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January 19, 2022, 02:50:57 am


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Plans for new sprites, whats everyone working on?

Started by Zozma, April 24, 2008, 08:34:17 pm


My biggest gripe with the Malak/Gafgarion hybrid, is that there's just too much brown: brown face, brown hair, brown armor, etc. It's just not all that inventive--though I assume the palette isn't completely finalized anyways...


Megaman was done while quite intoxicated (Yeah... I sprite when I'm drunk. Bet you were this manly) >.<

The head looks a little off to me as well, but if you move it he looks way worse. (and yeah, the palatte is a bit dull, but in my defense, whe I made him I never intended to use him as anything more than a character's placeholder, lol)

And this was the original coloring of Singularity (Which I far prefer, but the character has platinum scales, soooo)

Also, I've started work on a Tank Zombie for a mod I'm doing for a friend. What do you think? (def still needs work, still in the planning and color blending stages)


The head on the zombie looks a tad bit too small and the shading on the arms and chest could use a little work. I love the concept though. I like the alternate palette for Sungularity too...but wait, is that the dragon's name? I've also noticed that his head looks like it's facing downwards a bit. Still, very good stuff--I like your works a lot, Ton.


Kindly upload the images to other image hosting sites. I can't view imageshack. Thanks.


If anything, I sorta wonder that the Tank's head might be too big O.o http://robotpanic.com/rpimages/dji/L4D2tank.png
but yeah, the shading isn't complete yet - like I say, just body sketchin right now (and removing Velius's lower arms is a pain, but clearing out that damn massive ram's head? Ugh.)

Thanks though, guys (and/girls); I'm just glad to (as my wife puts it) "finally have an outlet for all of that pointless sh*t." lol


Nice one. Since its big, I think Lucavi size would be better.
Kindly upload the images to other image hosting sites. I can't view imageshack. Thanks.


Change the shading to green on the tank zombie and it sorta looks like the Hulk haha. Nice work btw :)
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Quote from: "Tonb3rry"If anything, I sorta wonder that the Tank's head might be too big O.o http://robotpanic.com/rpimages/dji/L4D2tank.png
Ah, I was under the impression that you were planning on keeping things in proportion (i.e. big legs, big body, and big arms, thus requiring a big head), but in regards to the picture I think it looks fine.


So, I've always liked the Turks from FF7, and I've been playing around with the mods - patching little things here and there to get the hang of it. I came across the Japanese SOLDIER sprite, and I got the idea to combine some FF7 elements (look at me being original! D:) but I thought it might be interesting to replace the Temple Knights with Turks. Whatever. Either way, I know we've got Reno on the site, but if you'd like a more generic Turk, consider these:
Male and Female Turk

(female's shoulders are much too wide in many poses, but I really don't feel like going through and fixing that right now, as it's almost 5am.)


Don't know if I'll actually make this but could be neat to replace more monsters with human types. Though it would be neat to see imps rather than goblins in FFT.
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That is a really strange job and the helmet looks like Master Yoda :D
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It's actually the Yoda from the Italian version. Now get outta here!
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Meh, Goblinkin would be pointless, you better do chocokin instead :) For details visit "Mercenaries" sub-forum, in "New projects" section
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Alt. Black Mage:
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Hah, that's an adorable character, Lijj; I wouldn't mind seeing some iteration of it in sprite form. The Goblin guy is pretty cool too, though as Kage said, I'm sure most people would love to see a Chocokin sprite. Anyways, good stuff all around. Keep it up.


Lijj, this may be one of the most original generic spites I've ever seen.  Are you going to do male and female versions?
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Yes!~ I want to make both mages and chocokin in Male and Female form. Probably do mages 1st. I think they'd be easier.
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well, figured i'd start posting some of my stuff and start giving back to the community... since i've been roaming through forums asking sooo many newb questions.  :roll:
I've started to work on 2 sprites based on Disgaea classes.  I wished i could just copy and paste the sprites, but they're about %125 the size of FFT sprites, so i gotta redraw the entire thing.
[attachment=1:lhn9hu91]Disgaea - ronin + kunoichi.png[/attachment:lhn9hu91]
[attachment=0:lhn9hu91]Samurai + Ninja - by Atma - WIP.png[/attachment:lhn9hu91]
-the Ronin sprite, i'm using Samurai as a base (obviously) as well as using Reis' arms and upper body. (unfortunately, Reis is type 2, so i might move the arms later to fit type 1)
-the Kunoichi sprite, i'm using the Cloud sprite mainly for the pants and adding in the head and torso of a custom sprite i frankensprited together.  i'm sure this sprite will change quite a bit more from how it looks now.
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I really like your ideas for the ronin! It's certainly gonna replace my samurai in my 1.3/vanilla games, once it's done!
The Kunoichi looks nice too, reminds me of a ninja dancer!

Looking forward to both of these, but mostly the Ronin. =P
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As the puppeteer pulls His strings,
The fragile doll spreads Her wings.
To dance a ballet as He directs
That is the Curse of the Marionette.

Controlled by a hand far, far above,
Forbidden to care, forbidden to love.
Forever shall She mime what She cannot know,
Until the day She loses her illusory glow.

Propped up on a stilt where wine once stood,
The Marionette is, once more, only wood.
Her glossy eyes have lost their shine,
Her silken hair, turned to twine.

What a fate awaits the poor little doll,
Who dances and runs but cannot stand at all.
And the puppeteer is applauded at the end of every show,
But the audience's joyous response the doll can never know.

I am but a doll on an endless stage,
Dancing for others whilst I slowly age.
My puppeteer sits far above,
Hiding His face behind a white glove.

And when I have aged to nothing but wood,
I will be tucked away in a closet where a doll once stood.
Then, as I gather dust and the world passes by,
I will be forgotten by the vast, blue sky.