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June 16, 2021, 04:37:04 am


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

The Last Title Was Stupid (Vanilla overhaul)

Started by yamish, May 07, 2021, 11:16:15 pm


May 07, 2021, 11:16:15 pm Last Edit: May 14, 2021, 09:07:53 pm by yamish
Check spoiler fragments periodically. I am slowly adding more info

Read this first
There are things to be aware of before downloading this patch.  This is a vanilla overhaul that will serve as the backbone to an altered telling of the game events.  This is also my personal playthrough version (i haven't made another yet), and as such Beowulf is a little ridiculous.  Orlandu does not join.  Cloud's attacks require an item that must be synthesized. I need to pick an oil fix to apply; one has not been applied.

Some sprites will swap in a couple events to a different sprite while moving around. This can be seen in Rad when he kneels during the first event. These should be rare, and happen when and event sprite doesn't match the sprite of the character. I have tried to keep these to a minimum. Meliadoul will be fixed in the next version. She's ugly in those events, i know.

JP scroll and item dupe glitches have not been fixed yet.

Mist works but does not display name or graphic. There is a fix for this on these forums that will be applied.

Shops carry very few items.  At first you are a low ranking cadet, then a criminal.  You cannot walk into town and buy military grade gear.  It can be poached or synthesized.  Random battles have had item drops added to help with this.

The following tables may look a little silly.  They are the ones i used for development and just cut lots of notes out of.  Prettier ones will come along.  When? I dont know.

"Innate" jp up: all skills have had their cost reduced by roughly 1/3 and gained jp up has been removed.
Monsters have access to all their abilities in battle, though the formation screen only shows their non-monster skill abilities.

The synthesis shop is available in the fur shop at trade cities. The fur shops are now avilable during chapter 1, starting when you first get to dorter.

There need to be more ways to cure petrification; currently there is one (design oversight). Stigma magic will go back to having centered AoE, petrify status will be added to the list of moogle status cures.

After playing through, i will be altering the battles further, adding in some basic event edits, and toying with new event triggering and conditionals.

Possible application of snowflakes to have more variation and flavor in battles.

Though it may not work, testing having ramza's ch4 variant gain permanent boosts for mastering jobs, such as ghazi=move +1, monk=hp +100, spiritist=MA +1, etc.

There will also be a version made that is non-immersive and makes fun of Owlgwarlth (Algus) because I hate him.

When Mustadio joins, he has two snipe skillsets equipped. Just remove the secondary one. The skillsets have the same abilities.

The Barrage ability works but is not displaying unit hit animation or damage above the units when it hits. Not sure why yet.

Pressing Select to inspect the Yew Staff bugs out menus until leaving whatever screen you're on(shop, formation, etc).

Innate abilities on some items don't seem to be working.

First, thanks to all those who answered questions along the way, Xifanie, Nyzer, Raven, Celdia, Pride, Glain, Choto.
Secondly, I have used ASMs written by Xifanie, Glain, Pokeytax, Pride, Razele, possibly others, i hope i didnt miss anybody..
This mod utilizes the amazing Ability Requirements Hack and ALMA, Synthesis Shop, Raven's Workbooks, EVSP
The changed sprites are all found on this website in the Sprites section.
I would like to thank the community for their hard and amazing work, without those mentioned above, the coders, the tinkerers, the artists, none of us could do the things we do.  This really is one of the best and strongest modding communities I've been a part of.


Confirmed working on epsxe. Given the nature of hacks used, it may not work as well on better emulators.
Please feel free to give feedback.
There will be a version placed into completed mods section as a vanilla overhaul, based on community feedback, with better balancing.
This patch must be applied to an expanded iso.  This can be done in Shishi
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
  • Discord username: riggz raggz