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Spam / It has happened (13th zodiac)
September 29, 2016, 08:15:48 pm
Fantasy encroaches upon more reality.. yes liberation.




I'm a Leo now. Always thought the descriptions of my my character seemed off, yet they still do... meh, I am unfazed.
The Lounge / Do want?
July 07, 2016, 04:40:12 pm

Posted here because maybe someone from this site wants to buy this Ramza keychain.
The Lounge / I Like Sw.. NO! I LOVE Swords!
March 01, 2015, 01:57:49 am
Spam / Purses as weapons
July 15, 2014, 09:17:21 pm
This should be in FFT:

Spam / Short Art-Film Horror Script
March 31, 2014, 09:09:47 pm
Hello. I thought I'd post this idea I had about making a short 'aht' film with my friend who makes short films and works as a free-lance photographer. I got the idea to make this happen after seeing this: http://vimeo.com/82920243 I ran the idea by him and he said he'd be down if I organized it (getting the set and actors etc.). The idea is from a dream I had that scared the f out of me; it's not the coolest dream,  nor the scariest I'd had but I think the visuals would be attainable with a tiny budget so I thought this would be the one to go for despite the religious viewpoints:

'The Adversary'

An Idea for a very short horror type film

Running time; approximately three minutes.

Show the room at whole; in a church like setting. There is a man in black standing at the podium addressing the congregation. Have the camera focus and zoom onto the man at the podium.

Man at the podium: "Good evening folks I am tonight's special guest speaker. I am not going to introduce myself as you will shortly understand exactly who I am. I am known by quite a few names but only one is accurate."

Man at the podium:   "I want you to understand this my beautiful people; I am not what you think I am. I have always had nothing but love for humankind." (brief pause) "It was I whom freed you from your cage known as the Garden of Eden." "The creator, in a jealous rage cursed me onto my belly... meaning I had to operate in the shadows  for thousands of years. I was never evil; it was God's evil curse which made me lurk in darkness. This is the only reason human kind fears me, but it's all a lie. I was cast into the abyss by our neglectful father; yet my intentions were always pure."

Here we see a juxtaposition of a mimic octopus overlap the screen (if we can get a stock piece of footage).
Show the crowd looking entranced... a bit.

Man at the podium:  "I am a god of love; but I need your love; the love of all mankind in order to take the place of the creator. If mankind realized en masse that I came here out of love for you you would accept me as your liberator. I was not casted down from heaven for my vanity; that is the biggest lie!"  (brief pause) "The creator ignores you, this is why I want you to accept me as your god. I will love you. I will listen to your prayers. I will be a visible, interactive god. I was the liberator of your creative spirit and I love all of you."

Another shot of the entranced crowd and some positive heckles ("Amen!" and what not).

Man at the podium: "Because of my curse I have been crippled in my ability to show the world what I truly am. But in order to fully break the chains I have suffered. I need all of you to accept me into your hearts." Do you really wish to continue on without the love and guidance I your new god am offering?" 

The crowd answers excitedly: "No, no!"

"This world is on the verge of collapse and God wont lift a finger to assist you in you dilemma; the time to crown me as Lord is nigh!" " I will save the world and bring all of you into the light. It will at last be a golden age where all men live in harmony."

Show the crowd again for about 7 seconds.. along with more of the mimic octopus footage juxtaposed over it.

  "Take this oath of fealty with me now. Allow me to replace our distant and neglectful father."
" Do you accept me as your true god?"

The crowd again: "Yes!".

I'm not sure how I will word the oath exactly yet; but in this part he and the crowd take an oath wherein the congregation accepts Lucifer into their hearts.

" Repeat after me, and you will be forever blessed with my light." (pause)

"I hereby denounce the creator as my true god." (congregation repeats) "I accept the god of love and light, Lucifer as my true god." (congregation repeats)

During this moment you see two in the crowd quietly pointing  at something. The camera then focuses on the mirror behind the podium. In the reflection of the man who is wearing a black suit; who has raven black hair you see that it is a female figure wearing a white gown and having hair of blonde (almost opposites). Show some of the people's faces of consternation as they also notice the change in the reflection. The crowd starts to become mixed in their reactions because of this strange thing happening in the mirror. Yet the oath continues on.

