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Passage Card Game Playable Demo/Tutorial

Started by lirmont, December 04, 2013, 08:06:10 am


Play it on the web (~110MB): embedded demo.

Download a desktop edition: versions.


Why, yes, this is made with Tethical's engine. Some of the things Passage happens to share in common with sRPGs in general are: (1) maps (the field), (2) units (the cards), (3) menus (hidden beneath cards), (4) concept of equipping, (5) concept of tactical movement, (6) player phase/enemy phase battle flow, (7) per-unit skills, (8) hp bar, and (9) damage counters.

Anyway, this is the first playable demo I've released, so there will be issues. Kindly report them here, and bear in mind that I've only got a Windows machine to test this stuff on. Though the underlying engine is supposed to properly target Windows, Linux, and Mac, the Mac installer section made a zip file of all things, so I'm concerned.

Thanks in advance for checking this out.


Holy crap. Lirm I don't know how you do the things you do, this looks pretty friggin awesome.