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The Lounge / FFBE: War of the Visions
December 02, 2018, 05:26:51 pm
So this is going to be a thing in Japan. it's based on the mobile gacha game  Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Help! / Help! Shishi editor not updating sprite!
June 05, 2018, 11:24:03 pm
I have never had this problem come up before. Whatever reason whenever I go to update my Fran sprite it actually reverts to an earlier version of the sprite than the one I'm trying to upload. I tried resetting everything including my computer and then I tried a fresh version of Shishi and fresh ISO, I renamed the sprite and nothing is working. I even tried to upload a different one and that works but when I go back to upload again, It just keeps going back to the previous version! Haaalp meee... 😭
PSX FFT Hacking / Valk's Effect Edits
January 07, 2017, 10:49:19 pm
So, after being bored doing the Fran sprite, I decided to try out some effects editing! I am starting out easy with some monk edits so here you go!

Repeating Fists Edits

Spike Fists

Shuriken Barrage

Sword Slashes

Flaming Fists

Frozen Fists

Tornado Strikes

Thunder Punches

Wave Punch Mods

Chakram Aura

Dolphin Blow

Flaming Fist

Frozen Fist

Tornado Strike

Thunder Punch

Holy Mods

Holy ver. 2

Holy Spears

Holy Swords

Holy Spears ver.2

PSX FFT Hacking / Relating to job requirements.
January 22, 2016, 07:25:37 pm
I was thinking of creating a Job tree in which only specific types of jobs could gain only specific classes and not branch into other ones. I saw Xifanie's Upgraded Soldier office and realized there might be someway to make this work.That seems simple enough, have them require one of their own class and their corresponding partnered class and 8 out all the classes that they could never reach therefore making it impossible to get to a Job Tree not meant for them. However my issue then comes to the fact that Squire and Chemist are base jobs. I want my Generics to follow specific trees. I would also like my Special Characters to follow those specific trees which would best suit them. I am not sure if I am at an impasse here, since I am only in the conceptualization phase, haven't tested anything AT ALL!.
So for example...
I would like The Squire and Chemist Classes to Branch out to their own Tree. The Archer and Thief Classes to their own and the White and Black Mage Classes to their own. Having Three Trees in total. However, since the base classes for all of the Special Character types is Squire. How could I make it so that their Base class let's Say Beowulf who is a Mystic Knight/Templar fall into the Mage Class Tree, without access to the Squire/Chemist-Archer/Thief Class tree? Is this even possible with the Special Characters or would they be beholden to only the Squire/Chemist path?

So I thought maybe I can make it so that all the Special classes are beholden to the Squire/Chemist tree and one other to suit them so that their "Special-ness" comes out? However this defeats the purpose of what I want and that is to make Generics something people would want to have!! And the Squire/Chemist Tree would also have access to those other classes.... SIGH

Anyway, if there is a way to make it so that the Special Classes aren't so special, other than nerfing them? Or is this something Hard coded into the game that makes the Squire base special which cannot be surpassed?

I guess that would mean that all of the Special classes would only be beholden to the Squire/Chemist path... hmmm and then my Generics would be something that the Specials could never achieve making them that more invaluable! Oh geez I just spoke in a circle with that one. Either way! Does anyone know of an ASM hack or a work around?
Spriting / //.hack Accidentally created Data Drain
July 03, 2014, 02:10:40 pm
So as I was playing around with the effects of Cloud I messed something up while trying to mod Cherry Blossom and out came an interesting little effect!

Cloud Performing Kite's/Haseo's Data Drain!

Anywho it made me think of the concept of creating spriting out Kite.

P.S. Didn't realize I recorded Beirut as I did that! Hahaha
So I have come across some effects that seem to be impossible to mod they are usually the ones that are grayed out when you look at the effect rip. I was wondering if anyone knew the why to this conundrum of mine?
PSX FFT Hacking / Valk's Summon Replacements
June 20, 2014, 05:53:04 pm
I am gonna be uploading my Summon edits onto here, so enjoy! I will put the images in the spoilers and at the bottom the zipped up bins! Only tested on PSX version thus far.

Terra replacing Zodiark

Atma replacing Cyclops... because Cyclops?? Wtf? (There is also a classic version from FFVI in the Zip file)

Diabolos replacing Lich with modified effects

Rubicante replacing Ifrit

Scarmiglione replacing Titan

Barbariccia replacing Ramuh with modified effects

Cagnazzo replacing Leviathan

Ultros and Typhon!! Octopus Ink/Tentacle Storm and Snort :3 (Replacing Leviathan/Lich and Bahamut with two versions of Ultros)

Madeline Terra's mother and a revamped Maduin
Help! / Question on charging
June 12, 2014, 07:02:52 pm
Is it possible to have it so that much like the Jump time, another skill won't be interrupted or be prompted for an action until the skill is performed? So that it doesn't behave like a long spell where you get to walk around or change what action you want to take.

Basically what I have now, is my Character Terra Performs Shiva, which I have changed to Morph and she jumps in the air, but she keeps being prompted to perform another action when her turn comes up off screen. kind of killing the suspense of when she does perform the "Diamond Dust" or how I have renamed it "Terra's Ascension" giving the illusion that Terra has transformed. I basically just want to do the Morph, she flies up into the air and I don't see or hear from her until she performs the "Summon"
Is there a sprite sheet anywhere for Type 1/ Type 2 that will tell me what sprite parts are used for specific animations? I am currently working on Terra and have wondered if it was possible to have it so that when casting a spell I could change her animations to Morph

For example the boxes checked on Patcher are 8,11,13,14 which gives you a value 01 2C 00, I want to try to manipulate it so that only when casting does her sprite change to her Morphed form. If it isn't possible, then oh well!
It's 2021 and I've updated the colors to some of the sprites and portraits. I, unfortunately, could not upload all of the BoF sprites onto the front page so check the latest page 17 for those including Rei and Katt. I want to thank everyone that helped especially Twinees who help with the Trance Terra portrait! Working on Teepo so stay tuned for that next!
Spriting / Modified Portraits
May 22, 2014, 01:00:34 am
Here are some modified and frankenports I worked on. I wanted to create variation in the skin tones and races. I also wanted better Ninja Portraits and a Terra one, I played with Celes only a bit . Finally I edited the Rydia because I didn't like the shape of her head, it looked like she was wearing a wig before. 

UPDATE: Added Fran