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SEQ Editor - Excel tool

Started by Talcall, March 20, 2023, 04:36:37 am


On account of the fact that I can't code outside of modifying someone else's, Behold!
My Third Forum Post This Month!
peddling another tool!
This one is for editing animations, like the idle walk of a unit, or how they swing a sword. Be warned, this may only work for excel versions greater than 2020? I will have to work on the backwards compatibility, so let me know if something doesn't work. Also, this is a really math dense work book, and especially manipulating the position of animation IDs can have considerable wait times.
I provide a sheet dedicated to the OP Codes and what I know of them, which is also used as reference for the other sheets,
Several sheets dedicated to the main sprite types:
  • TYPE1  -  Average human unit
  • TYPE2  -  Robed human unit
  • CYOKO  -  Chocobo
  • MON    -  Monster
  • OTHER  -  Crystal, Chicken, Frog, Treasure
  • RUKA   -  Lucavi
  • ARUTE  -  Altima
  • KANZEN -  Altima Perfect
  • WEP1   -  Average unit Weapon
  • WEP2   -  Robed unit Weapon
  • EFF1   -  Average unit weapon sheen
  • EFF2   -  Robed unit weapon sheen
and a sheet that returns a complete XML file.

Instructions are entered into the Operation column, and arguments can be entered on the right. Boxes are automatically blacked out depending on how many arguments a given instruction has, and numbers in these blacked out boxes will not be read, contribute to file-size, or be appended to the XML.
For an in depth explanation of each instruction, see Here

Addresses are highlighted a light yellow if they may be where a new animation ID is intended to be (for most vanilla animations, this lines up 1 to 1), however you are given the freedom to assign IDs wherever you please.

When assigning multiple IDs to the same offset, ensure you separate each ID by a comma and a space, for the formatting to be read correctly.

when you are finished, you can go to the XML tab at the bottom and patch it to your game image with OrgASM.
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
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Awesome work as usual Talcall!  I've been imagining making a chakram weapon for a while now and you are making dreams come true!(or plausible at least)
  • Modding version: PSX