission items and the quality of items has been lowered slightly.
Most missions will have a much higher difficulty than before. Enemies will be better equipped and have access to every ability the
player does.
Story missions have been made much harder than non-story missions.
Recruitment of allies has been completely revamped! You'll have an even chance of recruiting any class in the game.

Starting Party Slighty changed: All party members start with 1 mastered ability. Nu Mou changed to Black Mage.

Current ToDo:

Playtest and fine tune everything! Currently I've only play tested missions up to Hot Awakening. Everything after that is a wild
wasteland, so enter at your own risk! (I had to fix a few bugs before this point!)

Change Veira totema fight to something else. Kinda lame atm.

Rework remaining classes.

Help Missions need to be revamped.

Text Editing for ablities. Many abilities have been changed but have not been updated in terms of description or name. I'll be working
on this after I finish a full playthrough of the game!

I also want to give a serious thank you to anyone who has made a tool or module to mod the game! I wouldn't have been able to do this
without your amazing talents. :D

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18-WwDadUZmHnQIvW0vSLXsTA5krf1sdt6EFBvWeZR6g/edit? usp=sharing
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Thank you very much for your effort! I'll try it out and let you know my opinion. Again, THANKS! I love FFT, FFTA and FFTA2 and modders like you keep me happy always having reasons to play again.
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Quote from: Necrohol on August 13, 2020, 10:22:38 amThank you very much for your effort! I'll try it out and let you know my opinion. Again, THANKS! I love FFT, FFTA and FFTA2 and modders like you keep me happy always having reasons to play again.

No problem! I'm going to keep updating and working on a few things, so keep an eye out for v0.4! I can't wait to hear your feedback. :)
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Hey everyone! I replaced the v0.3 file in the first post with a new v0.3 because I made a few changes and fixed a bug. Here are the changes below!

Adjusted difficulty of the following missions:

A Challenge -> Increased, Clan Roundup -> Increased, Twisted Flow -> Very Slightly Decreased

Fixed Moogle Lance. Previously caused a glitch that could make the game soft lock. It won't do that anymore!

Reworked Gadgeteer to be a buff/debuff support mage. Instead of randomly selecting a team, most abilities are now are area of effect spells. Give him a try!
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