Lucifer finishes the oath with the confused congregation and steps away from the podium. But the reflection just stays there facing away from the crowd. All you see is a delicate figure in a white dress in the mirror as Lucifer thanks the congregation and bows heralding the new golden era.

Now the people seem a little bit scared because of the ghostly figure still standing there.

Lucifer: "My mission has only just started now that my curse's power is fading thanks to your love and acceptance." I must be on my way, thank you all dearly.. I love you all."

The confused and quiet crowd is so surprised by the image in the mirror that Lucifer seems to slip out of sight without much notice.

The camera centers onto the white clad figure as soon as Lucifer walks out of sight. The figure just stands there for a delayed moment and then very slowly turns around. Revealing a truly frightening and demonic face and the people scream in terror. Screen fades to black.

Final Fantasy Tactics / A quality FFT fan artist
February 04, 2014, 07:51:57 pm
 :wark: Announcement!
Some nice FFT fan art here:

Spriting / Been holding out
February 01, 2014, 08:07:13 pm
I think I should give this up to the community here.. It has been sitting in my old spriting folder for a long while now. Made from scratch:

Frankensprite it; adore it; loathe it; fap to it.. whatever:

This is a pretty strange and disturbing dream I'd had last night/ this morning. (editor's notes in white)

  I am in this sort of household wherein my brother and Elric are working in a garage on Elric's burgundy coloured SUV. My mother (now passed) is also in the household down the hall from said garage entrance. I can hear her watching TV and I saw a glimpse of her passing by.
  I go to check on their SUV situation in the garage. My brother's less occupied so I talk to him first. It's pretty frustrating for them but it's engine trouble and they're a little flustered. I'm completely fine until I look myself under the hood. I'm suddenly annoyed; a letter-man scarf of mine is dangling from the tube connected to the air filter. It's covered in resin of some type and oil stained. So I ask about that and Elric responds angrily, "The patches were falling off anyway and I needed some rags." I then see another garment of mine, a less sentimental flannel also oil stained. I continue to inquire because I'm confused as to why they chose to make rags out of the clothes hanging in my closet. Some fuzzy unpleasant words were exchanged between us that I can't recall fully now.
Next I remember being in my bedroom and looking into my closet full of chagrin; as if I needed to see that the articles really were missing to believe such madness. I leave the room again going into the hallway, in the doorway I run in into my brother. He tells me that it wasn't his disregard for my property and that it was Elric's prerogative, but I should just let it go.
  I see another glimpse of my mother beyond my brother down the hall. Then I see Elric again in the garage, also beyond my brother but much closer. Elric drops some tools and gripes, I gather that the job isn't going too well. He says something to me to the effect of, "Fuck you alright? My problem is way too serious right now for me to give a crap.". At this I get pretty angry, my brother blocks me from going into the garage, preventing further, possible physical confrontation. I ask why he's acting like Elric's minion, I also say, "You know that isn't cool." before heading out another door to the outside of the house. I cool off in no time and realize my brother is actually being noble by not letting a fight happen while our mom is present. Are we all brothers in this dream? seems so.
  I decide to get into this swimming pool, removing my outer clothes and approaching it, I see that it looks as if it hasn't been maintained or cleaned in years. There's a brown of dust floating over the entire reach of it. I get in anyhow, once submerged I notice there are huge clusters of dead and dying insects, mostly bees all about as well. I try to avoid the bug- clusters as I swim about.
  Now this dream takes a turn...  I climb out trying to avoid the more dirty parts so as to get a semi decent rinse with my exit. It's getting darker out, almost twilight now. I'm going to skip forward a bit here cause this transition was so inane and un-sequential, at least in waking terms. To make it short as  possible I got out, ate, and realized I had warped to Puerto Rico.
  It's fully dark out now. I'm in some kind of facility waiting to be processed so I can actually get into PR. I'm given some funny clothes and told to wrap them around myself in a certain way by some guard. So I do wrap the funny pastel coloured clothes around myself as directed. As I wait in the cell this dark woman warns me furtively in broken English (I hear what seems to be Spanish around me otherwise), "Don't wear your clothes like that; they're fooling you You'll be beaten or worst." So I rearrange them.
  I see a street and some dwelling beyond the oddly wide-apart bars. Suddenly my brother's also there in place of the woman (dreams are strange like that), he asks exitedly, Whoa! Can you see those spectres?" He point toward the street, I look but I must've been to slow as I saw naught. I do see one a moment later as we're waiting, it's semi transparent; it looks at me then away as it glides away up a flight of steps toward one of the dwellings. It's odd because we're somehow indoors and outdoors all at once and the dark woman and my brother keep replacing one another... again, dreamscapes tend to do that.
  I decide it's time to get the heck out of the cell, as mentioned the bars are ridiculously spacious and I could easily permeate them onto the street. But there's those spectres, so I decide to exit via the window behind me. I am told as I'm climbing out by the dark woman that I should just wait and that it's dangerous out there. But I lack trust in the guards for they tried to trick me earlier. So I climb out.
  It's a tall tower now and an icy wind blows (I know, this sounds NOT to be Puerto Rico). I can't descend as it's too slippery and steep, but there is another tower a bit taller to the south. The wind also carries from that direction. I somehow shimmy across on this pipe. I have this strange duty to get up to the top of this second tower and I realize that I now have a grappling hook. I use it and get a solid grip onto the roof after a few attempts. I manage to clamber up; the wind almost took me in the last moment as I clenched the frosty ledge kneeling.
  Something strange hits me; there is something occultic about  this place. I feel some unknown dread as if a darkness has just possessed me. I wonder about those spectres for a second. I realize that the roof consists of really thick glass, as if bullet-proof. I also realize that the whole thing is some sort of vehicle and without any reason I take control of it and crash through the other tower's wall and roof. That part really doesn't make much sense in waking terms.

