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Spriting / Yoshi (Super Mario RPG)
November 01, 2021, 05:39:01 pm
Basic Monster Sheet, BMP is for a preview, for use: import the SPR version in Shishi.
I like Front Mission Mechas but have some hard time to recreate even the easiest one to FFT, so I post this here, if someone can improve this further i will greatly apreciate that, need work on all aspect and use ARUTE sheet so its recomended see how Altima 1rst form is used in Shishi.
Spriting / ek-Custom Sheets.
July 29, 2020, 02:56:57 am
Original sprites are from:
-Twinies and Zozma for Barret.
-Pokemon, FFXII Revenant Wings and other games...

EDIT:I change the name of this post because the term "Port" also is a diminutive/short name  of  "Portrait".


29-07-20►Barret FF7 Remake.
09-08-20►Cyber Bahamut.
10-08-20►Mimic RW.
11-08-20►Mimic KH.
13-08-20►Famfrit , Odin, and Spider from FFXII RW.
14-08-20►Shiva, Hashma, Ultima, Zodiac, Tiamat and Zalera.
17-08-20►Bahamut from RW.Updates►Odin.
1-The 09-08-20►Cyber Bahamut still has better idle animations i dedicate it back then.
2-No new sprites for now, only updates, after some practice i finally learn how to fit the rear idle-walk animation, so i will fix all my sprites and hive them a temporally second attack same as the first (i will upload a edited version soon) just to no break immersion, also a color fix to fit the FFT color pallet.
3-Update Odin, read 2 to see what is fixed in this update.
30-08-20►Cyber Bahamut evolve!.
This take me some days... Cyber Bahamut got a fire incarnate form.Now with fully custom animated 4 attacks... use Worker 8 sheet.Try it, enjoy it.
01-09-20► Pikachu.
Original color from Pokemon Ranger (yes another not FFT color sheet but i like this  :thisisfine:  ), include shiny and machine teme extra pallet..
02-09-20►Gilgamesh RW.
In celebration of Conman Human Gilgamesh, i made a port of Monster Gilgamesh from RW.
03-09-20►Mewtwo and Blastoise.
04-09-20►Bowser and Sentry Robot.
Spriting / Heavy Guns-Shooter Weaponry_WIP
July 29, 2020, 02:30:26 am
I make some shotguns and Gun-swords for the game, but force me replace these for the Pole and Pole-arm sprites.Still have some minimun incongruenses with the pole-arm in-battle animations but despicable for me.
Spriting / FFT personal Stats-Menu icons
March 31, 2020, 02:41:55 am
Sup! i have this done for some wile ago, also is for my personal visual taste, that mean i change some concept like MP to SP and erased some icons and things like the massive gold dagger pointer and the word "enemy" in battle, is not finish yet, if some of you like some sprites here just change it in GALE to you local menu sprite extracted via shishi.
Hi! Need help when apply the Rfh Jump formula in http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=9050.0  but cant edit the Y value in ffpatcher (Y+1)% on hit so all my jumps have only 1% on hit, i cant find the Y in the jump horizontal or vertical abilities, also no Y value in the Asm code itself.
Also try the worker formula apply elemental and stat but hive me large and increased random damages each time i select and deselect a target.  :cry:
Help! / Counter loop or infinite counter?
May 30, 2019, 06:42:49 pm
Hello comunity its me again to ask for some help on this great game hacking adventure  :D , so to the question...can we have counter loop sistem?

Lets say each player can counter each other 2 times in one atack

a and b have "counter"

b atack a
a counter b
b counter a
a counter b
b counter a
end loop counter

or infinite counter to the dead, or the most "brave" to proc the last hit.
How i can make Weapons or armor reduce speed or movement? FFTPatcher only let me increase that stat even i put -1 that turn to 0 value.
I want to edit Summon Sprites-Images, where are there in the .bin? I did some search but cant find the sprite of the summons, i want to edit Fairy hair,black to silver-white, for example.
Hi you all nice people! :) Can someone tell me how i can make a enemy start battle riding a chocobo? i use fftpatch and easyeventedit to edit my random encounters, but cant figure how to make enemies apear mounted one of these chocobos. :roll: