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January 28, 2022, 05:51:35 am


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Dark Knight Sprites (FFT WotL), a request for approval and more.

Started by Wiz, July 31, 2011, 02:41:16 am


I found the .bmp files for the respective sprites and they're not buggy whatsoever like Arch's "Death Knights" are in 1.3. Testing confirms this to be true as well as Shishi with all its frames intact.

I exported them using shishi from the download link in the description of this video in case you're wondering what the source is. Also, 8 palettes are indeed loaded in with 6-8 being repeats of 1-3 iirc so you've got extra room :D

Perhaps I should contact that guy and inform him of our site with there being no indication that he knows of our existence. What do you guys say? He is a patchmaker afterall, so I see no reason in not doing so <_<

Just a tiny complaint, the search function SUCKS and I got nowhere near good results when it came to these sprites, so unless I'm not typing in an accurate enough description, "WotL Dark Knight Sprites", and these sprites are listed in the trenched depths of the spriting section, someone point out where they are for me please :P

In all seriousness, is it alright if I post this in the "Site Submission" forum considering these are not up on the custom sprites page? To me, it makes sense that they'd go up there because by "literal" definition, these are custom such that they aren't present in the PSX version of FFT at all >_>

Mari's stickied thread here in the spriting section should get updated. There's been quite a few new sprites added to the "Custom Sprites" page like the Power Rangers, the Paravirs, Hector.
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Wow, search function does suck >_<

Then again, I'm part to blame for not looking in that forum XP

Locking this up now.

And in doing so, may as well be thrown into the Archives while at it.
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