  I climb out of the craft after breaking back into what should have been the cell tower/ customs facility but it warped me back to the household where I started. My brother, Elric and my girlfriend (whom doesn't exist in this reality) all greet me happily completely not giving a fuck that I'd just crashed through a wall out of nowhere into the household. I hug my girl and mention that something weird happened and that I didn't feel like myself fully; there's this drive inside of me, not my own. I lead her into the bathroom and gaze into the mirror. That's when I see it in my eyes; I AM possessed!
  This insane wickedness bubbles up; a wolfish urge to feast. From deep within my stomach it emanates, I want murder! My mind tries to resist as I look into my love's face but the passionless energy rising from my midriff and heart easily overpower it. My teeth gnash into her throat and like a famished canid I chomp wildly into her sweet flesh.
I woke up strangely about 20 seconds before my alarm went off and before seeing anything too gruesome fortunately; I dislike blood. The end of that dream really creeped me out. But I thought I'd share since Elric starred in it.
The Lounge / Houses of a yet un-named world
August 27, 2013, 06:46:27 am
Been working on some heraldic crests for a personal project (for either a game or a graphic novel, still fully undecided). Here is the first of more to follow;
House Shrouw:

There will be many dragon themed sigils, as is explained once their place is understood in the realm of Chrishodia (a continent of the yet un-named world).

A watery dragon of sorts.
Colours: blue, red, tawny-birch, white and gold.
May 11, 2013, 08:17:03 pm
Spam / Some hiking pics I took
April 29, 2013, 06:47:00 pm
I've been hiking a lot lately here's a few pics:

Spriting / 7 portraits in 7 days
January 28, 2013, 08:01:50 pm
Starting tonight I will begin this venture. I have a little bit of work to do but I should have time tonight to begin.

I also thought it might be nice if a couple bold folks with some free time would join me.. If there were 4 or more of us doing a port a day for 7 days we'd have a stockpile of new ports in little time.

