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July 22, 2024, 10:22:03 pm


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I tested Multiplayer with PPSSPP and it works! No wireless adapter needed!

Started by Zand3, December 25, 2014, 10:55:14 am


I'm very excited, I just confirmed it myself yesterday that multiplayer is working through PPSSPP which simulates the ad-hoc wireless connection, and all you need is a PC to play with someone else on a PC. If anyone wants to try it with me, or play a few missions / pvp battles, feel free to message me. This is pretty unbelievable and it feels great with a usb controller in hand..I'll paste my guide from the PPSSPP forum which I was able to write because someone there helped me test it!

Here is the link to the thread which has a link you need: h ttp://forums.ppsspp. org/showthread.php?tid=13338
Here is the hamachi server: 260-090-830
password: PSP321

FFT MULTIPLAYER IS WORKING!!!! Thank you so much to Zinx777, seriously honorable mention to this guy. He helped me test joining and hosting to make sure it was fully working and it was beautiful.

1. Download the AdamN build from the link above (see original thread) and paste the exe file in the same folder as your current PPSSPP exe file (my file was renamed with a (3) at the end after downloading it multiple times so that enabled me to paste it in the same folder) p.s. if the link isn't still working one day just message me for it
2. Make sure you have the same version with the person you're playing with. (US, EU, Jap etc.)
3. The host needs to have the adhoc server exe running in the background which can be downloaded for your specific operating system from the top of this page: htt p://forums.ppsspp. org/showthread.php?tid=8148
4. Both people need to "Enable network/Wlan" in system settings (make sure it's checked), and for the next setting right under that where it says "change proadhocserver IP address" whoever wants to host leaves it blank, and the person who will join should right click on the host's name in Hamachi and copy IPv4 address and paste it in there in their own settings (under "change proadhoc server IP address, don't forget to make sure enable network/wlan is checked for both of you)
5. Both people go to a tavern in the world map, and it works! Obviously the host should host a melee match (pvp) or a rendezvous mission (co-op) and then tell the other person to join, make sure you both pick the same one (melee or rendezvous) and viola! FFT is now multiplayer baby!

The host has the advantage of running the adhoc server .exe to see what's going on. It gives you a log that tells you when someone is connecting, and I think it actually tells you if there's an error of some kind, or at least gives you the info if it's like the wrong version or something. If it says requesting info over and over, then maybe someone is trying to join but you didn't click host yet.

One more useful tip: If you need to download a save file, just go here or you can google for something else: ht tp://www.gamefaqs .com/psp/937312-final-fantasy-tactics-the-war-of-the-lions/saves

In order to use a save file, make sure you already have at least 1 saved game. You might have to play through the intro battle in order to do so. Saving the game originally generates a save folder in the \PPSSPP\memstick\PSP\SAVEDATA folder ..you can find the one specific to FFT because it will say random numbers and letters followed by FFT and a bunch of 0's somewhere in there. Copy and paste that folder somewhere else if you want to save your data somewhere, because we are going to replace it with the new save file of your choice. Highlight and copy just the name of this original save folder (single click on the name the folder and then ctrl + c) and paste it into the name of the downloaded save folder. Now copy the downloaded save folder with the new name into the SAVEDATA folder and hit 'Yes' to replace all. Now when you load the game, you should have the downloaded save file, with the level 99 crazy characters or w/e you downloaded.

So, now this opens a door to tournaments that we can record, and all kinds of crazy stuff. We can do like a level 10 tournament with only level 10 characters so you just have the basic knight/archer/mage/squire party vs. knight/archer/mage/squire and that could be fun on its own Smile


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Quote from: Shintroy on December 26, 2014, 06:06:08 am
Does it work with mobile PPSSPP?

I don't think so, because you need hamachi, and I don't think hamachi will work on a mobile. Correct me if I'm wrong, I only tested on a PC. Also, you need a specific ppsspp build that's already in .exe format, you can't download this from the ppsspp website or anything, so I don't even know how you'd install it on a mobile.

Holy Knight Wiegraf

Hi Everyone ! I am new here in this forum. Personally I love this game. And i am amazed what is possible to edit it.
But i have problems with the game on multiplayer.

we downloaded the ppsspp exe file and renamed it. also pasted it into our folders. we are using ppsspp with that exe file of course.
we are using the same game version.
he has ad hoc server running in the background.
settings in the emulator are turned on.
the ipv4 from the host is put in my server ip settings since i wanna join his hosted game. does his server ip field have to be blank or does it have to say localhost ?
the mac adress is gernerated randomly if clicked. so that cannot be the mistake right ?

but the server exe says that i disconnected and left the game. Does anyone know what went wrong here and how i can solve it?
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I'm not sure what you did wrong. The "change proadhocserver IP address" should be blank for the host. Are you sure you have the same version? Check by reading the ULUS1012309 thingy with numbers at the top of the PPSSPP window when you load the game. You can also try renaming the AdamN build ppsspp.exe file to the same thing as each other (so make sure they both have (3) at the end or w/e as long as it's the same for btoh), and make sure you opened that file and not the regular ppspp.exe file that you had, when you open the program. I can't think of anything else at the moment. If you want to try connecting with me later, PM me

Zero Dozer

Okay, time for me to butt in.

I didn't test it yet, but PPSSPP 1.0 does use Coldbird's server to allow for multiplayer. I saw on PPSSPP.org about it, including instructions to make the multiplayer work, without Hamachi and the such.
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Holy Knight Wiegraf

ah i see. thx 4 your responses.

i watched the tutorial and tested it with my cousin. but we cant get it to work. and someone in the topic said that he tested FFT and it worked fine even with
high ping people who live on another continent.

the hosted game is shown on the coldbird site. but it wont work. i guess my router isnt able to open the required ports needed to play. looks like i have to contact my provider and ask 4 a solution.
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Zero Dozer

For what I did read there, there were need for some router configuration in there.
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Holy Knight Wiegraf

yep. the configuration is shown in his video tutorial. i did it with success. i am sure of it. but this setting wasnt enough to get it work. but it should be.

in my router, the option is named exposed host. there is no doubt. its the correct one.
if he or myself are hosting, then the game is shown on coldbird, but if we try to connect then it wont work, probably because the ports are still locked and wont allow access to the outside.
But at least i am making fine progress in editing the game. its extremely fun. i hope coldbird will make it playable without the need of dmz.
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Has anyone confirmed multiplayer works on the new iOS PPSSPP version?
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