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May 28, 2024, 12:32:28 pm


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How to use this section & New Topic Format

Started by Xifanie, April 10, 2020, 06:34:09 am


April 10, 2020, 06:34:09 am Last Edit: April 11, 2020, 01:39:14 pm by Xifanie
Each mod will have its own topic, and any reviews for that particular mod will belong there.

A specific format needs to be followed for compilations in the future for a page that will allow searching mods by tags and compile scores.

If you wish to post a review for a mod that doesn't have its own topic yet, you can create it yourself if the mod creator is not active anymore following the format below. If the mod creator is still active, please ask them to create the topic in this section themselves. Worst case scenario, I can always move posts or transfer topics to other users, to a certain extent.

Main Post Mod Format
For the topic's subject, please mention the console, PSX or PSP, in brackets, before your mod name. If the project was abandoned or the creator is not showing up on the forum anymore.
Ex: [PSX] The Best FFT Mod in the Whole World (Abandoned)

Copy & Paste and edit it as needed
[mod-title]Your Mod's Title Here[/mod-title]
[mod-feature]Brand New Story[/mod-feature]
[mod-feature]Story Additions[/mod-feature]
[mod-feature]Character Additions[/mod-feature]
[mod-feature]AI Battles[/mod-feature]
[mod-feature]New Mechanics[/mod-feature]
[mod-feature]Quality of Life Tweaks[/mod-feature]
[mod-feature]Harder Difficulty[/mod-feature]
[mod-feature]Easier Difficulty[/mod-feature]
[mod-feature]Easter Eggs[/mod-feature]
A short description with the aim to give an overall feeling of what your mod is about in as few words as possible while still getting the point across. Ideally fewer than 100 words.
[mod-read-more]The url of your main topic or forum section should be inserted within these brackets[/mod-read-more]
On the mod-feature tags... remove the ones that don't apply for your mod.
If you feel a tag should exist but isn't in there, please ask me about it first in this topic or contact me another way. Thank you!
If it's a quick keyword for your mod specifically, you can add your own features but they won't be searchable with the new tool.

Mod Info Example

Topic Title: [PSX] The Best FFT Mod in the Whole World

The Best FFT Mod in the Whole World
  • Brand New Story
  • Character Additions
  • Rebalance/Overhaul
  • Quality of Life Tweaks
  • Harder Difficulty
  • Easter Eggs

It's a mod about Ramza training to become a Holy Swordsman after the original game's story, with Orlandu as his Master/teacher. Lots of comedy and a fully original take of a world-famous fan-fiction!

  • Modding version: PSX
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Anything is possible as long as it is within the hardware's limits. (ie. disc space, RAM, Video RAM, processor, etc.)
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