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Pixelated Portrait

Started by inozwetrust, April 25, 2021, 05:55:24 pm


I've gone looking for a solution across the forum and reddit with regards to the issue but thus far no luck.

I'm playing through and updating 1.3 for WOTL and I've encountered Boco who has been palette swapped to White however the portrait is excessively pixelated. I pulled the sprites up from the PSX version and they too are pixelated for the custom Palette Chocobos (White, Green, Purple). I'm at a loss with how I can fix this portrait issue since the sprite itself is fine.

There aren't any issues with the basic chocobo palettes but I can't seem to export anything except the base palette using export SPR/BMP feature in Shishi.
  • Modding version: WotL