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September 27, 2022, 05:40:36 pm

Call to help!

Started by Kokojo, June 27, 2013, 11:57:22 pm


Dear FFH Community, this is a call to arms.

As you may know I've been working hard on my patch for now about 4 years (Counting about 1.5 years of AFK). I've since tried multiple times to finish the job quickly, but as always, life got into the mix and forbade me from working adequately, be it job, procrastination or love life. Meanwhile, Call of Power is getting older and not worked on like it should.

Recently I made a promise to try to finish Chapter 3 by September's end, and Chapter 4 by January 24, to have a final version at March 31, 2014 and finally semi-retire from the FFH community, as I spent way too much time here.

After watching the playthroughs of my patch, I've seen its main weakness. The main problem people seem to have is that the combat in CoP is very boring. The classes are hard to use, the battles do not follow a difficulty curve and the skills are confusing. However, to fix all of this myself would require more time than someone who is experienced in gameplay mechanics, as I am simply an event/map editor.

Here is what I want from the community, a couple people to help me change this into a very enjoyable patch not just event and story-wise, but also combat-wise. Someone that would help me redesign most battles, the classes, and the general flow of battle.

The team would need to note most of what they dislike, design ways to counteract these problems and change them.

I ask of you to help me, FFH. I've been working very hard on CoP... harder than some of you can imagine, I've designed maps, I changed the entirety of the mod many times in order to make it better, but there are some things that I cannot do alone. I do think Call of Power deserves to get some major attention and rework in order to make it a community pride, like Journey of the Five.

A main change topic will be started in the CoP section. I encourage anyone who is interested to make themselves known. CoP has been a part of FFH for a long time, so let's work together to end it with a bang!
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You can count me in, of course.  I'm already working on my notes and playthrough.  Would you like my feedback in this thread, or do you want me to send it to you privately?
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Since you really miss spriters in the team, I will help you out too. I have some JoT5 stuff to do as well, but you need all the help you can get.

My summer starts tomorrow, so I will have plenty of time to help you out, hit me in the PMs Cockojo.
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You know you can could on me for event issues Kokobird
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Thanks for the offerings, everyone.

Shrike, Il start tonight a topic in the CoP section strictly reserved for battle changes, you could post there. Il try as much as possible to help and give helpfull insight. The more detailed your notes are, the better.

Kage, il send you a PM in either 1 or 3 days since I need to think it over. Il gladly take your help and Il make you work hard. Thanks again ^^.

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I said I'd fix your stuff for you Kokojo with the battle system but you'll have to sit and talk to me about what some of this shit even is sometime.  You did some weird things in FFTPatcher with where things are placed and I can only do so much until I know what the hell I'm staring at.

The thread you're going to post where Shrikesnest (and others hopefully) can post what they think will also make my job a lot easier since it'll make it a lot easier for me to see exactly what's going on without having to play through CoP like 5-10 times to get a feel for everything.


Need any ASM hacking? I'm pretty much free for the next month.
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And you know I've got your back as far as the script goes. :D
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My specialty is especially portraits, sprites and story. As well as dialogue scripts. Call upon me for such matters.

Throw me some portraits or sprites and I might play with them when I get the time. (Im loaded with my own project, I could say. But I work quite fast and a couple minute's worth of fixing, I don't mind.)

I don't guarantee anything, but I can try. This week and the next will have me be especially busy /Love life-
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