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June 16, 2021, 04:44:05 am


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New Mod – Ansehelm's FFT Expansion Open Beta! (PSX)

Started by Ansehelm, July 04, 2020, 11:12:51 pm


Quote from: Ansehelm on February 20, 2021, 03:32:37 pmGreat question, and well timed.  After an unexpected months-long hiatus, I've gotten back to work, and a new update should be live within a day or so.  Overall I've made CH 1-mid 2 significantly easier, and have switched a lot of the hardest random battles such that it's still possible to roll them, but they only appear late in the game.

well damn dude thats awesome, i'm looking forward to checking it out. mods that go to such lengths to add stuff always amaze me. will be f5'ing this page eagerly :D
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Alright, update is live, check the original post.

-Made Goug Plot Battle somewhat easier & generally made chapter 1 easier and 2 until Zaland
-Made many random battles easier by switching availability of the hardest battles to late game.
-Removed innate two hands from samurai
-Special Units now have improved class rewards for propositions
-Gil rewards for mining propositions increased
-JP rewards for combat propositions increased
-Ramza base class growths improved slightly (PA, MA, HP, SP) so that he isn't as disadvantaged in duels if you keep him in his base class for many levels.
-Lucavi units now absorb dark element (instead of cancel), but are weak against holy (except Altima)
-Squire's wish ability restored to its original function (healing)
-Moved the inviteable Kreuzritter to the Zalmo battle.
-Gave Malak and Mustadio 1 extra ability each.
-Created a new sprite for a playable Rune Knight, which can be invited in one of the library battles
-Increased Agrias' PA growths/multiplier so that she is almost as strong as male knights, but decreased hp multiplier slightly.
-Deep Dungeon is now available much sooner, after the battle at Bervenia Free City.
-Beowulf is retooled as a monster slayer with some status abilities, rather than an uber-oracle. 
-Changed several of the poach abilities: will soon put a list of the best poaches in Hints
-Reworked Bomb Family into Elemental Family (Water, Wind, Fire).  Fire elemental is much like the old Explosive
-Changed Music for a few of the battles.

Also updated the Missable Content section and added a small Hints section, with more info to be coming soon.
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Early impressions so far heading into chap 1 final battle:

I love the low gil thing, I think it's awesome, pretty much perfect. Gil was never something you really had to worry about before, so actually being cognizant of it and not just being able to always buy the absolute best gear for everyone the second it becomes available is really awesome and a fantastic way to make the game more challenging in a way other then lawl moar dmg and 4k health

Random battles felt really off, maybe intentional. going into mandalia at level 3 or so and fighting dragons with 9? move, and range 3/4 abilities that were a guaranteed one shot, and human units with auto potion when youre still struggling to constantly deal 20 felt bad. the tonberries and the early game doggos having a ranged attack with what seems like a crazy high chance to just inflict death felt really rough too, especially so early on

Job progression in terms of jp you earn and cost of abilities feels good, i love the unique things i've seen on jobs so far different from vanilla, however the job unlocking does feel slow, i felt like i was stuck on squires and chemists for a while, which gameplay wise is a little boring, but i may just not be used to psx style progression vs psp

story battles have a really good balance of difficulty, not really much more to say here. nothing crazy OP, nothing too steamrolly

new sprites look good, havent run into any weird kind of bugs so far. looking forward to pushing it further. hoping as i get levels the random battles are a bit more manageable

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Solid assessment.  Randoms can be pretty tough, but I'm working on smoothing the difficulty curve, especially early on.  I imagine you're referring to one of the Mandalia East battles, since Mandalia north and Sweegy are (mostly) safe. I'll probably give that one a tweak, or move it to later in the game.  I'm doing a runthrough right now to tweak randoms and generally make battles in the CH1 geographical area a little easier. Also looking at reducing multipliers for some monsters as the ramifications for giving them new skills/more move only become apparent through testing.  But I still want beasts to be...well, beasts.

Job progression is intentionally slower than vanilla because higher tier jobs have better equips & skills (e.g. knights being able to equip spears, samurai equipping bows) that I don't want to be available too early.  Even so, Ch1 can be beaten with just the squire/chemist skillsets, and you get 2 free knights in chapter 2.  Getting skills from crystals and jp from propositions is more important than ever.

Working on an update with random battle adjustment, skill & bugfixes, to be out in a few days.
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Hey! found a slight annoying and somewhat game breaking mechanic based on the players perspective.  I'm not sure if other characters can learn it, but bounty can be used by Gaffgarion on Ramza and succeed, immediately ending the battle.  Just a heads up!
  • Modding version: PSX
  • Discord username: Tytytoast


Quote from: Tytytoast on March 02, 2021, 05:09:16 amHey! found a slight annoying and somewhat game breaking mechanic based on the players perspective.  I'm not sure if other characters can learn it, but bounty can be used by Gaffgarion on Ramza and succeed, immediately ending the battle.  Just a heads up!
Yep, this is intentional - not a bug.  Bounty is a low hit-rate instant treasure attack that is unique to Gafgarion's job, although Ramza can learn it from Gafgarion's crystal.  This type of ability is rare throughout the game, although some high level monsters have a similar one. There is at least one rare item which can prevent you from being susceptible to its effects, but more on that when I add the Poach list in a day or so.
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I might give this a try, I understand this is a BETA Ver. But maybe some tries and see what I can find. Perhaps when I get around to it tonight. So far this does look really well made, or refined if I should say.


So I just unlocked the ninja class and what does the MiW ability do for the movement portion??
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  • Discord username: Tytytoast


Hello there - this mod sounds sweet and I'd like to give it a try, however, I am having trouble finding where to download it... Am I missing something here? Could someone please direct me to the patch download and instructions (IE: what version of FFT does this use?) Thanks!
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Quote from: DeJ on April 07, 2021, 01:11:15 pmI am having trouble finding where to download it... Am I missing something here?


Could the modder have hidden it intentionally?
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Not sure, but with no update for a month and no explanation, I'm moving this to Archives for the time being.
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I'm back and so is the mod, hosted in original post. For those wondering why it was gone for a while, I encountered an error in March when trying to update, whereby I could remove the original file to the title post, but not upload a replacement.  Between this and some life events I wasn't really able to prioritize this mod.  Anyway, I'm back to working on the mod and will be providing further updates and more info on the current state of the mod.  The March update, never seen before, is now hosted with more coming soon.
Happy to be back,
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