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April 15, 2021, 06:00:18 am


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This is likely to be long winded. (Yay spoiler tags!) In no way am I trying to take away from what you are doing, just a little confused about some things and I want to better understand it as a whole.

These questions are not meant to degrade what you are working on. Just want to clear up some of my confusion is all.

1) Why does the knight class have higher jump than the Squire class? One would think heavy armor would impede jumping.

2)I'm sure you have thought it out already, but what's the deal with the Sentinel class? I can see it being a hindrance more than anything. Low move, low mp. I'm going to assume low speed as well. Interesting idea, yeah. But I'm not sure how Well it will work. Have you tested it yet?

3)Purely curiosity, but why give the White Wizard's heal spells Holy Element?

4) As for the Magic Attack Up innate of the Black Wizard. How well will that fare with balanced classes? Especially early game. Early game wizards in Vanilla were already godly. That's without Magic Attack Up.

5) Are you sure about the Auto-Heal ability doing a static +50? Again, beginning of game it would be great, but would lose its luster quickly.

6)How large a role are you wanting returning characters like Rad, Alicia, Lavian, Agrias, Meliadoul, Ramza, and others to have?

7) Why does the basic rod give +1 MA? Goes back to the OP Black Wizard.

8) Why are there multiple equips of the same type that give the same buffs?

9) Are you sure about giving Ray Two Swords in his base class?

10) Seems like there are a plethora of equipment that raises speed.. Is a significant reason available?

-The changes to the Archer class look fun. I can't stand Vanilla archers.

-If I remember correctly, Galaxy Stop will not affect units with the same zodiac sign is the caster(correct my if I'm wrong about that).

-I too like how you portray Delita. I always assumed after some of his more heinous acts would haunt him. IT seems like the story you are working on would have him atone for past mistakes.

-With a 30% proc rate on toad, I think you can afford to increase the WP a bit more. Even with +2 PA, MA, and 50% wepon evade. Maybe around 4 or 5 WP?

- I like the addition of -2 MA on Blood sword and that you plan on a similar knife in game.

-I feel like there isn't enough of a difference between Sage Staff and Dreamwalker to justify using DW over SS.
SS= 9PA 25% Wep Evade
DW= 10PA 15% Wep Evade and start with sleep?

Monster units using equipment is an interesting idea..
First team created and first post, as well. Hope I'm not posting in the wrong place!

Sadly, my laptop crapped out on me, so I can't test it. But, this team was made for 1.4a (at least I'm pretty sure that's the current version. Correct me if I'm wrong).

Player: BornToDie423
Team: Evil Residents
Palettes: Black/Blue


Draw Out
Auto Potion
Defense Up

Ivory Rod

Holy Miter
Silk Robe
Magic Gauntlet

Begile, Sleep
Murasame, Kikuichmonji, Masamune, Chirijiraden



Throw Item
Move +1
Escutcheon II
Romanda Gun
Flash Hat
Black Costume
Cursed Ring

Leg Aim, Arm Aim, Cover Fire, Head Break
X-Potion, Chrono's Tear, Bandage, Phoenix Down


Attack Up

Ninja Edge
Short Edge
Black Hood
Secret Clothes
Feather Mantle

Tsumazuku, Shuriken, Kagesougi, Misogi
Spellbreaker, Steal Heart, Steal Accessory


Time Magic

Move-MP Up
Gold Staff
Holy Miter
White Robe
Magic Ring

Cure 3, Raise 2, Esuna, Dia
Haste 2, Slow 2, Sinkhole


Edit: Error on my part was updated. Thanks for pointing it out Barren!

As this is my first team, any criticisms are welcomed and appreciated!