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The Lion War 2.031 - Resources Download

Started by 3lric, September 30, 2021, 03:23:16 am


September 30, 2021, 03:23:16 am Last Edit: September 18, 2022, 10:50:49 pm by Elric
TLW 2.0x builds are NOT compatible with existing TLW 1.x builds, setups or otherwise.

As The Lion War was designed to be a patch as a starting point for future patches, I will be releasing the resources created to build it here. I will write a small tutorial on the correct order in which to build TLW, as well as how to use it's tools, including the Dark Knight hack, as well as provide a updated version of EVSP both here and in the EVSP thread.

(Resources) TLW Spreadsheets
(Tools) TLW Tools & Progs
1. Shishi New Sprites
2. Shishi Other Images Dump
3. Event Stuff
4. WotL Movies
5. Patcher Files
6. ASMs

The above list is how your TLW Resources folder should appear after extracting it. The Resources folder is not necessary for a new build, but instead, changing and updating several of the ASMs used in TLW. The Tools folder contains any special tools or programs used in building TLW

The other folders are numbered in order of when they should be patched. This is not entirely necessary, however, Event Stuff should always be patched before the Patcher Files folder, which should always be patched before the ASMs folder. As long as those 2 rules are followed, there should not be much issue.

The Tactext file must always be edited with the TLW - FFTText Editor excel sheet, and then exported with it's current settings, and then patched with Tactext .493 (or newest), both of which are found in the resources download below.


Since this folder is a bit more intense than the numbered folders, I'll go into a bit more depth here and say what each spreadsheet is used for.

TLW - ARH Generator Mini
Used in TLW for setting up Ashley Riots weapon/ability restrictions to only have 2 abilities at any time based on what weapon he is using.

TLW - Bravestory Bio Update Links
Used to remap some Bios for new or rearranged character slots.

TLW - Bravestory Records Editor
Contains the current setup for the Bravestory Record event calls used in TLW.

TLW - Extra Job Hack v1.19
Basically functions the same way as the job requirements do in FFTPatcher. Choose the requirements for your new job (by level) and set which job slot the male and female versions of said job are to use. Pretty self explanatory and user friendly, but if you have questions, ask, as no tutorial has been written for this tool as of yet.

TLW - FFT Conditionals v4
Contains and allows editing of the current TLW Event & Worldmap conditions.

TLW - FFTText Editor v1.1
TLWs current text edits are contained, edited and exported through this. View the FFTText Editor thread for more info on how to use this.

TLW - Rumor's Table Spreadsheet
Contains the current setup for TLWs Rumors, as well as the extra rumors added from WotL.

TLW - Special Snowflakes v1.02
Currently setup to fix undead units, tutorial units and quite a few other things, allowing for more extensive job consolidation. Learn more about Special Snowflakes HERE

TLW - Unit Restriction
Current setup for unit restrictions for the extra sidequests added from WotL to TLW.
Since this folder is a bit more intense than the numbered folders, I'll go into a bit more depth here and say what each tool/folder is used for.

CDMage B5
Used for importing TEST.EVT into your image file.[/b]

EVSP TLW Edition
A program created by RavenOfRazgriz, for easy viewing and editing of event in FFT, complete with a command list, multi compile and decompile features and more. The version for TLW is a Unofficial update I did for version 2.0, which fixes a few issues in vanilla events, as well as includes the TLW events and test.evt file. This is not included in this pack due to size, but can be downloaded HERE

Attack.out Editor Special Awesome
A program created by RavenOfRazgriz, for easy editing of the Attack.out scenario settings, such as weather, script number, and squad setups. Not to be confused with the attack.out spreadsheet which also edits attack.out, but instead of the scenario settings, edits the event conditions.

FFTPatcher .482
Use this folder ONLY for [Data] xml patching. Shishi, Patcher and Tactext should not be used from this folder.
Note: This folder is actually located in the TLW ASM folder now, due to how ASM is patched with 2 different versions of FFTP now.

FFTPatcher .495 B1
Use the programs in this folder for applying the FFTPatcher file, Tactext file, as well as inserting sprites, graphics and [ASM] xml files. This folder also contains the all-so-important RESOURCES.ZIP, which has been fully modified for TLW. This will give your Shishi and FFTP the correct naming for all the TLW characters, ENTDs, Sprites, Jobs, and Abilities!
Note: This folder is actually located in the TLW ASM folder now, due to how ASM is patched with 2 different versions of FFTP now.

