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The Lounge / Employment...Future of games
August 02, 2011, 11:44:28 am
You know, the creators of games should really scan forums of us Fans, and utilize the talent that makes adjustments. Don't get me wrong, the first time I Played FFT and  Sims 2  ;) *I had to sneak that in* became a wonderful xspeariance. But once custom content surfaced, I quickly jumped off the vanilla versions and dove into making my own experience. They really under appreciate you guys, and maybe hire ya'll for future product improvement. Man.... Games ain't what they used to be. :more: kick ass     :more: sprites     :more: kicking ass     :more: custom sprites     :more: Kick Ass-ness     :more: Naruto sprites?     :more: Kicking Asscheaks     :more: More Shinobi     :more: Stronger NME"S to kick their Ass's     :more: Recolors to look sweet while we do it     :more:
Help! / Animation Creation: Crushing Blow
August 01, 2011, 04:23:27 pm
Okay... I've been currently trying to Mod Crushing blow for one of my custom Chars. I keep running into various problems, solving them, then creating new problems. The situation is this: I've manage to change the formula to 5E, but when he performs it, there is no damage counter shown. He goes through the motion, and the damage is applied to the nme, but you don't see it displayed.

  • Hp                    
  • Learn w JP
  • Target nme's      
  • Display abil name
  • silence
  • Vert Incr

    Effect: 1e1 Small electricity (Mustadio's House)

    Range:        3
    Effect area: 0
    Veritcal:      0
    Inflict stat:  5F (Random dead, petrify, stop)
    Formula:      5E Dmg_((MA+y)/2*MA) #Hit_(X+1) 6.25% Status
    X:              2
    Y:              2
  • weapon strike                    
  • Hit NME's                              
  • Silence
  • auto                                
  • Hit Ally's                              
  • Targeting
  • Target Self                        
  • Follow Target(?)                    
  • Evadeable

    Also, I wanted to change the animation tab for the move. I wanted the move to be 1 consectutive motion (3x) maybe with a strike of his sword or the shot off an arrow.
    I've tried the values 0F, 6A, and 00, which gave me ideas *thanks* but he performs the jump, waits a turn depending on the CT, then drops down with the electric,  followed by 2 elect punches. No damage displayed.
    any suggestions on a sexy crushing blow animation and how to display the damage?
    I would be forever in your debt and will service anyone (not Sexually) with anything I can.

The Lounge / Ello!
August 01, 2011, 03:57:04 pm
Million Meldoi here, and I find that it's impossible to not join this forum if this game becomes a hobby. I just wanna tweak it, and tweak sa'more... then more. I don't think I'll ever be satisfied until i've done everything to this game.

Ps... That Patch, the expert patch is Amaxing!!!!! :D