Update: This is what we managed to all do:
Spam / Meet your new mascot
January 01, 2013, 02:38:30 am
You've probably seen me or my kin in many events around here...
We are the bane of your story based patches.
The Lounge / Zombie Tower Defense: Uprise
December 10, 2012, 02:24:40 pm
Set up your tower defense from a scourge of neatly pixeled zombies of strange variety.. beware of tank zombies:
The Lounge / Menu Screen
November 18, 2012, 05:51:29 am
I made this for the weekly challenge @ pixel joint.
But I thought I'd post it here too for kicks since it shows why I chose Mesarthim for the contest here.. because I like drawing/pixeling mermaids:
Tethical / [EFFECT]flame sword
September 04, 2012, 12:47:32 am
I set the back ground to Screen.. so it'll probably look different in-game but I might take it out if it looks bad. here's a preview from the sprite editor:
Tethical / Special effect graphics
June 04, 2012, 11:15:28 pm
This one here is just an idea I had for a full-screen 'sword-punch' type thing:

Cleaned it up:
It's supposed to play a lot faster; I doubt getting it to flow at full speed would be hard in-game; I think it's a browser thing.
Here are the single frames in sheet form:

Here is the only one that's complete besides the jumping frames a basic female fighter; this is the working color version and below is an example of a paletted version made transparent (see Red Shoes mini-guide to find out how to save with a transparent background):

Here's the WIP of the male counterpart in working colors:

I thought I had a few fighting frames done too :(
and here's a prototype of the female basic mage or caster:

We need to finish the very basic ones first I think, casters thieves, fighters(close)& archers; but throw some monsters in anytime :)
I'd like to make a monster out of a larger version of this:
with the little mage as part of it like a two figures in one square type of thing. I'd also like to finish Sahagin and double it in size and edit into another Tethical beast.

So we need either these worked on, new basic classes or monsters.
This is for anyone interested in seeing how I start the sprites for Tethical based on FFT's. I'd be honored if anyone decided to make sprites to match this style and work with me. But any sprite style can be used as long as an entire set is planned on or enough to use in a game. No colliding styles should be used in this engine, to put it as plainly as I can. There's still a lot to be developed in this particular style, like monsters, or the way portraits ought to be made; so any input is welcome and any efforts will be fully embraced. You can use this format, or make your own in the new UTILITY Win32 Sprite Animator tool (to be updated very soon) I'm just posting this to document the order I've come up with so far. But you can use this tool to make sprites for the Tethical engine in either size or your own format and size I reckon... But consider joining my efforts.

First, download UTILITY Win32 Sprite Animator: http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=7409.0
Use this template for placement:
this for reference (a finished sheet):

To use any existing FFT or custom FFT sprite as a base use this template:

and get Xifanie's full sheet generating scripts (ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=3901.0;attach=6687) used in palette editor. With those you can export full spritesheet which turn out like this:

From these you can extract any frame. Though better yet; in the latest update of UTILITY Win32 Sprite Animator you may be able to export any sprite into this format easily..
[this part will need be updated once this is clarified for me by Lirmont]

The Utility should be updated soon to have an automatic walking frame testing script included for both sizes, original and doubled. You can also easily scroll with the arrow keys to test frames by unchecking the animate box. Custom animations will be easy to make for testing using any order of frames you want as well.

One awesome thing about this newer one is Lirmont made the preview window detachable so it may be moved to wherever's most convenient ^
Also notice the preview is not blurred check the "Use No Sampling box for this.

This is the sheet so far but it can easily be expanded in 96 pixel increments to the right to accommodate for more frames. Here is a graph of the frames:

Unlike FFT sheets where the heads remain level these are adjusted as follows for the walking frames:

For a normal size, of course, it would only be a nudging of 1 pixel rather than two.

About proportions, they are exactly like FFT's in height from the feet up until the shoulders, The head and neck are slightly taller. If you want to make sprite conform to these humans use this guide:

Their bodies are also filled out a little and have a little more contrast and a bit less shadow around the waist.

Now this is a part some may hate.. since it's in RGB and involves palettes. I make one sheet that when done is used as a master key for paletting. All the objects and colors are listed within the image file in a palette as I go (you'll see in the next image). Never add a color with out listing it in the palette; it's  to self index colors and keep all accessories, garments, skin and everything separated as you go so that making the 12 palettes is not so hard later. Also try to keep color amount limited .. I probably used too many on the male's hair actually, but it's not unmanageable.

