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November 26, 2021, 09:13:32 pm


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Tethical, online FFT clone

Started by Kivutar, February 25, 2011, 04:38:42 am


I'll be around supporting this as much as I can. Mainly, let's focus on getting motivation going back again in this board, as well as activity.

I'll give suggestions and critique where I see the need. Regarding spritework, im already doing a huge monster sheet to get things going.

Pardon me for my self centered attitude, but if Im going to have my own project running on Tethical, then this whole board becomes my project too in a way, and I'll support it as such.

Hell yeah. Let's get this going guys. Think. This is grand. If this pulls through, we'll have no need of hacking FFT anymore, and will do away with all the limits it brings.

Let's do this.
Now everyone sit down, relax and have a good damned cup of tea.
Then go out into the forest and see the stars.

Then come back and realize it's pointless to be so worked up over what's meant to be our hobby.
That should be my motto here, holy s


I would love to help, but I am pretty much out of ideas as to what I could do, since al this is really technical stuff. Still, I am constantly following this and really root for this thing to happen.
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Help Tethical by donating a custom sprite you've made. The license would be free for any contributor to use so long as they're using it inside the Tethical engine. I want to eventually have a library of sprites available that will help deter contributors from automatically using Cloud, Ramza, and Delita. I will trade you contributor status, which would give you access to the future sprite library, the currently mostly done sprite animator tool (including paint-in-place and palette tools), and the control panel for after it gets locked up when early testing is finished. Thanks.


FWIW, the sprite animator is a godsend for doing monster animations Kage. It's like having the MON sheets work on shishi, although in a more limited capacity.


Hi guys, so much of this seems like it has been a while since it's been touched on, i don't even know how often you guys check into the forum board anymore. It seems like the test game you have posted at  http://tethical.kivutar.me/node/22   has limited access to when the server is up? Im not sure. I tried it, dl'd the panda 3d runtime, and tried using my haktiks login to log in. I imagine thats not even the right username/pw combo as you are not affiliated with haktiks i'm assuming. Anyways, If there is a testing period coming at some point, I would be more than happy to lend a hand testing. I wish I had programming skills but alas, I do not. Only simple trigger/function manipulation through specifically the warcraft 3 world editor. anyways, I am here to do anything I can, if you'd like, let me know.


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Hello! Thanks for your interest in Tethical. To find out what's going on right now, please go read the follow-up on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/100316459/tethical-an-srpg-engine/posts

Once all that's done, it's getting relaunched. Several of those things are done already (demo of card game using Tethical's engine, sprite remixer). I'm spending more time on it than I initially estimated because I think the character customization might just be the niche people would be impressed enough by to actually pledge (instead of hitting the campaign and then moving on).

Keep track of what I do on the project at any of these locations: here, twitter, or youtube.

Even though you posted here in more than one thread, I'll answer your other questions here. The very general goal is to be able to do whatever FFT can do (from way back in 1997). An example of that is character and effect sprite animations. Sprites are a huge part of what FFT did, and a lot of the time I've spent on this project (and still am spending) has gone directly to that, but, because of that work, you could create any number of FFT-esque sprite effects or complicated character actions (including extraneous attachments, like hats, backpacks, masks). Soon, you'll also be able to perform customization of characters like you might in many recent games (except that those use 3d, and this would be 2d). Similarly, another aspect of FFT is its generous use of bitmap fonts, and I've written a program to help anyone wanting to use Tethical's engine be able to make those very quickly and efficiently. Tethical's engine pulls the output from those programs in natively so that core concepts from FFT can be replicated (but not enforced). There are how-to links in this forum that explain how to set things up to use both Kivutar's version and mine (but mine is still very unstable since it changes frequently). Thanks.


Heya Kivutar!! do you still in this project?
look, i would love to help with something!!!
no,i 'm not a programmer and nothing like that,
but i am certain that i can help out!!
let's talk about it!



Maaaaaaaaan... And I lost the baking of such a progress?
First of all, congratulations. Perfection. I'm kinda sad because the initial Kickstarter goal was not attained, but it can be tried again.
Second of all, I am not a programmer, nor a spriter, but I have lots of ideas for testing, if you may find this kind of help useful. Here they are:
-About the parties, I suggest a max 4 teams of 5 characters per map (FFT-standard size), to don't congest the map itself. Surely, players hosting maps will not be scarce. For bigger maps, more teams (or teams with more characters) would be allowed.
-About copyrighted content, it's wise to remove it all from the downloadable engine/game, but it would be cool to allow third-parties add content from FFT (And TO, Saiyuki, Hoshigami, etc) and, obviously, original content for versus fighting.
-To the forum spriters, who developed custom sprites for FFT/WotL hacks, I think that it would be a nice opportunity to redesign bigger versions of them, in prior to fit Tethical's larger resolution.
-I think that SquareEnix won't allow presence of Chocobos in an non-FF game, so I suggest two replacements:
The carakiller, featured in "The Future is Wild" documentary, as the evolution of the Crested caracara.

The terrorbird, a predator that was ancient for... The DUCK. Due to it be historical, no copyright claims.

And sorry if I was annoying, or just posted bullpoop. I just want SO MUCH it going forward.
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