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June 15, 2024, 05:59:43 am


Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen, RetroArch, and Duckstation are recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

Dark Tales of Ivalice

Started by SZ7, April 29, 2023, 06:39:11 pm


April 29, 2023, 06:39:11 pm Last Edit: May 08, 2023, 11:15:51 pm by SZ7
NOTE: For those that were playing the Beta version, it will not be compatible with the official versions of the mod!
NOTE: Only works with the PSX version!
NOTE: The download will contain a few Word documents on changes for classes and monsters!
NOTE: This is my first post ever, so I apologize for any mistakes or if the initial post is messy!

duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG 2023-04-29 02-48-12-547.png
Welcome to Dark Tales of Ivalice (Version 1.0)! This mod is a re-balance of Final Fantasy Tactic's original game. In addition to re-balancing of characters, jobs, items, monsters, and more, this mod also adds an increase of difficulty for those who are interested in a little challenge. The motive behind this mod was to fix things that were underwhelming in the vanilla while still staying true to the original game. Thanks to FFH's special team of users, DToI uses TLW as a base, so all the extra content and features that mod uses can also be found here! The mission is still the same as in the original game, but now Ramza must face tougher and highly skilled foes to survive!

Here is a general idea of changes that can be found in this mod
  • The palette colors for generic males and females have been changed for most Jobs
  • Stat adjustments and balancing for Jobs and monsters(Bard and Dancer have been improved)
  • Balance adjustment with gear
  • Luso Clemens (introduced from War of the Lions) returns
  • Cloud level scales with your party and no longer joins at Level 1
  • Guest units are now controllable (exception is the tutorial battle, random battles & units under Invitation)
  • A mysterious Chocobo has crossed dimensions and has entered the lands of Ivalice! Can you find and recruit this unique bird to your ranks?
  • Two new super bosses have appeared in Ivalice! Corrupted by the rising power of darkness in Ivalice! Can you defeat these two foes and free their souls from corruption?
  • Level UP/Down strategy for increasing stats has been removed
  • AI can STILL attack you while under Transparent status
  • Treasure hunting no longer requires low Bravery to obtain rare items
  • Some classes and monsters have new abilities
  • Renaming of a lot of abilities, items, classes and monsters
  • HELP select provides more detailed information on everything
  • Different enemy configurations for random battles
  • Harder Deep Dungeon
  • New dialogues during most story and battle events
  • Enemies from Chapter 2 and onward will now level scale with your party
  • Enemies from Chapter 1 and onward will be 'highly skilled'! So expect to see enemies using abilities you would normally not see at all from vanilla
  • Special class enemies and Lucavi are now much tougher and will not be pushovers
  • Many weapons are now supported with Dual Wield and Doublehand! Use SELECT help to see the weapon changes
  • Item duping and JP scroll glitch have been removed
  • Wild Boar which was only possible to obtain through breeding, no longer requires to be bred and can be found in specific areas
  • Status buffs and debuffs provide detailed information, including their CT and all ways to remove it (does not include abilities from special classes such as Princess, Temple Knight, etc.)
  • Poison status is permanent and has to be removed for its effects to wear off or if the unit dies. Use this to your advantage if the enemy doesn't have a way to remove it
  • Bomb family is now immune to Undead and Poison status
  • Malboro family is now immune to Poison and Oil status
  • Divine Knight can now use their abilities to damage monsters and human targets that no longer have the piece of gear it would normally destroy (Human units will still be immune if they have the Safeguard ability)
  • New innate abilities for certain Jobs and monsters
  • CT reduced for many abilities
  • Accuracy for Yin Yang Magic, Time Magic, and Bardsongs have been increased
  • Sword skill abilities (Holy Sword, Fell Sword & Divine Sword) now require MP, a slight Charging debuff, and are evadable now
  • Oil status has been fixed so Fire elemental attacks will do more damage to oil-drenched units
  • Degenerator Trap has been removed
  • New items for treasure hunting
  • Enemy Dragoons or any unit with Jump will no longer use Jump to awaken ally units under Sleep status
  • Caution has been replaced with Barrier (White Mage), and Silent Walk has been replaced with Retreat (Thief)
  • Move+2 and Move+3 have been removed
  • Flare, Holy and Full Life (Raise 2) no longer work with Math
  • Phoenix Down no longer instantly kills Undead units and instead deals 25% damage based on their max HP
  • Undead units now have a revival rate of 75% instead of 62.5%
  • Axes are no longer forced two-handed weapons and are now one-handed weapons but can be supported with Dual Wield and Doublehand
  • All extra content and additional features TLW provided are in this mod as well

