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January 19, 2022, 02:11:24 am


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higher res IOS sprites in PS1 version

Started by chin77, December 19, 2020, 01:46:30 am


Hi All,

I've literally crept through here periodically for like 20 years running lol
I love FFT and have always been intrigued by the work I've seen on the forums.

For all the brains in here: Is there any use for the higher res sprites in the IOS version. Could they be extracted and perhaps be used in such a way that emulators could make use of the higher res sprites? What I'm asking may be completely impossible because this is still a PS1 game then maybe the PS1 wouldn't be able to 'hack' ;) the bigger tiles. I'm amazed by the modding going on with BSNES HD for example, ppl making the SNES rom images do things that were literally 'in my dreams' 20 years ago. So could something crazy like this be done for FFT? High res character sprites.

I'm completely out of my element, and maybe this has been brought up before.

In any case I would love to see some videos with the cool hacks I've heard about. Are there video links?
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