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January 19, 2022, 02:40:56 am


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Raven's Spreadsheet Shop [LOTS OF BUGFIXES!]

Started by RavenOfRazgriz, June 02, 2011, 10:40:26 pm


Quote from: RavenOfRazgriz on September 11, 2011, 06:42:21 am
2.  Included an Alpha for my ATTACK.OUT Map, Music, Squad, Etc. Editor.

Looking at this, it's pretty keen and I'll probably fill in those defaults so it can get some use! Is it really functional, though? It looks like you're writing 28 bytes per entry when an ATTACK.OUT entry needs 48 bytes.
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Quote from: pokeytax on September 13, 2011, 09:32:04 pm
Looking at this, it's pretty keen and I'll probably fill in those defaults so it can get some use! Is it really functional, though? It looks like you're writing 28 bytes per entry when an ATTACK.OUT entry needs 48 bytes.

I'm writing 28 bytes because I'm mentally retarded and can't even concatenate things properly.

An ATTACK.OUT entry only needs 24 Bytes, though, look:

0x10938: 0100 3E00 0033 3400 0100 0000 0000 0000 0100 0000 0000 0000

*MMMM and NNNN refer to the two question-marked fields on my editor.  I'm still unsure of the second half of the LLxx Halfword means anything, though.

You're thinking they need 48 Bytes because the example in the Data Files uses two different ATTACK.OUT entries - Entry x0100 and Entry x0200 - in order to demonstrate all the different fields.  I'm a dumbass though and forgot that the MMMM NNNN fields were what I knew them to be (they refer to the two Unknowns in the GUI, those are what I surmised them to be based on their use patterns) and totally fucked up the concatenation.  I'm going to fix it and do what Pickle Girl Fanboy suggested then reupload the Workbook set.

You should be able to work on it fine before that though then just paste your work right in as long as you only do selected cells and not a Paste All since that'll undo the fix I need to do, though.  The only thing messed up is the concatenation I do in some hidden cells underneath the data fields.


I reuploaded a fixed version of the Workbook bundle for you, Pokeytax.  The sheet should now concatenate everything correctly.

I also updated what my hypotheses on the two Unknowns are, because I don't even know why I wrote what I did because I knew that was wrong over a year ago.   If you actually do add defaults to this, maybe you'll get a better idea of what they're for, because my guesses are honestly just based on usage patterns.  The Unknown I have labeled as "Battle/Cutscene?" I think might be the one that calls the PBF screen before the battle starts, as its only present for the Setup Event, but I've done no testing.  The one I have as "Cutscene Counter?" I really have no clue what its for, because it just seems to increment by 1 on each of the game's cutscenes with few exceptions.  I assume it has something to do with story progression but I honestly have no fuckin' clue.


Quote from: RavenOfRazgrizAn ATTACK.OUT entry only needs 24 Bytes, though, look


Thanks! I'll post what I end up with.

If the story progression increment is indeed in this file, that'd be smashing. With that readily available I have just about everything you need to model event flow, without having to dig through events.
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I'm trying to edit store inventories, but no matter what I change the XML tab shows this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Patch name="Store Inventory Edits">
<Location file="WORLD_WORLD_BIN" offset="AD844">

Also, even after copying it into a XML file and putting in the same folder as FFTorgASM (it's the same one bundled with the latest FFTPather), no new codes show up in the selection list. What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: Never mind. I guess my version of Excel is outdated or something. I downloaded Open Office and it seems to be working fine (I haven't play-tested it yet, though).


If you want to disable bar props permanently, go to Event 75 and delete ADD{x0091, x0001}.  I wasn't sure where to put this post.
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I noticed an error in the Pre-Raw Stats XML output.

From cells 54-62 on the XML sheet:

<location file="WORLD_WORLD_BIN" offset="58E8C">
<location file="WORLD_WORLD_BIN" offset="58E98">
<location file="WORLD_WORLD_BIN" offset="58458">

Those 3 location tags are not capitalized properly and that causes the hack to not show up in FFTorgASM.

Oh, and I think the curvy quotation marks are supposed to be straight ones on cells 48-51.  They were also making the hack not show up in FFTorgASM.


New Spreadsheet Utility added - Status Coloration Rewrite, the end result of something I talked to Secondadvent about.  Read OP for more info, instructions on how to use it are detailed inside the spreadsheet itself since there was space to do so.

I also added Glain's UWEntries workbook to my Jobs and Character Compilation Workbook because I'd added it there for personal use and didn't feel like taking it out.  If Glain has a problem with this though, I'll remove it. :v


QuoteNEW - Status Coloration Rewrite! Yeah.  This is a thing now.  You can freely modify the visual effect (sprite size and coloration) of up to 16 different statuses with this.  Obviously this doesn't affect how the status will modify the gameplay end of things, but this will make a nice compliment to any ASM that modifies a status effect already, allowing you to change its visual to match

Size? Like mini status =o
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Stupid question... does this also allow you to change which of the status bubbles show up? (Protect/Shell, etc) Or is that something else entirely?
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That's something else entirely.  Celdia knows how to do that, I think.  I'll ask her to give me the info and toss it on a secondary spreadsheet sometime soon assuming it's not a complicated mess of derp.


Ah, sadly I don't know how to do that. At least not what I suspect LD is asking about. I just know how to change the visual effect of the previously existing bubbles which is just editing the graphical data in FRAME.BIN. I don't know how to make the Protect bubble show up for something like Wall status, though.

Also: Hooray! Status Coloration Rewrite! Been waiting a long time for this. ^_^


Big suprise: SecondAdvent has the information on how to do that since he's done a lot with certain graphics of the game, which he did give to me as well but I don't currently have it on me as its on my desktop. Someone catch him on IRC and see if he'll post it here for us =)
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Check out my ASM thread. Who doesn't like hax?


Well, I know how to change the displayed status names, but I haven't found the actual code/tables for the status bubbles (the ones with the symbols in them) that I remember. Just another thing I'll need to go through eventually.

Also, I hate graphical code.


Sweet, I'm immediately thinking of a 'Bubble" status that besides doubling your HP, also makes the affected unit increase in size. Great work, man!
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I'll take your Status Coloration Rewrite and raise it a Terrain Data Editor v1.0. 

Yeah get at me.  I also think including instructions on all my new Spreadsheets directly will become A Thing, though I probably won't go to retroactively add them to ones I've previously done any time soon.


I'll take your Terrain Editor v1.0 and raise it a Terrain Editor v2.0.

This one allows you to edit the Tile Cost for things such as Teleport or Fly, give each Tile its own UNIQUE Status List, and the option to either inflict statuses or remove them.  (So you can have, say, Snow tiles remove Haste if a Hasted unit ends their turn on it.  You can also have Teleport and Fly require 2 Move per tile to move around.  Etc.)