Showcase of new generic palettes for male and female
duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG 2023-04-29 11-27-52-990.png
duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG 2023-04-29 11-27-58-874.png
duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG 2023-04-29 11-27-40-378.png
duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG 2023-04-29 11-27-47-607.png

Poach and hidden ability info (Beastmaster)
duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG 2023-04-29 11-49-17-762.png

Status effect information
duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG 2023-04-29 11-51-33-231.png
duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG 2023-04-29 11-51-38-222.png

New monster abilities
duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG 2023-04-29 11-48-53-588.png

TLW Base
Attack.out Rebuild, Spreadsheet & GUI
Worldmap Rebuild
WotL Event Additions & Fixes
Mod Organization
Vanilla Event Fixes and Jumps
ASM Setup, Application & Testing
Sound Novel fixes and Implimentation

Initial Attack.out Rebuild, Spreadsheet & GUI
Initial Worldmap Rebuild
Sidequest Changes & WotL Implimentation

ASM - Altima Teleport
ASM - Event Instruction Upgrade Hack
ASM - Extra Abilities Effects Hack
ASM - Map 120 Edits
ASM - Unit Restriction & Guests in Randoms
New Game Plus Work (not yet complete)
Squashing some bugs

De-WotLize Dialogue in WotL Event Ports
Translated & Fixed Sound Novel Images
Title Screen & Lead-in frames from WotL Movie to Title Screen

ASM - Rumor Edits
ASM - ARH Lite - TLW Edition

ASM - 1E4 & 1E5 Become Adeptness & Sturdy
ASM - Barrage & Weapon Strike Rewrite
ASM - Extra Generic Class

ASM - Bravestory Fix
ASM - UWEntries

Sprite Fixes & Edits

WotL Opening & Intro Movie Ports

WotL Event Fixes

Allowing merge of her ISIA patch for Consolidation.

Several event fixes.

TLW Bugtesters

Troubleshooting assistance

Beta testing

TheKillerNacho - Some stuff is a reference to his FFTBG Mod he streams on Twitch

Additional ASM stuff
Dokurider - AI Two Swords Range Fix
DW - Jump on Sleeping Unit Fix, AI Throw Item Fix
Emmy - Instant skills blink red if unusable due to silence/out of mp, Locks job wheel/equip screen for standard monsters, caution becomes Barrier, Silent Walk becomes Flee - FIXED for branching/load issues
FFMaster - Oil Hack
Razele - AI attacks transparent unit v1.1, JP scroll glitch fix v1.2, Undead units receive 25% max HP damage from Phoenix Down
Xifanie - Undead Revival Chance
Xjamxx - Mighty Sword WOTL, Draw out visual bug fix
Glain - Equipment duplication glitch fixes

GOOD LUCK and enjoy! ^_^/
  • Modding version: PSX


Will give this a try. One thing I find strange though is. I see the Dark Knight class in your screenshots yet the class isnt mentioned in your Dtol Job Unlock Table document.

Edit: I did find the Dark knight requirements in the generic info doc. Thanks
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL


Thanks to Jumza's help. The issue with the wrong palettes has been fixed as well as Boco. In terms of Boco, if you made a save past the fight to rescue and recruit him, there is a high probability that he'll still be glitched even with this patch fix, so you'll either have to revert a previous save before that battle or will have to start over completely if you don't have a older save (Save states won't fix it). Feel free to let me know if any issues that occur either in this forum or in FFH Discord.
  • Modding version: PSX


I'm currently starting a playthrough on this mod and it looks like it will be worth my time.
My suggestion is to enable smart encounters where I don't get random encounters on green spots on the map when going from town to town (most useful on jobs from bars). It's also where if you go to a green spot intentionally, that's where you will get a guaranteed battle.
  • Modding version: Other/Unknown


I'm mostly likely going to put in 'smart' encounters in the next update because there's something I want to nerf and a Reaction ability I want to buff.
  • Modding version: PSX


Looks cool, dude. Will give it a try !

And please as the other guy said, enable smart encounters in your next update.

Thanks !
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
  • Discord username: wernecksteiger


June 30, 2023, 03:43:56 pm #6 Last Edit: June 30, 2023, 07:46:38 pm by SZ7
Yes, the 'smart' encounters will be enabled in the next update. I'm just waiting on more feedback before I implement a new patch.

So far, this is what is on the list for changes.

Magic Counter (Counter Magic): Will be buffed to work with other spells, instead of offensive
Smart Encounter: Will be enabled
Sprint Shoes: I knew this was probably going to be a mistake, but it will be going back to +2 Speed from +3 Speed

There's no time line on the update because I need more feedback or any potential issues that spawned so I can get them all at once, unless something major happen has occurred.
  • Modding version: PSX