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August 10, 2022, 09:48:41 pm


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Tethical Channel Trailer

Started by lirmont, April 13, 2014, 07:44:07 pm


Channel Trailer

Switch to high-definition to see how it looked on my screen.



First, I want to thank everybody who's contributed sprites to this website over the years; this video would have been a lot harder without you. In many ways, this is a culmination of my own efforts, too. While, yes, they've been used to super-impose Twitter into an sRPG context, at least that can be done in a straightforward manner now. Earlier in the development of this engine, we were suggesting that you just replace whatever character you want with a special symbol. That means you might have typed "A" for the Twitter logo to show up. Now, you can just type an appropriate Unicode symbol, like the "Bird" (U+1F426; 128038) in "Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs" (U+1F300 - U+1F5FF). You can also properly comply with Twitter's somewhat meticulous guidelines for using their logo, too. That would have been a nightmare before when one font took a whole day to make! Now, the Unicode Font Tool can spit out huge fonts with a variety of colors and variants without too much effort from a user.

And the styles available might even turn out really good-looking, too!

And, for that rare occasion where I decided to actually paint on a sprite:

Thanks for watching!


I don't get it at all but that doesn't mean I dislike it; haha It DID rock.
Also, subscribed :)
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You mean the stuff they tweet?

Why is there a mic?

@gordonramseypage Hell if I know. #rampage?

@gordonramseypage Wer hat dich denn aus dem Käfig herausgelassen? ("Who let you out of your cage?")

@gordonramseypage Моя хата скраю #тихо ("It's not my business"; idiom; #quiet)

@montajeRequerido (assembly required)
@gordonramseypage Él que tiene boca se equivoca. ("We all make mistakes"; idiom)
(Don't care; idiom, "I don't have a camel in the caravan.") @gordonramseypage ليس لي فيها نقة ولا جمل
lam-yeh-seen lam-yeh feh-yeh-heh-alef noon-qaf'teh_marbuta(heh) waw-lam-alef jeem-meem-lam

@gordonramseypage 知らないwwwww ("I don't know, lol.")