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June 04, 2023, 12:16:06 am


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Lioneditor: PS Vita > save data issue FIXED with PPSSPP

Started by mogyui, January 13, 2022, 11:24:53 am


Alright.. It took me 3 days and I figured it out with this forum and all the others I got info from:

First off, I am running Henkaku 3.60 on my PS Vita > ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA is the location of the saved games on my device, which is where it defaulted to.

I have PPSSPP with firmware 3.61 installed on my PC

My FFT:WOTL is downloaded from PSN (to play it on your PC is your business not mine) But I was able to get my game files to my PPSSPP folder in order to play with same regions

I used PPSSPP for the sole purpose of encrypting and decrypting the file in order to edit with LionEditor
There are 2 lines within the ppsspp.ini file that need to be altered (keep the editor open as we use this for re-encryption)
my .ini file is located in \\PPSSPP\PSP\SYSTEM\ppsspp.ini

the 2 lines (for my version as of 1/13/2022 is up to date) are lines 338 and 339

EncryptSave = True
SavedataUpgradeVersion = False

it is paramount that SavedataUpgradeVersion = FALSE
Default value = TRUE

To decrypt the save file > ENCRYPTSAVE = FALSE
To Encrypt file (for playing on psvita) > ENCRYPTSAVE = TRUE

My process:

get save file from PS Vita > Content manager (QCMA) or VitaShell or Whatever other method you have to get files)

Change and save ppsspp.ini to EncryptSave = False
SavedataUpgradeVersion = False

Open savefile in PPSSPP (with .ini file EncryptSave = False) by loading the game
Save the game and exit PPSSPP

reload .ini file edit EncryptSave = True save the file

Change savefilename to lioneditor.bin > MUST BE ABLE TO CHANGE THE EXTENSION OF THE FILE

Open file in Lioneditor and save your changes

Change savefilename from Lioneditor.bin to your original file name (Mine was FFTA.SYS)

Open file in PPSSPP (with .ini file EncryptSave = True) by loading the game
Save the game and exit PPSSPP

Transfer your entire saved game folder from PPSSPP\PSP\SAVEDATA back to your vita
with QCMA you would need to move the (US version) ULUS10297FFT0000 folder and its contents to the folder where your CMA pulls from. for
me this is \\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\<some random ID>\ULUS10297FFT0000

with FTP > Transfer the ULUS10297FFT0000 folder to your PS Vita. for me this is ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA

This is written in 2022 with the hopes it will gives those like me a faster solution to editing FFT:WOTL games for your vita
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