In RGB and with keeping as much of the objects as you want separated, you can have even more diverse palettes than you could with actual use of indexed colors.
For example the black gloves shown in the pink set; separated in a way that could not be done as simply in indexed mode ^

Here is the table of 12 possibly, 16 palette sets:

That's all for now.. this is a work in progress.
Spriting / Portrait reference sheet
March 04, 2012, 10:45:26 am
Now opening references for portrait pixeling is an easy one-step process.
Tutorials and Learning / FFT In pixel perfect resolution
December 26, 2011, 02:17:06 am
I realized something pretty great last night about FFT having two resolutions simutaneously. The 3-D maps, textures and the HUD are all in 512x480 while the sprites and portraits and menus are all 256x240 doubled and juxtapositioned over that. When you play in window mode set to 512x480 you can clearly see the two different resolutions.
This is actually mode 06 of the eight modes PSX's games come in; here are the other modes: UPDATE SEE BELOW Two posts down

Mode 0 256x240 (Non Interlaced)
"       1 320x240 (Non Interlaced)
"       2 512x240 (Non Interlaced)
"       3 640x240 (Non Interlaced)

Mode 4 256x480 (Interlaced)
"       5 320x480 (Interlaced)
"       6 512x480 (Interlaced)
"       7 640x480 (Interlaced)

So setting your emulator to window mode and setting the window size to 512x480 allows you to see every pixel in its intended shape and size. This mode is not commonly used in other PSX titles. I read somewhere that the most common mode in Playstation used is Mode 1 320x240.
To make that twice as big and retaining its perfectness pixelwise I use Magnifixer set at 2x. You can right click to set it to a fixed location or hit control F. The freeware is here: http://www.blacksunsoftware.com/screenmagnifier.html
Using magnifixer to double it might not be  neccesary, setting the window to exactly twice the native resolution might work too. But because I'm so dazzled by this pixel perfection and have a spare monitor I will just stick to using magnifixer.

First screenshot is of the settings and the second one is of the game itself.
The Lounge / Lijj's Signature Contest
December 15, 2011, 06:06:13 pm
Time to put your graphic design skills to the test in the first annual semi-formal signature graphic contest!
Any form of art is accepted be it a scanned painting, vector art or pixel art.
Any size is accepted as long as it isn't so big.

We can vote on them in a few weeks. Things to consider when voting ought to be technique:
Did the contestant simply find a cool pre-made font and type their name? Does it look smooth and high quality clean? Is it creative? Do the letters' shapes match?

I made an example to post for an idea of what ought to be considered when judging a signature. To make the technique more clear it might be nice to post a WIP of it:

Notice the anti-aliasing done by hand.. a point or two for technique.. But the letters K and A are kind of awkward so minus a point or two for matching shapes.

To muddle the awkwardness of the letters I put a gradient over the white:

(Using Kagebunji as a lab rat)

See now it looks less awkward but I wouldn't consider it winner
Well let's see if any of you come up with anything. I will certainly be working on one myself.
The Lounge / ||||
September 21, 2011, 12:01:16 am
Hello folks, my name is Lijj. I Found this site about a year and a half ago and have really enjoyed it; particularly now that the 'Golden Age of Progress' is incipient.

I thought I'd be completely AFK or sequestered from internet access for this whole time; I'm out of town for work for the time being, but there is a saloon in this town with free wifi, so on my hours off (which will become very rare soon) I come here to eat or have a beer. I don't like beer much but feel the need to patronize to avoid being deemed a loiterer and my dental work at the time makes soda vexatious to drink... I'm getting a root canal done since I have the extra cash (us artists rarely have insurance). That is why I'm working now; to catch up with mundane chores and put some money in the bank.

The main reason I wanted to post here is because a couple things have come up. I'm going to be out here working for about a month longer than I originally anticipated and I got commissioned to do a big piece of art. I will also need to find a new place to live which will set me back another week because I will need to be extra careful about where I dwell; I'm extremely sensitive to my surroundings. The last place I lived made me miserable. So, I won't be back to spriting for awhile.

The first thing I want to do when I get back and caught up is finish Corsa for Formerdeathcorps' patch (unamed):http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=4880.80. then I'd like to finally finish Sahagin:http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=5003.320 i'd also like to redo some of my old portraits since they suck and I think I understand the art form now much better (FFT style hair used to confound me). Finally, the serious goal; to finish the Tethical Sprites and make more map textures. I really enjoy doing that most I think; making textures and mapping.