Used for Patching PPF Files to a clean image file.

This folder contains all the custom sprites in TLW, as well as their ID and TYPE. For Example, 3A - Aliste Type 1, should be inserted into sprite slot 3A in Shishi, and set to Type 1.

NOTE: You will need to expand your clean image with Shishi before adding all the sprites, if you are creating a build from scratch. However, as of .493 B7, Shishi no longer needs to increase your image size to expand the iso, fixing several bugs.

This folder is a full dump of the 'Other Images' tab in Shishi, for TLW. Use the included version of Shishi from the Tools folder, and then, while your image is loaded into Shishi, click the 'Other Images' tab, then at the top, to the right of the 'File' button, click on 'Image', then scroll down to 'Import all images...', direct this to the '2. TLW SHISHI OTHER IMAGES DUMP' folder and hit 'OK'. This will automatically import all images in this folder into the correct slots, which will automatically setup your EVTCHR, UNIT.BIN, WLDFACE, BONUS.BIN, etc, etc.

This folder contains the TEST.EVT for TLW. This can be imported by loading your image file into CDMage b5 as M2 (Mode 2), then in the event folder and right clicking on TEST.EVT and hitting import file after which you will navigate to the respective file and double click on it to overwrite it.

This folder is empty in these resources, as the files are too large to upload to the site in a rar file. Instead, you can download a movies ppf file using the link in the readme file in any release of TLW.

This folder only exists to keep everything in the same order as I use to build it on my own PC. You can also place the downloaded movie files into this folder as well if you'd like to keep everything the same as I do when creating a build of TLW.

This folder contains the FFTPatcher files. Both should be patched with the current newest version of FFTPatcher. TLW Tactext should only be edited with TLW - FFTText Editor and patched with Tactext from FFTPatcher .493 Beta 7 or newer.

NOTE: When opening file with tactext, if asked to load missing files from iso, click no.

Since this folder is a bit more intense than the other numbered folders, I'll go into a bit more depth here and say what each ASM is, and if applicable, what spreadsheet it comes from. This folder contains 2 different folders, due to a random error with newer versions of orgASM, some .xmls that are in hex instead of asm format, will fail to fully patch. Hence the split. .492 should only ever be used to patch the supplied ASMs, nothing more. I will explain both folders individually.

ASM (FFTP .493 B7)

Event Instruction Upgrade Hack v1.377.1.xml
Hack by Xifanie (fixed by Glain) to add more commands for events, vastly upgraded from it's original iteration. The xml also contains the Graphic Rewrite hack that is required for the Event Instruction Upgrade Hack

Glain - Benchhack & Requirements.xml
Hacks created by Glain to allow benching up to 10 units. This ASM hack also been updated to have a variable for roster size in order to be compatible with the Roster Expansion hack.
Note: Unlike previous versions of TLW Resources, the Roster is automatically set to 20 in this version.

TLW Serial.xml
Hack created by Cerabow to easily change the serial of the image file. By default this has been changed to 'TLW2_942.21' but you may need to change it for your own mod using TLW as a base.

TLW Barrage v3.2 & Formula 42.xml
3 Hacks created by Choto and fixed up by Pride and Talcall to edit both formulas 19 for the Barrage move to "(Hit#_(4) Dmg_(Weapon)/2)", and 46 Ashley Riots abilities to "Dmg_(PA*(WP+Y)/2) 100% status". Also includes the requires Weapon Strike Rewrite Hack.

TLW Bravestory Fix.xml
Hack by Glain used to fix variables being called when viewing bravestory scenes, after the scenes original event ID was altered from vanilla, and some other issues with bravestory function.

TLW Enemy Level Fix.xml
Hack by Glain to fix a derp with Enemy Levels.

TLW Formula 13 DK.xml
Hack by Talcall changing formula 13 to "Dmg_(PA*MA*(100-Faith)/100 + MaxHP/3) status 100% PE El" for use with Dark Knight abilities.
DATA (FFTP .492)

TLW 1E4 & 1E5 Become Adeptness & Sturdy.xml
Hacks created by Choto and migrated over from Jot5 to be used for the Dark Knight RSM moves in TLW.

