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[Old] Loving this mod! A few questions, though

Started by theDregs, October 20, 2013, 09:37:33 am


October 20, 2013, 09:37:33 am Last Edit: September 24, 2015, 07:19:55 am by Dome
I was reading a thread on Something Awful, a LP of 1.3. Being a big fan of FFT (and being a person who loathes what they did to FFT:A) I downloaded 1.3 and got to playin'. For about half an hour. Then I realized that I should stop playing because I am not a masochist. I searched for better mods, found my way here, and now I am happy!

It looks like this forum is a bit dead these days. Hope I am not too late. I have some questions.

Can you train more than one type of monster at a time, or does it only work on certain monters? I have a Goblin in my roster. I have spent a few hours trying to train panthers and..I forget their names..the Illithid looking squid guys in Sweegy. No luck. What am I doing wrong?

Are the monsters supposed to be fighting each other in the random battle on Mandalia? Because they do, every time.

Is there a good guide that discusses the classes and such in this patch? I know there is the master guide, but frankly, the lists and numbers don't mean that much to me.

Oh, And the decision to make phoenix downs cost 800 gil, yet forbid me from taking away Item from Delita and Algus is downright mean. Those two are keeping me in the poorhouse.

(edit) Just answered question one myself. Finally tamed a panther. Just takes a bunch of attempts sometimes, I guess.



Of course it isn't dead. We are just working on the new, awesome version :-)

- Well, you answered yourself for this one xD
- Yep, sometimes monsters fight each other, and you as well
- No, since this isn't the final version. but feel free to ask and you'll get your answers directly from the creators of the patch :-)
- Lol, sorry to hear that...you should use more of basic skill / white magic, they can resurrect units for free

"Be wise today so you don't cry tomorrow"


What happened was that Algus fell and Delita decided it would be a great idea to phoenix down him in the middle of the enemy team (Dorter), who promptly cut him down again. 6 times. 4,800 gil down the drain. I am having a great time with the increased difficulty though! I just had to reload after getting wiped out in Mandalia buy 3 goblins and a monk. That was a surprise.

Great work!


Guests' ai is stupid, sadly.
Not much we can do about it...but glad you are enjoying the mod :-)

"Be wise today so you don't cry tomorrow"