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September 24, 2021, 07:54:17 pm


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Let me say it warms my heart beyond belief to see a community still exists for this game. I'm a bit of an older gamer now, but I adored this game as a young man.

I've been doing some reading and am struggling immensely with modding, so I'm here to make a brazen request. Could anybody help me out with a save file for WOTL PSP that is simply Ramza in Chapter 1 directly after the initial fights, with a small party of generics with all classes and abilities unlocked and learned? Ideally at Exp Level 1 (or whatever level you start at), but with all the JP grinding finished and abilities learned.

I recognize this is an odd request as I won't be able to use most of the abilities for lack of MP, etc. But it would be the ideal experience for me. Thank you in advance.