TLW Ability Requirement Hack.xml
A mini version of the ARH hack, created by Choto(?) or Pride(?) to be used for Ashley Riot, without taking up as much space as the normal ARH. Editable in TLW - ARH Generator Mini.xls

TLW Altima Teleport.xml
Hack created by Xifanie to allow changing the Teleport Send/Arrive of Altima 1 and 2 to existing skills without effects attached, in order to free up 4 ability slots. This works in conjunction with the Extra Ability Effects hack.

TLW Attack & World Conditions.xml
XML of the TLW Conditionals v4 sheet created by Xifanie. This holds all of the event and worldmap conditional data. Basically, how scenes are called and when, in and out of battle. Editable in TLW - FFT Conditionals v4.xlsm

TLW ATTACK.OUT Event Data.xml
XML created using Attack.out Editor Special Awesome. This holds all your scenario data, such as event number, squad setup, intial music and weather for events, etc. Editable in Attack.out Editor Special Awesome

TLW Brave Story Bio Update Unit Links.xml
Hack by Xifanie to change which units, upon being removed, slain or leaving due to low brave/high faith, will change a Brave Story Bio variable, and which one.[/b]

TLW Bravestory Records Edits.xml
Hack by Elric to change which scene in called in the bravestory when reviewing records and choosing to re-watch a scene. Editable in TLW - Bravestory Records Editor.xls

TLW Credits and New Game Plus Event Data.xml
Hack by Xifanie to add the Credits and New Game+ events to TLW 2.0. These are not done via normal .txt files as you'd see with other events, and this ASM much be patched for the events to exist in the image.[/b]

TLW Difficulty Setting Level Alteration.xml
Hack by Xifanie for NG+ (No spoilers)[/b]

TLW Event Hardcodings.xml
Hacks by Xifanie to allow calling the ending movie scenes via event command, change the scenario ID that calls the 'This Game is Complete' upon victory, and change the ID of the event associated with calling the post credits scene.[/b]

TLW Factual Events.xml
Hack by Xifanie for to allowing the previously unused 'Facts' section of the bravestory to call events by pressing the 'Start' button. Used in TLW 2.0 for the Rendezvous Missions.[/b]

TLW Map 120.xml
Hack by Xifanie that loads 66 South Wall of Bethla Garrisson when MAP120 is selected in attack.out, but uses the map name in the last entry of MAPTITLE.BIN, which is normally garbled text. Used for the Undead Algus battle in TLW.

TLW MOVED - Extra Job - Dark Knight.xml
The big one. This hack created by Choto allows you to create a new, fully functioning Job Class for male and female (they can even be different jobs than each other!) TLW uses this to create the Dark Knight job. More info on this is available up above in the Resources folder section. Editable in TLW - Extra Job Hack v1.19.xlsx
Note: This version has had part of it relocated to another area due to an old ASM conflict that may or may not exist any longer. If you do decide to change this hack for your mod, make sure you have no conflicts when rebuilding from a xml created by the Extra Job spreadsheet.

TLW Roster Expansion.xml
Hack made originally by Pokeytax, poked at a bit by xjamxx, and then completed by Xifanie to allow the player to fully utilize the 4 guest slots as if they were normal party slots, which brings the roster size up to 20. This is used in TLW as guests are not in formation in TLW.

TLW Rumor Edits.xml
Hack made by Pride to allow you to set what towns each rumor appears in once its variable is activated. Used in TLW to add in the extra rumors that trigger sidequests from WotL. Editable in TLW - Rumor's Table Spreadsheet.xls

TLW Sound Novels Function.xml
A tiny hack made by ??? that re-enables the ability to read the sound novels by pressing triangle when reading their description in the Treasures section of the Bravestory, after you have discovered them.

TLW Special Snowflakes.xml
Hack by Xifanie, used in TLW to force specific units to appear in battles they are required to be in for the additional sidequests from WotL. As well as restrict manual placement of said characters in these battles. Editable in TLW - Unit Restriction.xlsx

TLW Unit Restrictions.xml
Hack by Xifanie, used in TLW to force specific units to have stats like undead, or immune to invite, etc. Editable in TLW - Special Snowflakes.xlsx

By downloading these resources, you agree that when you use this as a base and release a project, that you have at the very least, read this thread and will credit those listed in the 'TLW Staff for Credits' thread, for the work they did in creating TLW.[/size]
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