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New Project Ideas / Re: FFT: Romance Simulator
June 07, 2022, 12:29:34 am
I still really want to make this happen, but my health has only gotten worse since. :/

I did just come up with a new idea though: If Ramza is the MC, a gender option with a custom female portrait.
No. Well, it depends on the hack. A lot of my complex hacks require the spreadsheet to build the data table. I try to provide the format if it's possible to edit the XML directly for those who wish to do so, but that's only a few of my spreadsheets.
WotL finally has ASM hackers. Or maybe just one. Tzepish is active our our discord server, and Nax (really smart guy and a programmer) was active until a month ago... no idea why he's not anymore.
Though it is frowned upon to push requests on ASM hackers in this community (the requests being infinite, and the number of ASM hackers being, well, extremely limited).

With all things considered, I would still say WotL modding is in its infancy, but I do see some potential in the long term.
You'll learn once you beat the game
Considering what you're experiencing, I can only guess that KANZEN/KANZEN2's SHP/SEQ are allocated to the same memory address. It might require sacrificing something else in order to load both...

Either way, some fairly tedious ASM hacking would be involved.
  • Fixed issues with the ShowGraphic extension that would make it throw a lot of reading errors and not work with GraphicTimeout.
  • Added support to ShowGraphic for a secondary file after the WLDBK.BIN IDs (i.e. 0x92-0xFF)

  • Improved GraphicTimeout to allow setting its value at any point; not only once the graphic is done rendering.
Download it here, and post your bugs here. Maybe I'll add something here later.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Trap Extension (Topic is WIP)
March 29, 2022, 07:13:53 am
First Things First

  • Make sure you change the Trapper formula to the ID that you want
  • Use the Add-Ins Load FFTText function (unless you use vanilla text)

Hack Columns

For your own reference

For your own reference

Particle Effect
Effect animation that plays when a trap is triggered.

Ability Name
Ability Name to be displayed with a Check box when a unit steps on the trap.

Formula to use to apply effects on the target.
Attacker's stats will be set to the Trapper's stats.
If set to 0xFF, The sheet's hardcoding will be used instead. (See @custom_traps)
WARNING: Status effects are currently not supported with formulas, but they can be applied (but not removed) with hardcoding

X value to use with the Formula

Y value to use with the Formula

If true, this trap can be ignored by the Ignore RSM (equipped),
or deactivated by the Deactivate RSM (equipped).
If false, the trap will always trigger.

Text Row
Just set it to FF for custom abilities. Don't concern yourself with this.
It actually affects the text offset loaded from "Battle - Action Effects"
Overriden if Ability Name !== 0xFFFF

Adding Traps to battles with the Event Instruction Upgrade Hack

The Traps Format is as follows:

X: X Coordinate
Y: Y Coordinate
U: 0x80 Elevation
0x40 Trap is active (this should always be set to true)
0x00-0x1F ENTD Unit ID (0x00 to 0x0F for ENTD units, 0x10 to 0x14 for the Player's roster units)
T: Trap Type ID

Of course those bytes would be reversed in event code when using LUI/OR

Script Example:

//Load the Traps Table Address into Variable 0x0001

//Set Sleeping Gas (0x02) Trap at coordinates (8,3,0) laid by ENTD Unit 0x03

//Set Manafont (0x0D) Trap at coordinates (4,5,1) laid by ENTD Unit 0x01
PSX FFT Hacking / Trap Extension v1.0
March 29, 2022, 07:13:39 am
💾 Trap Extension.xlsm
💾 Trap Extension.xml

This hack allows you to place old and brand-new traps on the field with an abilities, or with event instructions.

000 | 0x00 Degenerator: -1 Level
001 | 0x01 Deathtrap: 100% Death Sentence
002 | 0x02 Sleeping Gas: 100% Sleep
003 | 0x03 Steel Needle: 25% Max HP Damage
004 | 0x04 Rejuvenation: +HP (Level+1) x 5
005 | 0x05 Explosion: -HP (Level+1) x 2
006 | 0x06 Fusillade: -HP (Level+1) x 5
007 | 0x07 Manafont: +MP (Level+1) x 2
008 | 0x08 Wizardbane: -MP (Level+1) x 5 / 2
009 | 0x09 Leech: -MP (Level+1) x 5
010 | 0x0A Vanishing Smoke: 100% Transparent
011 | 0x0B Blinding Smoke: 100% Blind
012 | 0x0C Choking Gas: 100% Poison
013 | 0x0D Silence Gas: 100% Silence
014 | 0x0E Oil Bug: 100% Oil
015 | 0x0F Stasis: 100% Don't Move + Don't Act
016 | 0x10 Befuddling Gas: 100% Confuse + Berserk
017 | 0x11 Swarm: 100% Blood Suck
018 | 0x12 Stone Gas: 50% Petrify
019 | 0x13 Gil Bug: +Gil (Level+1) x 250
020 | 0x14 Grasshopper: Restore Movement (doesn't work if Act was used)
021 | 0x15 Plot Armor: 100% Immortal
022 | 0x16 Powerup: +1 SP / +2 PA / +2 MA (doesn't display)

Adds a trapping formula which lets the player add custom traps on the battlefield that will trigger once.
The formula cannot be properly processed by AI, so I recommend that you uncheck "Used by AI."
Adding a trap to a tile that already has a trap will replace it with the new one.
The Y value of the formula determines which Trap Type will be set at the targeted tile.
You can either have trap skills that target the same tile as the user, or target empty tiles.
You can assign the formula to whichever formula ID suits your needs best.

