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July 22, 2024, 09:31:44 pm


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Mod Reviews / Re: [PSX] FFT - The Lion War 2.0
October 29, 2021, 09:39:31 pm
The Lion War is a masterful and passionate love letter to Final Fantasy Tactics!

This Game is Complete!
Not Completed

Version: 2.021

On the surface, FFT: The Lion War might look like a mod that simply adds the extra content from the PSP's War of the Lions into the original PS1 game, but the team behind this project went above and beyond and provided everyone with an experience that can assuredly be enjoyed for years to come! To quote a line from one of the generic characters: "Someone put a lot of time and love into making this world..."

The generic Dark Knight class from WotL is now implemented and can be reasonably obtained. The animated cutscenes are adapted into events and in most cases, like Balthier's introduction for example, naturally flows into upcoming battles better than in their original cutscenes and wouldn't look out of place if these were in the original PS1 version.

The multiplayer-exclusive Rendezvous along with its treasure wheel have now been added and reworked into single-player content. As someone who's familiar with these features from WotL, they were handled and recreated masterfully despite the limitations that had to be worked around, and are still a blast to play through! The Rendezvous battles that are entirely exclusive to TLW served their purpose of making use of content that was left unimplemented and turning them into a fun experience.

The only characters from WotL that didn't make it in were Luso from FFTA2 and the Onion Knight for generic units.
These were both recitified with the team's decision to replace Luso with Ashley Riot from Vagrant Story! Being allowed to wield any weapon and equipment, much like the Onion Knight, along with having access to abilities depending on what he's equipped with solved the issues that both of these characters from WotL failed to deliver on.
Ashley Riot is true to his source material and provides players with a playstyle that's unique from the rest of the cast without overshadowing anyone already in the game.

While missable if one isn't actively looking for them, three of the four sound novels that were exclusive only to the Japanese release of both FFT and WotL are now made fully translated and playable. Although they have nothing to do with the original story or anything geared towards a 100% completion run, these choose-your-own-adventure novels are fun little distractions for anyone wanting to take a break from the main game.

The last new feature to mention is the inclusion of New Game+. To give as little spoilers to this as possible, the game becomes far more open for players to explore and experiment with once you reach this point. Some might find it overwhelming or will try to speed their way through to find everything this feature has to offer. I believe this feature should be taken in like one would in creating their own mod. It's not meant to be rushed for the sake of completing. It's meant for players to reasonably take their time on it and enjoy what they're doing.

And speaking of modding, the consolidation of events and other features made to this game now gives those dedicated to creating their own mod a lot more space to work with. With this mod as a base, the potential for something truly crazy and ground-breaking is just waiting to be tapped into!

The Lion War 2.0 fulfilled everything it wanted to live up to, and I absolutely thank the entire TLW Team for making
this masterpiece all possible. This is one of the most dedicated and passionate modding communities I've ever seen,
and I can wait patiently with excitement and anticipation for what the future holds from here!