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April 15, 2021, 07:01:35 am


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okay, update, so far so good, it was just the begining with almost no abilities that looked like i was overwhelmed without revive (althought i found pretty stupid that you came back with 100% with pheonix or revive, so i get why you did this). Since i got a couple more jobs i was able to manage around everything.  Only one last thought...why the lvl cap at 50?...dosen't it feel like my player will be maxed out way sonner before the end of the game? thanks for your time and this mod ^^
OKai been trying this mod. my mind is kinda flaggerblaster when i realized that the fairy down and the barrier (reraise stuff dont work also) ....then i saw its was intented to remove such abilities, im at the very begining, at the star seal mission and i get ko'ed i 1 or 2 shot...when i play the more defensive possible by hiding in the corner throwing sleep spell + black magick + arrow + 2 warrior protecting while healing with hi-poyion every turn instead of fighting.... i can barely see the victory (i see it because im a full fledged fft player,so with luck, i see it...) but it also seem very tidious to me for such an early mission...why does the description of fairy down is still remove ko if it only cast regen now ??

Can you try to enlighten me a little please..thanks
Hi Eternal,

I have been a big fan of FFT for years and not to long ago i founded ffhacktics and its like i have been reborn again... Other great mod for FFT like CCP make me so happy (props celia)

i Also saw that you did mods for FFta and FFTA so guess whats!!^^...back on those game too.... AND then the chery pop cake sunday... THIS ffx12 mod... i just can't thanks you enough!!!

If you wouldn't exist, we would have to create you !

You are like a deep friend i never meet even if i'm only a consummer of your great work :p ! Once again Thanks mate.