WARNING: The ability MUST include a unit (ideally the user) in its AoE when it resolves in order to call the formula, which is why I have the following recommendations below.

Ability will fail if a unit is on the same tile as the targeted tile when the ability resolves.
"Auto Target" must be OFF
Recommended Settings:
Range: 1
AoE: 1
Linear Range ON
Vertical Threshold ON
Top-Down Target ON
Hit Caster ON
Can Select Unit OFF

Ability will fail if the user is not on the same tile as the targeted tile when the ability resolves.
Auto Target must be ON
Recommended Settings:
Range: 0
AoE: 0
Hit Caster ON

Unfortunately, removing status effects through traps is not possible at this time.
You can either hardcode your own traps at @custom_traps, or set a Formula + X + Y value at trap_types.
  • Fixed the .xml so that FFTOrgASM can apply it without errors (seems to run too)

  • Swapped jalr parameters
  • ResetUnitCalculations() does not affect Battle Stats 0x1B7 to 0x1BF anymore.
  • Event Conditionals can now trigger after (charged) actions/movement/crystalize/treasure as they are meant to, regardless of the Next Scenario ATTACK.OUT entries
  • Fixed ButtonPressGoTo()'s event instruction byte length
  • Restructured the hack to allow splitting of kanji space routines
Download Latest Version
💾 Event Instruction Upgrade v1.374.xml
1.13b Released
  • Fixed a bug with "Extended Warranty: Safe Steals/Break" where items stolen from foes would not be added to the player's inventory
  • Massive overhaul of the FFT Hacking Template spreadsheet allowing to save directly to ASM, but could potentially introduce bugs in any hackli]
.ppf ➜ patch over/fresh
.xml ➜ patch over/fresh
New Project Ideas / Re: Quality of Life Pack v1.11
February 25, 2022, 06:05:31 am
1.12 Released
  • Added (or fixed?) "Fur Shop requires Secret Hunt learnt, not equipped" where it was not working as intended
  • Fixed bugs with "Extended Warranty: Safe Steals/Break" where:
    • AI predictions would add items to the fur shop and after battle
    • Gear of guests without save formation/join after event would become available to the player once broken/stolen
  • Condensed all hacks into a new kanji space location. Sorry modders! In the QoL Hacks spreadsheet, you can define the start of the kanji space used, and you'll also see where it ends

.ppf ➜ patch over/fresh
.xml ➜ patch over/fresh
v1.1 Release:
  • Made character replacement a lot faster (importing/exporting/saving resources should all be significantly faster)
  • Fixed a bug where cancelling out of import/export or deleting a directory that was previously used for importing/exporting would force the user to delete a registry key to use the features
  • Fixed an issue with CARD.OUT 2 where several strings were saved as copies instead of blank entries, making Tactext unable to compress the section because of too much text
Quote from: ThomasTheLord on February 20, 2022, 01:43:57 pmNo news about this mod? I'm really looking for some no-grind mods for FFT and can't find any.
There's my project, FFTTranquil that is almost complete and I hope I'll be able to complete soon (health issues)
New Project Ideas / Re: Quality of Life Pack v1.11
February 01, 2022, 09:38:55 pm
1.11 Released
  • Fixed a bug where the ppf and xml were compiled with "No one is enthusiastic about leveling up" instead of foes + guests

.ppf ➜ patch over/fresh
.xml ➜ patch over/fresh
Quote from: Nyzer on February 01, 2022, 05:24:04 pmOoh, does this one squash the bug where battle conditionals only trigger during an active turn?
That has to do with the Event Instruction Upgrade Hack, not this spreadsheet
New Project Ideas / Re: Quality of Life Pack v1.05b
February 01, 2022, 04:56:56 pm
1.1 Released
  • Added "Cancel Movement". It allows to cancel your movement by pressing Cross, except in the following circumstances: picking up a treasures/crystals/move-find items, triggering traps, and teleport fails
  • Upgraded "Only rare Move-Find Items" to version 2 as a proper ASM hack instead of patch the hex values of the rare items over the common ones

.ppf ➜ patch fresh
.xml ➜ patch over/fresh
💾 FFT Conditionals v1.1.xlsm

You might've seen v4 on Discord but that was just while I was testing stuff. This is the newest version.