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June 15, 2024, 07:41:11 am


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[SOLVED] Beginners Guide

Started by tikitorch87, May 11, 2024, 03:19:56 am


May 11, 2024, 03:19:56 am Last Edit: May 13, 2024, 05:15:36 pm by tikitorch87
I have been trying to learn both emulating and patching emulations for the last 5-6 hours. I am trying to install FFT ReMixed but am having issues when trying to replace the TEST.EVT through CDmage B5. I keep getting "cannot create temporary folder" and am not sure how to proceed since it seems like the first step in making sure the patch is applied properly. If anyone could give me a real dumbed down step by step guide I would really appreciate it. I was super excited when reading about these in depth mods of a game I really love but the learning curve is a little steep for me.

Much appreciated in advance
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Isn't patching Remixed just a PPF? Just use PPF-O-Matic on a clean rom.
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I thought I needed the resource pack along with the PPF, turns I was overthinking the whole time  :oops:

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