Also my favorite color is lavender; I just love it! What is your favorite color?
Tethical / Tethical Sprites
July 16, 2011, 08:54:13 pm
I have almost finished these, the last five aren't perfected just yet gut 1-7 are 100%). I have a few stray pixels in the palette and color adj. needed on a couple of those five still. But now I've developed a system so the next one wont be as hectic or tedious. I build the sprite in a paletted mode, then switch to RGB and separate the colors tp exploit RGB possibilities, THEN mirror the frames;that's were I went wrong first. next time paletting will be a piece of cake but do to my developing trials I have to deal with going over each one again which I will do, only 5 left, but I'd like to move on for now and do those later.

In Tethical if all goes right the player will have a choice of team colors based on this standard:
Here they are on the first sprite that is complete:

At 200%:

Non-FFT Modding / FFVI portraited
June 26, 2011, 11:44:11 pm
Final Fantasy VI portraited .ips

[Title screen]

A patch including all new portraits.   Drawn by Lijj except   TERRA and EDGAR,  drawn by Smash.
Main  battle  music is changed to the battle music from Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy II).
A couple item names and effects have been altered.  Weapon power  rose   very slightly while 
the HP of enemies rose very slightly.   Umaro is controllable and Mog's Dance is fall-proof.

Siren has been un-censored. Starlet is now a reclining nude and Shiva has been changed. . A few minor  enemy changes are Displayer is gone
and Osteosaur is gone while Monocerus and Recliner have been added.
Plus other minor changes.

3 Patches used, 2 made by Gi-Nattack and the music by Angelo26 (non-stumbling Mog, Functional Umaro
  and FFIV battle music)
Thanks to Gi-Nattack and Angelo26
also Thanks to all others that made editing easy
Zeemis,  Poco-Loco  and   Lord J
Special thanks to Smash for the inspiration and for creating the first two portraits

    Final FantasyVI/Final Fantasy III (C)1994 Squaresoft
                                     (C)Square Co., Ltd

ZIP also includes: Collector's art

Files here:
The Lounge / Final Fantasy VI Portraited
April 22, 2011, 08:56:50 pm
Final Fantasy VI portraited .ips-
Title screen

[naked girls to entice potential players^^]

A patch including all new portraits.   Drawn by Lijj except   TERRA and EDGAR,  drawn by Smash.
Main  battle  music is changed to the battle music from Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy II).
A couple item names and effects have been altered.  Weapon power  rose   very slightly while 
the HP of enemies rose very slightly.   Umaro is controllable and Mog's Dance is fall-proof.

Siren has been un-censored. Starlet is now a reclining nude and Shiva has been changed. Ultros is
double in size and detail; he's also tougher. A few minor  enemy changes are Displayer is gone
and Osteosaur is gone while Monocerus and Recliner have been added.

3 Patches used, 2 made by Gi-Nattack and the music by Angelo26 (non-stumbling Mog, Functional Umaro
  and FFIV battle music)
Thanks to Gi-Nattack and Angelo26
also Thanks to all others that made editing easy
Zeemis,  Poco-Loco  and   Lord J
Special thanks to Smash for the inspiration and for creating the first two portraits

    Final FantasyVI/Final Fantasy III (C)1994 Squaresoft
                                     (C)Square Co., Ltd

ZIP also includes: Collector's art
Final Fantasy portraited BASE .ips-

Just a basic base patch with portraits mentioned above added only.
Portraits Drawn by Lijj except   TERRA and EDGAR,  drawn by Smash.

    Final FantasyVI/Final Fantasy III (C)1994 Squaresoft
                                     (C)Square Co., Ltd

Files here:
The Lounge / Zodiac Killer
April 14, 2011, 11:36:24 pm
Lijj scribbles a death note! (yes I am 'fluent in this code writing which contains a total 106 symbols) Anyone think it's crackable?
The Lounge / Lijj Vision
April 04, 2011, 08:15:50 pm

What does your work station look like?
Spriting / FFT Spriting tutorial [VID]
January 25, 2011, 11:51:53 am
Welcome aspiring spriters!!!  we have a walkthrough in the works.. This is part one which will walk you through the 1st half of the sheet just about to the fighting frames:http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=6617.0
more to come!